What Business Is It Of Those Who Dont Agree Anyway

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FOR IT OR AGAINST IT - November 30

What business is it of those who don't agree with the U/P clomids out there ? Would you want people getting all up in your business? I think not. I am certain that these people know the choices that they are making and the risks involved ... I am also sure that it is still very much up to them . I don't have a problem with sharing out opinions on here about these issues , but what I do have a problem with is those of you who insist on shoving your opinions down other peoples throats. I personally am not sure what I would do or think if in these young women's shoes. What I do know however is that to argue instead of educate is the worst thing you could do for a women asking for help or advice on this particular issue. They will do it if they choose to do , but you don't have to be a participant in any outcome that may or MAY NOT go wrong by arguing the point. Encourage health instead of battering it , encourage education as well as awareness of the women's body ... but please stop the my opinions is the only opinion att_tude as it is really not a helpful thing in these forums. Thank you


123 - November 30

A lot of these women don't want to be educated they want to be validated. Being their decisions are illegal, immoral and selfish gives me every right to have my say. If they have the b___s to sneak clomid into their country when the possibility of getting caught is starting to happen (can't wait), then they should have the b___s to listen to the truth!


.......... - November 30

The health and well-being of children is everyones business, and these women are risking their children along with themselves with their illegal decision.


Anne - December 1

This is a FORUM..... People are supposed to give their opinions. That's why people are "getting all up" in other people's business. You don't want to hear what someone else has to say? Don't post in a FORUM.


Thank you - December 1

You are right ... others are aloud to voice as much as anyone. I guess I would like to see it a bit moe civil though since we are talking about pregnancy here.



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