Weight Loss In First Trimester

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nicole a - February 28

I'm 11 weeks pregnant with twins and I've lost 25 lbs due to nausea/vomiting and sensitivities to food. I have 2 other children and did not experience any ill feelings with either of them. Has anyone else experienced a large weight loss like myself? Were you able to gain the proper amount of weight later on and have a healthy pregnancy and birth?


MelissaSLP - February 28

With both my singleton and my twin pregnancy I lost weight the first trimester and didn't really gain until week 22 or so. I lost 10 lb. the first trimester with each, although not from m/s... I just didn't have much of an appet_te and increased metabolism cookin' those babies. With the twins, I ended up gaining 33 lb. total (I'm overweight to begin with, so I didn't need to gain as much). I had a great twin pregnancy and birth. No complications and I was induced at 38 weeks, 1 day. Birth weights were 6 lb. 4 oz. and 7 lb. Congrats on your pregnancy and if you are really worried, you can call your Dr. As long as the babies are growing well, it should be fine. My Dr. told me that many women with twins don't gain right away because of the increased metabolism and nausea/vomiting.


yetanothertripletmom - March 1

I had the same problem with my triplets. I had hyperemesis and was in and out of the hospital for dehydration. The last 6 weeks of the pregnancy I was on continuous i.v. hydration. The night before I delivered I weighed the exact same weight as before I got pregnant. Ask your doctor about Zofran. It is an anti-emetic and helped me tremendously. Good luck!


Corona - March 1

I had weight loss at the beginning & the weight gain is just starting now after 20wks. I still have bad nausea/vomiting though. However it's much more under control with the aid of Diclectin. It's the miracle perscription! Some women only need help in the first trimester & some, like me, need it all the way through. Talk to your doctor about it. At least I seem tohave gotten the dehydration under control & have been lucky enough to avoid the ER for the last few weeks! Good luck. Yetanother... you keep scaring me! :)



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