When Should I Expect Be Able To Feel Them Move

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Shelly - September 17

Hi, I'm 15 weeks pregnant with twins and I'm very anxious to feel some movement! Does anyone know if I should feel it sooner than if I was carrying just one? Thanks..


TwinMomCheryl - September 19

Hey There- I thought I'd feel it early too, but truly, I did not feel any DEFINITE movement until 19-20 weeks. Try not too worry too much, you WILL feel them before you know it!! (Wait til they both get the hiccups! ;) ) Congrats on your twin pregnancy, and feel free to e-mail me anytime you want to ask questions privately! Cheryl www.Twinsights.com


Debbie - October 22

Im 5 months now and i just started feeling mine move its takes longer because they are so much smaller than one baby would be


Tammy C - October 23

Hi There, When I was preggers with twins, I got movement around the same time I did with my singlton pregnancies, about 18-20 weeks. Some gals don't get any until 22 weeks so no worries. If you won't to try something to help ease your anxiety, you can rent a doppler device for like 25 bucks a month and you can listen to the babies heartbeats. That helped me alot


Miss - - October 25

Hi Shelly, I also thought I'd feel them move early, but didn't get a "real" movement until about 18 weeks. This is my 3rd pregnancy so I kinda knew what to feel for. Also, responding to Debbie...are your babes much smaller? I was curious about that as well. Dr's have such a wide range of opinions. I'm currently going to a perinatologist, and they said my son is in the 90% percentile growth range and my daughter is in the 75% range. I asked him if there were separate ranges for twins, since there are two, and he said that twins grow at the same rate as singleton babies until the 30th - 32nd week of pregnancy. I'm now in my 31st week of "torture" and have a Level II U/S due on Friday. The last one was when I was 27 weeks and the boy weighed in at 2lb 9 oz, and the girl at 2 lb 5 oz. Good luck to all and here's a gla__s of nice warm milk to seeing our feet again soon! :)- Miss


Cheri - November 1

This is my second pregnancy, and I felt them sooner than my first. The first distinguishable movement was right at 16 weeks. Don't rush it, soon enough their kicks will be your constant companions.


Sara - November 22

Hi, I am also 15 weeks pregnant with twins and have been wondering if I have been feeling slight movements, this is my third pregnancy and I thought I would know if I can feel them or not. Mine are more like fluttery feelings rather than proper kicks, my midwife thinks that they probably are movements but as they are not everyday I am still not sure. [email protected]


ashley - November 22

Hey, since some of you have had or are pregnant with twins, can you answer me this please! Did you feel pregnancy symptoms any early than normal? or what was your first clue?


Sarah - November 26

I'm 21 weeks pregnant with twins. My midwife told me I may feel movements earlier with twins but not definitely! Flutters started at about 17 - 18 weeks and are stronger now. I thought the twin on the right wasn't moving as flutters seemed to be on the left more in early stages but I was rea__sured that at this early stage you can't tell which twin it is without watching a scan! Good luck!



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