What Is Or Was Everyone S Symptoms Of Twins

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Kristina - January 19

I am almost 7 weeks, and i am wondering what did everyone experience in the first trimester with Twins? I have been having a lot of Abdominal Cramping when i lift objects when i bend over when i stand for long periods of time, etc , Sharp pains in my hip every so often, low back pain off and on, and when I do eat when i am hungry but then agin im still hungry all the time its like im never full. I was just wondering, I dont think im having twins and i just wanted some insight into what you all experienced in the early stages of pregnancy with TWINS! Thanks


Angie - January 19

I really had no "twin unique" symptoms, as all of my symptoms could have been true for a singleton pregnancy as well. Frequent urination, super keen sense of smell the 1st 10 weeks, some feelings of naseau(though I never threw up!), extreme fatigue. The major sign, though I still didn't "get it" was that I needed to wear maternity clothes at 8 weeks because of my rotund lower belly! I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks that showed the little cuties...what a surprise!


Christina - March 10

I was more tired carrying these twins than my singleton pregrnancies. I had a very sharp sense of smell, I had really bad nausea and could not stand on my feet for long. WIth my singleton pregnancy, i didn't show until my eighth month, I looked eight months pregnant at five months....\


tina - March 14

I am in my 23rd week with twins and its not been an easy run. The first three months were marked by 24 hour nausea, and extreme fatigue. I had a cerclage at 19 and I suffered for 3 weeks after that. Terrible mood swngs, like exadurated PMS, and strange cramps. Being too sick to eat I have not put on the expected amount if weight, however my scan this week showed that the twins are apparently very big! I was worried as everyone' said i had to eat more and i could not.


jacalyn - March 28

I am 10 weeks with twins. I had exteme fatigue, no sickness, hungry all the time and grew out of my cloths by week 5. The pain comes and goes, I am just mainly exhausted!


Robyn - March 28

I am so extremely tired! All I want to do is sleep. I am starving all the time but I have such bad morning sickness its not even funny. None of my clothes fit I am wearing my boyfriends shirts to cover up my pants not being b___toned! I think the worse of it is just being tired all the time and the constant worry I am not going to make it to the bathroom when I feel like I am going to be sick. I have been miserable though for these last weeks and Im only at 10 weeks.


Valerie - April 8

I am 11 weeks pg and already need maternity clothes. I have not had my first u/s but I am scared that I could be having twins. I can sleep all day and all night, by lower back constantly aches, I too also get sharp pains in my side when I stand up or bend down. The morning sickness seems to be wearing off but I am always hungery but I seem to get full real fast. On my mothers side their are 6 sets of twins and on my fathers side 2 sets. It skipped my parents generation so my mom keeps teasing me that it is my time for more twins!!! I go back to the doctor next month hopefully I will get an u/s then to take the ease away.


hosch - April 8

not sure if twins or not im at 6 weeks and my hcg level is at 23996 already two weeks ago it was at 614. Could it be twins?


D'Ashia - May 16

Hello congrats on your new pregnancy. I am 22 and these will be my 1st babies, I found out I was having twins girls about 6weeks ago. The first 2 months I was sick at all no symptoms whatsoever and then it hit me I literally could not get out of bed for a month because the movement made me sick. I am just now starting to feel better and I five and a half months pregnant. When I finally did get pregnancy symptoms I had everything that you had except the hunger. But the great thing is I've been feeling my babies move since about 12 or 13 weeks and it is so amazing. So be aware of movement in the next couple of weeks that may be a sign that there is more that one. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS


Sarah - June 7

I don't know what to think of my pregnancy. After reading your stories, I still can't figure out if I have symptoms of twins or not. Identical twins & fraternal twins run on both sides of my family, so I know that my chances are increased. This is my first pregnancy and I just hit the 3 month mark yesterday. Already, I was starting to show at 2 months and was very uncomfortable in my clothes, having to unb___ton my jeans all the time. I suspected pregnancy when I got gastritis, that was awful. And all the weight I had gained, I've lost again. (I'd already gained 7 pounds by the time I would have been 5 weeks, and then lost it because of the gastritis). I haven't thrown up much, but I have had constant nausea & extreme fatigue. I can't b___ton any of my pants anymore, I'm wearing over-sized shirts to hide the opening. (I'm trying to avoid buying maternity clothes until I absolutely have to, I get so tired just standing for 10 minutes, I can't imagine shopping!) I get to listen for the heartbeat at my next doctors' visit in 10 days, but I want to know now! Since this is my first pregnancy, I just don't know what's "normal" and what isn't (for single pregnancies vs. twins). Does anyone think that my symptoms could be indicative of twins?


