What Were Your Signs Of Twin Pregnancy

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Chevy - December 26

I am 8 weeks and this pregnancy is soo different from my 3 previous pregnancies, I have never been sick with them but this one, I am sick almost all the time with nausea, extreme dizziness that comes like every min and I have this mucus-like, stringy discharge almost everyday, like I have had with my previous pregnancies but this time, it's like doubled! So I am wondering if it's twins.... Ladies who are having twins or had twins, what were your signs? Please share!


onetwothree - December 26

Like most twin moms, I had no clue. There aren't really twin signs, only pregnancy signs. The fact that you have had three prior pregnancies does up your chances for twins but the truth is that every pregnancy is different. The only thing to do is wait for your u/s. When do you get it?


Chevy - December 27

yeah, I know every pregnancy is different.... just that I sorta have this instint feeling it's twins but I don't know yet.... I have a u/s next week on the 2nd.


onetwothree - December 27

Good luck with that a let us know about your u/s. It will be interesting to see how much a role maternal instinct plays with suspecting twins.


Amanda - December 27

I had the instinct right away that there were more than one....a few friends pulled me back down to reality telling me that they were sure it would be one being my first pregnancy and I didn't know at the time there is a significant history of twinning in my family. Anyway, I gave up on the idea of more than one -- until week 16 when there were two babies on the screen(my first ultrasound!). I'm a definate believer in a woman's maternal intuition after this. After a long scary NICU experience, my babies are finally home with me and growing by leaps and bounds! good luck with your pregnancy!


Amanda - December 27

oh and sorry, to answer your questions about pregnancy signs -- at least for me(and keep in mind I've only had one pregnancy total) the major signs were my b___sts growing nearly a cup size in a few days time, 2)constant nausea the first 18-20 weeks and 4)EXTREME fatigue(as in sleeping for 12 hours or more, falling asleep in my night cla__ses, hardly able to make it through work until I was put on bedrest at week 18 3)EXTREME hunger -- I have never eaten so much in my life, every two hours I *had* to eat....I ate healthy, slept a lot, drank tons of water, gained lots of weight, was in bed from week 18 on 22 hours per day...yet STILL delivered premature babies...you know some people out there sail through their twins or even some triplet pregnancies(though much fewer I am sure!)...but I could only carry them 30 weeks..like I said before, good luck!


lanamatheny - December 28

According to the nurse I am 7 weeks along. My first u/s is on the 18th of January, but I am anxiously waiting to see if I am carrying twins. I found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks ago and by the end of that first week, I could no longer fit into my normal clothes. I have already had to buy larger bras and am in maternity clothes at all times now. The only dream I've had is that I had a girl, but something keeps telling my gut that its twins. Twins run in my side of the family (most recent - my grandmother had twins - my dad's younger sisters) I feel sick pretty constantly and have noticed an increase in hunger, but usually feel too sick to my stomach to eat hardly anything at all. I have gained about 4 pounds last I checked. Could this be twins??? This is my first pregnancy so I don't have anything to compare it too. I look like I'm about 5 months pregnant at least. I'm partly worried that I'm just going to be a HUGE pregnant woman =P


happymommy - December 30

I was wondering the samething. This is my 5th pregnancy. I have 1 dd who is now 5 and had 3 mc. I just had my hcg level tested yesterday and found at 16 dpo my level was 3400. My doc told me not to be surprised if I am carring twins. Other than the high hcg level, the only other symptoms I have are increased appet_te and a sore chest. So I'm wondering if there is one or two? I thought with such a hight hcg level I would be nauseated, fatigued ect., but no more than normal. I guess I will have to play the waiting game like everyone else.


to happymommy - December 30

when is your first sonogram? At 4 weeks 4 days my hcg was 5,397 so I kinda think mines high to!


sara - December 31

Hi girls, you all have me worried now! I have a fraternal twin and my husbands family is full of twins. Im 12 weeks pregnant (1st pregnancy)and I've had a nigling feeling that I'm carring twins since I found out that I am pregnant. I am constantly exhausted and everything makes me cry!!! my first scan is on the 5th so I'll let you all know how my womans intuition holds up, wish me luck!


mommyoftwins - January 4

well ladies intuition worked here im 8 weeks with twins this is my 4th preg and this time i was alot more tired and really sick as i say now its twice as bad as with my sigletons cant tell u my levals because i dont know this was a total surprizzzze for me lol i was having lower ab pains so went to the er turns out it a ligament pains from growing twice as fast what a great gift i have been given


keys2heaven - January 5

Anyone experience Chloasma ("mask of pregnancy") earky with multiples? Chloasma is the appearance of brown patches around the eyes, forehead, cheeks and nose. Sometimes referred to as 'The Lone Ranger' mask.


onetwothree - January 5

I haven't had that but I know someone who did and it NEVER went away. They say the sun makes it worse.


sara - January 5

hey again, had my scan today, turns out i've got a singleton. so much for my intuition!!! good luck all


happy Mommy - January 13

My ultrasound is on Monday. I still feel great, so I think there is only one, but who knows. I'll let you all know on Tuesday. Have a good weekend.


alexasmomma - January 15

I found out at the end of Dec. that I am pregnant and I am now 7 weeks along. I am sooo excited! I have a two-year old already and I felt ready for baby number two. But man, oh man, is this ever different! I am so tired all the time, I can hardly bathe myself! I thought it was all in my head until I went to my doctor who said he was surprised how tired I was, since i was so early, but mentioned twins. Twins runs in my family, and I'm the generation in which should have twins. Then, my Great Grandmother called me and mentioned the babies on the way. and I corrected her "baby on the way you mean" she says it's two babies, and they will be gorgeous which will make this harsh pregnancy all worth it she says. (I have such severe morning sickness I can barely keep down water!!)



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