Where Are All Of You From

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U.S.A. - December 17

I would like to get a poll from the people in these forums .. Could you tell us where you are from and why you find yourself on here in the forum . If you are here for TTC or if you are here for simply support. Make sure however when answering you tell us where you are from . !! The state and the city would be nice as there may be many in the same area that could start a group of their own locally in person.


Alaska - December 17

I am on here for the purpose of TTC . I live in Kodiak, Alaska . I would love to start a local get together group if there is anyone else in the same area.


mama-beans - December 17

Oregon. I spent years TTC baby #1 and got lucky-pregnant with baby#2. I originally got on this board because a friend is expecting multiples, and I stayed on this board because I saw that I had a lot of information to offer on this subject.


Alaska - December 17

How is the weather in Oregon? Have you ever been to Alaska at all? My Dh and I have thought about relocating to Oregon due to better quality of employment there. He is an engineer by trade. Glad your on here and willing to tell where you are from as well.


mama-beans - December 17

Was born in Homer and moved to Hawaii when my parents split ( I was 5) spent a year and a half there, then moved to Oregon so my mother could live near her family. Graduated high school, and moved to Washington ( where my father had moved from Homer) where I lived for 6 years. Finally got pregnant with #1 DD and wanted to be closer to my maternal family since they were who I had been raised with, so moved back to Oregon. Have been here ever since, although I spent the summers in Homer till I was 14.. I am of just the opposite thought.. I would LOVE to move my family up to Homer. Hubby has gone back to school to get his Computer Sciences degree, and when he is done we will be fishing for some good employment.. but I doubt it will be in AK. He prefers a warm climate, while I like Alaskas FOUR seasons.. Here in Central Oregon, the weather is beautiful. Cold, snowy winters, HOT dry summers. If you ski there is plenty of fun in the cold season, and there are plenty of rivers, lakes, etc for play in the summer.


Alaska - December 17

We love it here. It has just been hard finacially with a lack of jobs in the engineering line that he does. My husband does the aerospace design engineering. They dont have much of that here in Alaska. I have to say though if we could find just one job that would allow him to come home each night after work and pay for the cost of living here then I would stay in a hot minute. The Governor here said that from now on starting next Oct . the dividends will no longer be ay less then $1000.00 per person from now on and they will go up accordingly from there . That is something good about being here. Never the less, DH works a job that he is gone all week and only home on the weekend. That makes for a hard marriage as well as family life. So we have got to find something else that will allow us to actually see each other instead of only on the weekends.


Alaska - December 17

By the way ... I love Homer.. It is so pretty there. We lived there for a short period of time when we first came to Alaska 3.5 years ago. We moved here from NM. Albuquerque to be exact. I think my most favorite area however was Valdez.


mama-beans - December 17

Renton Washington has Boeing, a large employer in that area. Pay is supposed to be good, and hubby is home every night...


Alaska - December 17

Dh has that one covered . He has applied for them with about every job they have open in the engineering field right now. Thank you though. I am hoping we will hear something . We would like to stay in the Northwest areas as it seems to be the most family friendly area there is . Is your Dh getting his CS in anything particular? My Dh has it in CAM. Computer Aid and Manufaturing . He has his B.S. in C.S. in that . He has an A.S. in CAD. He is in love with this area as he is an avid hunter . I keep telling him that as soon as we get somthing that is better for our marriage that way then he can take trips out here for hunting and visiting.


mama-beans - December 17

Network Management ( for now) . Yes, I have a family of avid hunters as well...not DH but all in-laws. Every year we get a share of elk, deer/antelope and every now-and-then moose, and a few times bear. Plus ducks galore. Fresh turky for us. the list goes on. Heck, my sister and her DH even planned their pregnancy so that it wouldn't interfere with hunting season. ( of course, the other sister planned hers around the football/basketball season... I digress)


Alaska - December 17

I tell you what, there are many a jobs in his (your DH) field up here that way . You ought to check into it. the job web site here is as follows : www.state.ak.us It has a lot to choose from . I am not sure why it isnt up and running tonight though ... maybe starts again Monday . Anyway, Have a good night and I hope there will be many more willing participants in this location endeavor started in this forum.


mama-beans - December 18

Other ideas: Central Oregon has both Lance Air , Columbia Air and Epic. Both Columbia and epic make small planes and Lance Air now makes kit planes. All three have high turnover in their grunt worker departments, but they seem to hold onto good engineers and pay them well to boot. They are smaller companies, but you never know! You WOULD lose out on those dividends though.... and it IS nice to have that yearly bonus!


U.S.A. - December 19

Come on ladies... Where are you all from ? We are hoping that more of you will stop in this thread and let us know.


yas2000 - December 20

i am from the UK and live in London for the last 10 years...since my studies at university of westminister....central london. am originally from berlin....was born and brought up there.... i am teacher and lecturer..but currently out of work (extended maternity leave)...my husband (charteres accountant acca, works for his own business he set up a year and half ago (www.etesius.com)...and we are both of asian origin...actually i am mix....my mother is from the mediterranean..and father form central asia...i have 2 kids and 5 brotthers and 4 sisters...all scaterred around the world including the states and canada...lol....i am at this site because i am taking u/p clomid in order to conieve multiples..am now pregnant but most probably with one baby which is great but too early to have seen yet....fingers crossed soon i will find out its all well and growing healthy...good luck to all of you ttc and/or are already pregnanct with multiples...


Jill - December 20

Hi! I am origa___lly from upstate NewYork, and I currently live in Southern New Jersey. I moved down here to attend college and I never intended to stay but I met DH so here I am. My family and my husbands all live out west and we would love to move out there one day. He is a chiropractor and has been practicing in this area for over 10 years, so to start all over somewhere new and build a new practice would be very hard. We will wait and see what happens. I found this site while researching vitex. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant with baby #3. I have a 5 yo daughter and 16 month old son.


florida_mom - December 20

I am from a little town near Gainesville, Florida. I have lived here my whole life, and plan to move after college.


Emily - December 20

I live in Michigan and want to leave.... that is another story though. I am TTC on U/P clomid and very much would like to have twins or more from it if it should turn out that way for me. this would be my main reason for coming to this board. I am on my second round of clomid which I will start in aprox. 3-5 days from now. I will also take mucinex to help with the CM and BD every day that I have a chance.... all ttc people say?!! The response would be "AMEN" Anyway , I enjoy the information that I can find on here in both U/P and Pre. Clomiders. I just find it rather childish that there is so many people fighting on here ... it is like driving into downtown Detroit and seeing the people as well as hearing them fighting all day long.. geeeeshhh.



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