Who Out There Has More Than One Set Of Multiples

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sphinx - November 8

I'm a 23yo mother of frat. twins, natural conception & I'm just curious as to how common it is for a woman to have more than one set of multiples. My girls are 1 now and I think I want to have more children in about 5-7 years or so and I would be thrilled to have another set of multiples... (especially if my twins are old enough to help out) I've read that my chances of having a second set of twins are about 1 in 5. Does anyone know what my chances of having triplets would be? I suppose the odds will be different if there is an identical set in the mix... Anyway, Welcoming your thoughts!


Teddyfinch - November 8

I know a lady that had a set of twins and then a set of triplets. i'm sure that's pretty rare, but it happens.


freebird - November 8

I know a few women (from other twin sites, not IRL) who have more than one set of twins. Not sure if they were spontaneous or from IF treatments. Anyway, I don't think it's that uncommon and 1 in 5 odds is pretty high. BTW, you're a braver woman than I am! I don't think I could do trips. I'm so happy my twins are out of the infant stage, lol!


twins4us - November 8

Your chances of another set are 1 in 12. The chances of a set of triplets with one id would probably be higher as the egg splitting is a totally random act.


Boo b do - November 8

Hi, my last pregnancy 14 years ago, was a twin conception, (unfortunately one did not make it). today I am almost ten weeks pregnant with triplets, naturally conceived. Good luck


kamivy - November 8

My great great grandmother had 5 sets of twins! and 2 singles. So out of her 12 children, 10 of them were twins! That was close on 100 years ago now, so of course it was entirely natural. :)


sphinx - November 8

so I guess you had twins too then... (since you are here) I can imagine having a second set of multiples but 5? That's too many for me! Your grandmother must have had the patience of a saint (or went crazy!)


Tenk - November 12

A great friend of mine (IRL) is a twin, and has 2 OTHER sets of twin sisters, and another singleton sister. So 7 girls and 6 of them are twins. LOL...good luck!!!


sphinx - November 14

My neighbor also has 2 sets of twin siblings... I hope my next set are boys! I don't want to end up with ALL girls! lol I couldn't imagine when all of them get their periods at the same time... lol


sphinx - November 15

I just wanted to add... I met a lady today who had twins, then miscarried another set of twins 9M later... I guess its not that uncommon to have multiple multiples!



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