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Anne - October 10

Why are there so many women on here taking unperscribed fertility drugs like Clomid? Aren't any of you at all worried? Why not leave it in God's hands?


same here - October 10

I came on here because I thought that there may be a chance that I am having twins-just by the way I am feeling and was SHOCKED to see all you guys taking medicines to have twins or more. I didn't know that there was such a market for that-I can understand if you're having trouble concieving and need it-but just to take it-that is something-I don't think there is a word for it....speechless.....


jill - October 10

why not leave cancer, malaria and plague in god's hands....??? why not leave disability in god's hands??? why not leave infertilty in god's hands...?? god has given us the brain power and the knowledge to improve on the basic life he has given us....we are obliged to use it and we have,hence we have come a long way from the stone age..... in the end if he is not happy with something we have discovered and he doesnt want to allow us to succeed ...no matter how much brain power, man power we use...if he doesn't want to make it happen he won't...but its our right and his blessing to allow us to try!!!


... - October 10

If God did give some of you brain power, why aren't you using it??? Well, at least you ladies are giving job security to all the NICU nurses and doctors. BRAVO!


same here... - October 10

So nobody has a reason then? Just for the hell of it?? Is it something that you set out for? I am going to take drugs so I can have a litter of kids!! So what that there is nothing wrong with me-I just want to be different!!!!


also, - October 10

and I quote "...if he doesn't want to make it happen he won't..." WOW-that is wrong on soooo many levels that it just p__ses me off!!!! There are so many BAD things in this world....and you think that if God didn't want them to happen then he wouldn't-you are IGNORANT!!!


jill - October 10

and you are EVEN SO MORE IGNORANT than myself since you can only understand things in BLACK and WHITE!!!!WONT BOTEHR TO REPSOND SO DONT BOITHER WIRITNG....



This is a very sad thread...created by a bitter and sad lady! And apart those in favour are likewise!pitty!


to jill - October 10

don't bother.....with them....how can thou make the blind see???their destination is in one direction and hecne so is their lives...straight forward, 'Leave it to Nature and God, as long as we eat slee, have families, work and then die'...that's all they need!!! Well...many of us need more...otherwise the world would be a very sad place to be.... we are too different, much more challenging, so no need to try to explain anything....you guys don't lkie it don't do it but we will...deal wih it!


so... - October 10

Is anyone going to answer the question as to why your are taking meds just to have more than one child?


yas2000 - October 10

i am taking it as it is my last pregnancy and situation is as such i cannot (due to more complicated reasons) have another pregnancy after this next one... i am taking clomid to increae my chances but not a day goes by that i am not worried...of course it is risky but when one has made up their mind and is ready to deal with the concequences there is nothing and noone that can stop them...its like trying to reach the finish line even if it means running on with a cramp in your leg! what drives me is my faith and believe that this was meant to be this way..(me trying cloimd and being able to get it and that there are so many already doing what i wanted to do for years!) before i found this site and unprescribed clomid on the net i used to think how could i convince my doctore to help me increase my chances of twins as i really want a big family? is there any private hospital which would help me out if i payed???i want twins so much...it was/is a real desire before i even had baby (now i have 2). i heard of fertilty drugs for infertile woman and couples who have problems conceiving but i thought that they were injections and one had to follow rigourous regime of drugs ad invasive methods to get there...then i heard of the very basic and minimal method of starting fert_tlity treatment providing the problem lies with the woman gonads...and that was clomid. i asked my sis in law who is a phamacist and she told me all about how it worked and risks what has and has not been proved about it..etc and i asked if i could get it...i then knew that would be impossible...so i left it at that. that was 8 years ago!!!when i finally had my second child and things came to a head where i know icould only go for'one' more...i reopned my mind about it..and thought i try to see if i could get it unprescribed becasue really compared to many other fertiltiy drugs and drugs in general...clomid is really not such a big deal...otherwise we would have twins and babies galore...!!!also i knew that if i didnt try and give it a chance i will kickmyself over it for the rest of my life for not even giving it a go...so you can imagine my amazement when i purchased itwith HUGE' GUILT....because i thought i was pobabaly the ONLY ONE PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD TAKING SUCH A STEP AND RISK. THEN I stumble across this websit and i have learnt heaps in such a short space of time....first and formost that i was one of many!!!its not selfish and i leave it in god's hands to reward and punish me for it..but i have a good feeling about this and whether or not i end up with multiples is really not the end and be all for me...the fact i tried and gave myself the best feasable chance (and god opening the doors for me upto this stage) is what makes it all so worth the risk...and hopefully one or 2 or more healthy bundles of joy at the end of it all...


?.. - October 10

Jill, read the bible. God thinks in Black and White as well. Wrong and right. not saying taking this is somehow against God, but you have to admit that that statement is just c___p. OH, and God gave us brains and intelligence to use as we will.... that doesn't mean that every decision we make is backed by him. Bad things happen, and God will respond to these bad things when our time here is over. Do you really think Rapists are supported by God? In your reasoning, they would be stopped by Him if it wasn't what he wanted... No, people make their own decisions, and have to live with the results of those decisions... leave God out of it. He gave you the power to choose, it is not his fault if you choose wrong. He just has to clean up your mess ( premature births that result in dead babies, cysts that become cancerous...)


Anne - October 11

Comparing cancer treatments and fertility drugs is like comparing apples and oranges. One is saving lives, the other creating lives. That was a really bizarre comment Jill. Taking unperscribed fertility drugs is not improving "basic human life", as you put it.


Anne - October 11

By the way..... have any of you seen or read about the twin boys created through invetro-fertilization... where one is black and one white? The doctor's used the wrong sperm to fertilalize one of the eggs. That's what happens when man tries to play God. All I'm saying is that those of you taking the drugs unperscribed should be careful.



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