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CodyKatie5 - October 3

My mom is a fraternal twin and I was just wondering if I am at an increased risk of having twins? DH and I just lost our first child at the end of my pregnancy in August due to a cord accident and our doc gave us the ok to TTC next month. Anyone else preggos with twins have a family history?


samehere - October 3

I'm sorry for your loss. I lost a child at 36 weeks due to a cord accident. There is nothing harder than losing your child. Nothing. To answer your question, your chance of having twins would be higher if you were a fraternal twin. Everyone has about a 1-3% chance of having twins. If it runs in your family, it bumps it up to about 3-5%. I wish you well.


CodyKatie5 - October 4

Yeah I was 40w4d when I delivered. I stopped feeling movement and as you have experienced, the rest was just a blur. I am doing really well though. I have a very strong faith in Jesus (so does DH) and I know that has gotten us through. Doc said I could TTC after one more period. Did you have twins or are you expecting twins?


samehere - October 4

Actually, the baby I lost was a twin. I lost her twin at 11 weeks to VTS (vanishing twin syndrome) only to carry her and lose her at 36 weeks to the cord accident. I waited a long time to try. I was so scared it would happen again. I got pregnant again by accident but it was a blighted ovum. I had a D&C but it got me to wanting to try again. So, 3 months of prenatal vitamins , I started taking those OPK but it never showed that I was ovulating though my symptoms showed I was. I went with what my body was saying and I got pregnant. At my first OB appointment (12 weeks) we found out it was twins again. I carried them to 38 weeks without any problems. They are fraternal (natural) which means not only was I ovulating, I was ovulating big time and that test never showed it.


CodyKatie5 - October 4

Yeah, DH and I are actually excited to try again, but I understand the being scared too. We actually didn't try for Brooke, she just happened. I was off of the pill for 1 month when I got pregnant with her. The way I look at it, I've already survived that nightmare and I'm still here, so as painful as it has been, I just have to pray about it and have faith that it won't happen again. I delivered my daughter by c-section (she was breech and I had no signs of labor coming on, so I didn't want to be induced) so I know that if I were to get pregnant again, it would be another c-section delivery as soon as the lungs are developed enough to come out, which is absolutely fine by me. My physical recovery wasn't bad at all. I'm just going to see what happens over the next few months and hopefully all will be ok. It's funny because I used to say I didn't want twins (my sister and cousins are blessed with curvy bodies and I have man hips), but now I find myself wanting them and it's kind of cool to know that it is a possibility because of my mom. Are your twins boys, girls, or boy/girl if you don't mind me asking?


twins4us - October 25




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