We Would Like To Concieve Twins Help

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preggo_momma - February 27

My fience and i are wanting to having twins... we already have a lil girl together, she will be 2 in June. Now i've been searching around on the internet and a lot of things to be in all fancy scientific terms and well i'm just wanting some ways to increase the chances of conceiving twins in English... Can someone tell me the NATURAL ways to help increase the chance of having twins??? I know that family history plays a bit of a factor, and there are a few sets of twins on my mothers side of family and then my fience's aunt had twins....dont know how much that helps but yea....


angelaparker - February 29

I was going to answer this but everything I thought to say was rude, sorry


abi_77 - March 2

You can consult a doctor about your options. Fertility drugs can increase chance of multiples but you have to be monitored carefully while taking these drugs because you can end up with cysts or super ovulation if you don't take the right dosage. So, I wouldn't recommend buying drugs on internet. Best and safest bet is to talk to your doctor.


Teddyfinch - March 2

i don't think a doctor would prescribe fertility drugs for someone simply wanting multiples. and she was talking naturally so i don't think she meant using meds. honestly, there are so many things that can increase your chances, but it only increases the chances a tiny bit so you're not going to find a bottle of herbs for twins or anything like that. people say yams help. praying. hmm vitex. angela, there's no point in posting if you can only think of something rude. are you showing off your dislike for her question?


preggo_momma - March 7

thank you teddyfinch... i was actually thinking of buying some vitex chaste berry tea stuff i found online...worth a shot huh? and to angelparker...what's wrong with my question?? you shouldnt reply if you only can say something rude...


Jelly - March 8

sow isoflavones on cd 1-5!!!!!! works like clomd but all natural


Jelly - March 8

sorry that meant to say soy



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