When Does The Egg Release Before Or After LH Surge

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want2bprenant - November 27

Hi can anyone tell me when the sgg actually is released, before or after LH surge? I had strong LH surge for three days. Then by the evening of day three the line lightened. Today is day 4, having twinges in my uterous in different palces. The day before I had detected the strong LH surge I had strong AF cramps. Today is fourh day since the suge and have hardly any cm. its dry and white on my nickers (so sorry for tmi). i BD on the first day of the LH surge and second. I would like to know when the eg has most probably been released. what happnes once the LH surge begins to fall? people talk about implantation bleeding by the time their have O but doesnt the egg take 6-10 days to travel from the ovary to the uterous and then implant around the time of AF? my fear is that i have not BD on the third day of LH surge and now its day 4 and I dont think I will get a chance to BD again! has the gg just been released? or do i still have a chance. i also BD 3 days in a row 3 days priro to the LH surge!


Kathy S - November 27

Do you also chart your bbt (basal body temp)??? If not, it is a good idea when you are ttc. After your LH surge, you just watch for temps to jump up and stay up for at least 3 days. The day your first temp jumps up is the day after ovulation. So the last day of your low temp and LH surge would be the day you ovulated. It really helps to use several fertility signs together to pinpoint what is happening in your body. Once your LH surges, typically the egg will be released sometime in the next 48 hours. If you surge is ending and your cm is getting dry and sticky it does sound as though you have already ovulated. Don't worry about missing a day bd'ing though. Healthy sperm can live in your fertile cm for several days (up to 5 in some conditions!)....so missing a day will not harm your chances really. You sound like you took advantage of your fertile window as best as you could. Good luck and God bless you! Also, you are right about implantation bleeding...it occurs about a week after conception. A fertilized egg can take anywhere from several days up to almost 2 weeks to implant. I had some possible implantation bleeding about 3 days before af was due to arrive. I did not get a positive test result until 2 days after my missed period. Everyone is different. I hope you got lucky this cycle!!! Good luck again!! :-) Note: if you want a free bbt charting website go to www.fertilityfriend.com. The basic charting online is free. The message forums are pay for use service.


want2bpregnant - November 28

Thanks so much for your invaluable advice...I don't chart temp basically becasue I am the type that jumps out of bed rather then streches and takes their time so I can never really get it right... I had very wet cm prior to the LH surge on the 3 days before LH surge where I BD. after that I had a 2 day gap. Its fuunny I thought when one has an LH surge they have ewcm but I had mine prior to it. And also when I BD I obvioulsy tried to keep as much sperm in me as possible so when I released the rest after BD I couldnt tell what is coming out sperm or cm lol..sorry for tmi!!! I Guess all I can do is wait and see!


me - December 3

It is the LH surge that causes the egg to be released. So to answer you question you LH surge comes first.


ros - December 14

i would like to have ababyso generally when will be ripe egg is releasing?


Me Want Twins - December 24

want2bpg: As soon as you see the LH surge, bd within 24 hours and again w/in the next 24 hours. I've been dealing with PCOS so I get the LH surge, even though the follicle never releases the egg, so it can be misleading, just so you know. Also, those twinges you're talking about- I thought I had the same thing, then they became painful! Turns out it was the follicle attempting to release the eg, but never getting it there, so it gets stuck and HURTS! Also, are you on any p or u/p drugs? The cm description you are giving is similar to that of clomid-- try taking plain robitussin 3x/day to make it wet again, or go to the MD and get Musinex. Add'l, sperm lives for 3 days inside of you-- just an fyi.



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