What Are The Chances Of Getting Pregnant With Twins On Clomi

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greenelatoya1 - January 15

what are the chances of taking clomid and having twins in that pregnancy.


samehere - January 15

Your chances are about 10% for conceiving multiples. With drugs that stimulate the ovaries, like clomid, they have found multiple pregnancies have about a 50% chance of VTS in the first trimester when naturally conceived twins have about a 25+%.


greenelatoya1 - January 16

to samehere : -Can you tell me i am on clomid 100mg i started taking the drug on the 5th of january this day was my thrid day of my circle and i finish on the 9th which was on the 3-7 days . i was on depro injections before and i came off it at least a year now and i have being trying to have a baby for a year now and i have not have any thing. i do have a two year old daugther and she is very healthy . before that i use to ovulate quiet ok and it use to be on time every month now i have only have a normal period for the past five month and i want to have a baby even if possible twins my boyfriend and i would love to have twins if any at all but we would be greatfull to even have one is it possibly to have or get pregnant now


kitkat - January 16

Green - I have been doing a lot of reseaerch on this myself. I am about to start Clomid and unlike most of the women on the board I am deathly afraid of twins and am trying to do everything possible to avoid them. I already have one healthy son and am looking to add one more to my family not two or three. Anyway, from my research what I have found is with clomid there is anywhere between a 5-10% chance of having twins. Clomid is one of the most *mild* fertility drugs out there and it is not as effective for multiples as injectibles or IVF is, however multiples still happen on Clomid (as you can see from this board). The majority of people who have conceived twins have done so by taking it days 1, 2, 3 as opposed to days 5. This is not to say you can't conceive twins by taking it on day 5, but the earlier you take it, you will likely develop more follicles the later you take it is likely to help with 1-2 follicles. By day 7-8 the one dominant follicle has already been established in most of our bodies (according to “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”) even though we might not O for a week or more. Also women who start out on day 5 that don’t seem to be ovulating usually are changed to day 2-3 with a higher dosage by their doctors to get more follicles for a greater chance of pregnancy (and twins). Therefore, it makes sense that the later you take it the more chance it has to help with 1 follicle the earlier you take it you are helping several. With that being said I don’t know if I would take it before day 2-3 if I were you. I heard if you take it too early the eggs aren’t mature enough and that could lead to miscarriage and a few other problems. If you are trying to go for twins I would say day 2 at the earliest, but day 3 might be optimal. I am going to be taking it as late as possible (the evening of day 5 before I go to bed) in hopes that I have waited long enough for it only to give a power punch to my one dominant follicle not several. Good Luck!


greenelatoya1 - January 18

kitkat- i am new to this site and i was just wandering have u started to take clomid yet or are u not sure whether to start it.


greenelatoya1 - January 18

thank u kitkat and samehere for your inputs -first i just wanted to say that i have taken it at the 100mg and i am hoping that i can become pregnant even with one baby


kitkat - January 18

greenelatoya - No, I haven't started taking it. I just had the consult with my doctor and he gave me the prescription, but I was past day 5 on my cycle this month. I got it filled over the weekend and haven't decided what I am going to do. Keep me posted on your progress


harrisap - January 19

kitkat, your response was a big help... your alot like me in the since that twins scare you. I have a 16 mo and twins with her scares me to death... my question to you is I have already taken my clomid and I am on day 11, I had an ultrasound yesterday and one ovary didn't work and the other ovary had 3 large follicles alread my dr told me that "surely one will produce an egg with in 3 days" the thought of 3 LARGE FOLLICLES to seems like my chances of twin and possiblities of triples may have increased ??? would you think the same?


jenn95 - January 20

i took clomid with my 1st child(it was 1 baby) , second child(again 1 baby) , 3rd (child -again 1 baby) , 4th child (again 1 baby) and now for my 5th and it;s twins. my dr. told me the chances are about 10 % of conceiving twins. which really is not a very big chance, but you never know. good luck.


kitkat - January 20

harrisap - Have you spoken with your doctor regarding how you feel about having twins? One of the things I did was make it very obvious to my doctor that twins are going to be too much for me to handle right now emotionally and financially. Again, I am planning for 1 more not 2 or 3 more. He was very sympathetic and 100% understood. With that being said, he said that when he gives me the u/s he will measure the follicles and sizes and give me his professional opinion (but no guarantees) as to whether or not I should move forward with the cycle since I'm trying to desperately stay clear of having twins. My doctor says he will be looking for 1 good follicle not 2, 3, or 4. 3 sounds like a lot. If I were you I would call your doctors office and ask to speak with the doctor directly. Ask them based on your follicle size as well as past experiences in their practice what does s/he believe is your chance to have twins this cycle. If they say there is a good chance then I would think about abandoning this cycle unless you are okay with taking the risk. If you don't mind me asking what r u taking it for?


greenelatoya1 - January 25

kitkat- i just wanted to say that i hope you did a least try the tablets because it may work for you even if it do not work for someone else so if you want to you should go for it because at the end you may have a very good buddle of joy


CLOMID USER - August 29




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