What A Suprise

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wannababyboy - June 9

Well I am sure glad to find this forum because I just found out today that my little one growing inside is actually two!!!! I think I am still in shock but pretty excited. I am 8 weeks due Jan 15. Anyone else around the same time frame, I would love to chat with you:)~


Corrine321 - June 9

Congratulations! I'm only having one baby girl, due June 19th! I like to see how many multiple births there are, so I come on here!! That is so exciting that your having two little ones!! Good Luck Through Your Pregnancy!!!


pinkrox87 - June 9

hey i replied on ur other thread but i just thought i'd pop in and say hi again :P


Dolcezza - June 13

Just found out I am having twins. I am due Jan 4th, and I'm starting to show already!


PregWithTwins - July 8

WOW!!!!!!! im found out when i was 9weeks that i was pregnant with twins and im due jan 16th....


PregWithTwins - July 8

well for one let me fix my typo lol ^i found out^ but i started showing really early at around 7weeks im guessing. and im now almost 13weeks and i think i feel the babies move but not sure anyone know if thats normal??


christy_lynn73 - July 30

has anyone ever had a dram about havig twins and it came true


MEL - August 13

I just found out this week my little one is actually two, I am not very big so the doctor had no reason to think double. My babies are due Jan 19, do you know what s_x the babies are?


wishing4 - August 13

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to all you moms out there. Such joy to hear good news. hope you all take care and will keep you posted with my progress in a few weeks- if i do have beans.... :)


wannababyboy - August 13

Congratulations Mel, that is so exciting. I find out the s_x on Aug.21. I cannot wait. Unlike you though I am really showing alot!!! I am short and somewhat small to begin with so I think thats maybe why it makes me look so big, I am looking like I am 7 months already at least to me I think so. LOL. Well when do you find out the s_x?


sterlinberlin05 - August 13

Hey ladies, do your doctors do ultrasounds at like your first visits? Because the place I go which is suppose to be a good place doesn't do one unless obvious problems or suspicions besides when your 20-25 weeks to tell the s_x. Do you think I could ask for one?


wannababyboy - August 13

sterlinberlin05 are you having twins? Because my doc has been doing frequesnt u/s due to the complications that can arise with multiples especially sharing one placenta. But generally with just one I think they would hold off a bit, I actually just read a huge article about u/s's and how they are not very good to have alot of because of the damage it could cause the baby. A few shouldn't hurt you could probably ask for one if you have not had a chance to see yet its really crazy to me it was the moment that it actually kicked in that I was pregnant. Well good luck.


sterlinberlin05 - August 14

Well I'm only 8 weeks and until they see reason to do an ultrasound I guess I won't know. My husbands mother was a twin and her aunts were twins and my great gma was a twin and 2 of my moms cousins had twins and my brother and sister in-law just lost a set of twins christmas before last. So its in both sides. I've gained 5 pounds already and haven't b___toned my pants for 2 weeks but I just won't know for sure until an u/s



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