What Is The Chances Of More Than One

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OneMoreTime - March 9

In your opinion,what is the chances of me having more than one? The day I should have started, I started puking which I did for 3 days (I thought I had the flu), on day 4 past when I should have started I had the most positive prego test ever (this is my 3rd child - 2 and 4 girls already), I have been more nauseous and sick than I have ever been. At 8-1/2 weeks, I started feeling like I had a weight in my uterus. A few days later, I went to doc and she said I was measuring like I was a week or 2 further along. I never felt with the 1st 2 singletons that there was more than 1, I just thought they were boys. Also my maternal grandmother had triplet sisters and my maternal grandfather had twin sisters. Sorry for the lenghty question!! Misty


OneMoreTime - March 9

Also I was only slightly sick with 1st and never never sick with 2nd.


TimeForThree - March 10

I am in the same boat as you. Let me know how it turns out :P I am preggo with number three (I have two boys already, 1 and 3).I had morning sickness with both the boys, but the second time around was the easiest, and this time around is by far the worst. I am throwing up in my sleep! It did start a bit earlier than I expected too. I also had c-sections with the boys, and my scar has already started to get irritated and swollen, and even puckering, which didn't start until closer to 12 or 13 weeks with my last child. I am pretty sure I am 8 weeks and 1 day, though I could be off a few days either way. I also keep telling myself, though, that all of this just means I am having a girl :P I don't know why, but when the second pregnancy went way way smoother than the first, I fully expected this one to be a breeze. Now I seem to have more intense symptoms than the first time around, which wasn't fun either. Twins don't run in my family so I don't think there is a real possibility I am having twins, but I have to wonder anyway..


OneMoreTime - March 12

When do you go to the doc? I go again on Wednesday the 14th!!!


KimMcCloud - March 12

I can't say what your chances may be. But I can at least let you know that I am on pregnancy #6. And the other 5 were each entirely different. No 2 alike whatsoever. And now when I think back in time, there is no way I could base symtoms on the number of fetuses. But now I know for sure that I have a mulitlple pregnancy. It goes wayyyyy beyond those type of symtoms you're talking about. But the weight sounds like a boy! LOL I had 3 girls in a row...then 2 boys...much bigger and stronger babies. Happy Pregnancy :-)


TimeForThree - March 13

I have my first prenatal at the end of the month (30th). I hope your appointment goes well! Are they going to do an ultrasound soon? KimMcCloud, I totally understand what you mean about every pregnancy being different, and in my case, I sure hope you're right ;)



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