KC - June 9

I am pregnant with feternal twins. I am 7.5 weeks along and I feel terrible. I am constantly feeling like I am going to vomit (yet I still havent) and I am very tired. I cant eat and I only wiegh 115 and I'm 5'6 tall. Is this bad?I dont know when I will be feeling better but I pray its soon! Good luck everyone! kc


momoftwinjas - July 18

I have 19 month old fraternal twin girls. I am currently 5 or 6 weeks pregnant (haven't been to the doc yet). With the girls (it was my second pregnancy) I felt great until 6 weeks, even running every morning... but from 6 weeks on, I was nauseous 24/7. I had to take Zofran for the rest of the pregnancy just so that I could eat. Very tired, but nothing (other than the intensity of the nausea) indicated a multiple pregnancy. I found out it was twins at 9 weeks. With this pregnancy, I knew before I even took a test. I weighed 112 (I'm 5"7) and just in one week gained 12 pounds. That didn't worry me so much because I was underweight and 124 seems to be my "normal" at the time of first doctor appointment in pregnancy. However, my symptoms this time are So intense much earlier. I have been eating like a football player (which is awesome). But I feel nauseous almost constantly, am tired all day. I also have constant diarrhea which I think is just another form of morning sickness for me as I had it also with the twins until about 10 weeks. I will be shocked if this pregnancy end up just being one baby, but I also may just be hyper-aware of my symptoms because I've already had one set, and your odds go up after that of having twins again. (From 1 in 90 to 1 in 12) To KC, don't worry so much about your height/weight. You seem to be about the same size as me, and I carried my girls just fine. I had them a day shy of 35 weeks. Both weighed 4 lbs 10oz and had no major complications. Just stay hydrated and eat LOTS of protein. (I drank the Ensure Protein shakes because meat kind of grossed me out, but cheese, seeds, nuts, etc all work too.) Protein is what builds babies! I ended up gaining a total of 45 pounds. Lost it all within 4 months of delivery. Gained 40 with my singleton. You will do great! There are great books out there specifically for moms of multiples. My favorites were "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads" By Dr. Barbara Luke (great book with guidelines for eating to obtain optimal birth weight) and "Mothering Mutiples" by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada (this one is great for after delivery. lots of tips of b___stfeeding and overall care of multiples)


MonkeyB - July 28

I've just found out i'm expecting twins, I dh and i had prombles and I used Clomid, I am thrilled but also scared, I am only 6 weeks 3 days and worried about the pregnancy ahead and the risks involved. Can anyone tell me, are there more risks with a twin pregnancy? Are you pretty much safe after 12 weeks or not?


mdawn1431 - August 3

I found out I was pregnant almost 2 weeks ago. I am around 6 weeks now. Just this week I noticed I am feeling dizzy/lightheaded, very tired, lower back pain that wakes me at night, and I'm waking at least 3 times a night to use the bathroom. I don't remember feeling like this at all with my single pregnancies (I have 3 children). I go in 2 weeks to my first OB appointment. I am wondering if the symptoms I am having could be twins??


Double Size - August 8

I'm 13 weeks pregnant with twins and can't get enough sleep. I have been in maternity clothes since 10 weeks but still sick all the time have not eaten alot. I'm 174 lbs. and only 5'3 so I'm hoping I can't carry them with out bedrest. They have already told us that they are going to be big babies - my husband is 270 lbs. 6'2 so I figured it would happen. It is a wonderful thing I'm pregnant but I did not know it would be so hard. I'm wondering if it gets better as we go on but I have experienced everything I read above.


JaysMama2007 - August 10

I found out yesterday for sure that I will be having twins in March- I had been feeling like I was but to have it confirmed by sonogram was amazing. I have been overly nauseous, my pants stopped fitting way before they should have, and I have been way more tired than i ever was with my first pregnancy. I can't pinpoint how I knew ahead of time that I was having twins, it was just a feeling I had. Right now I am roughly 8 weeks along and I am starving (at least it feels that way) and when I go to eat I get really nauseous, so it has been hard to find foods I can make myself eat.


Double Size - August 11

I can't say that it gets better but we herd the heart beats for the 1st time a week ago and I promise it was so worth it. I've been where you are and I would like to say it gets easier but it doesn't. Eat constantly all day and the nausea will go away, I only get sick now when my belly is empty. Also eat alot of cold foods like fruit, smoothes, ice cream etc. it will feel better. I'm going to be 14 weeks tomorrow and I just can't wait I'm getting big.



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