Why Would You Purposely Endanger The Lives Of

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Against CLOMID - December 7

why would you purposely try to concieve multiple babies? Its known that its rare to go to term with Twins and taking U/P clomid gives you the risk of having twins/triplets/MORE! you can't carry these babies to term. You are already subjecting them to preterm birth and a whole whirl of complications. Why would you do that to your children? They will have months and months of time in the NICU, and some may not survive all because of your selfish want of more than one baby! That in itself should be called child abuse!


Against CLOMID - December 7

Besides that, how can you possibly give the love and attention to more than one baby at a time? How can you afford to provide the health insurance, and diapers and formula and clothes that these babies need? THINK THINK THINK before you act. Don't go on welfare and expect every one else to support these babies for you.


yes - December 7

In addtion to the above I want to know why would you put this in your own hands, if god wanted you to have twins or triplets or more, he would do it naturally not artificially!


/././. - December 7

I agree there are side effects to be aware of . My question to you is this howeve : What do you think these U/P users are going to do ? I mean to say .. do you really think that they are going to find out they are pregnant and turn around and un to the nearest bush area away from everything so that there is no medical facility or doctor to be found .. only to be left having multiples in the middle of nowhere? Good grief lady , give it a rest. The fact is that if what you are saying is such a grave concern of yours then honey maybe clomid shouldnt exsist a all . Even th prescribed users should stop then .. Heaven forbid they get pregnant with multples as well. Thy might b running to nearest bush town to only to find themselves birthing 3 or more babies in the middle of no where. These women might be making the choice to tke it U/P and maybe for some silly reasons of wanting 4 babies all at once, but you can be a__sured that if they become pregnant at all through this method then darliing they arent going to run and hide. They will go to a doctor and be monotoed the rest of the way through like the rest of us who have been taking it prescribed and going to the doctor. I appreciate your fight and concern .... but think it through a little bit they arent saying that they are going to run off to bu-fu remote island to give birth . They are just saying what alot of us prescribed users say as well ... we would love to have twins or more. That is all they are saying.


... - December 7

But the prescribed clomid users are being monitored so that the risks of multiples are LOWERED. What the unprescribed clomid users are doing is trying to INCREASE their chances of multiples. And just because you get monitored during the pregnancy and go to a high-risk specialist and whatnot does not mean that you will have an uneventful pregnancy. And it does not mean that ALL of the children will be healthy. Triplets and more will ALWAYS be born prematurely. So if they love children so much why would they risk it just so they can selfishly have multiples?


/./././ - December 7

Yes but , the fact is that I am a prescribed user and I knew going in that the chances are higher for multiples on this medication no matter what others might say . So because I love my babies and want more should I say no to the drug that will help me be able to have more because there is a risk . For people like me who need the med to have a baby or more ... we know that the risk is high to . Does that mean we shouldnt do it because we love the baby or babies as well? That is not a fair statment and I would think that if you are a mom that needed help concieving at all you would know this . Maybe you are not . Maybe you were blessed with being able to have kids on your own. That is a great gift , but for those of us that are out here that cant and need the extra help in doing so ... it isnt a wrong thing knowing there are risks . The other thing is this ... there are some sick people in the world that thing that it is ok to kill babies through aborting them. That is AWFUL and I mean that in the deepest sense of the word. So what about then with us prescribers ... would you tell us to use what is called selective abortion so that we could lessen the risks to the babies ? That is a horrific thing and honestly I dont know how anyone could ever say to do that , but then turn around and tell people that want to have babies that are or are not capable on thier own not to take a drug that helps them do so because there are risks involved. That is hypicritical . To tell people to not take a drug due to the risks involved for the poor innocent life and then tell them to kill one or two of them for better odds of the others surriving . It all just makes me sick to listen to you people harp at anyone taking clomid (and yes I mean anyone as when you are complaing at the U/P's about the risks your are essentially saying it to me a prescribed as well.)This is horriable . I dont have anymore to say on the subject . None of you listen anyway . You are for selective abortions or in other words KILLING BABIES , but you arent for anyone that really wants them and hopes for the best out of it all just like anyone else that is honest enough about it all. As I said I am a prescribie and I would love to have twins or more and in fact am hoping for it . The ironic thing is that my doctor is helping me hieghten my chances as well as I told him I would like more. I suppose I am a awful person to right . Whatever . I will pray for people like you .. .who want to judge another for thier choices , but can turn around and do horrific things like aborting a baby just because it is the easier thing to do instead of living by faith that God will do what is best for them no matter what the outcome. Shame on you


against clomid - December 7

I am not against prescribed clomid because MOST docotors are conservative about how much they prescribe. There are woman out there using alarmingly high doses that are going to give them several babies and no matter the facility, these babies strugle at birth. They can have life long problems.


at - December 7

I will pray for you because people who can't accept what god gives them and intended have no right having babies. God intended for the usual ONE baby or every body would be having multiples.


I highly doubt that. . . - December 7

your doctor is trying for you to have twins or more. Any more than twins is considered a failure in their books unless he's not affiliated with a fertility clinic.


/./././ - December 7

If you knew anything about the Bible and what God has made our bodies to do you would never have made such a comment. JACOB AND ESAU Isaac was forty years old when he married Rebekah. For twenty years they lived happily together. But like Abraham and Sarah, they had no children. Isaac pleaded with the Lord that he would bless them, and give them a child. God did bless Isaac and Rebekah. But Rebekah felt that something was wrong with the child she was carrying. She asked the Lord what was wrong. He told her that she was not having one child, but two children. Twin sons. They would be very different from one another, and be the fathers of two different nations. One would be stronger than the other, and the older would serve the younger. This story is based on Genesis 25:19-34; 26:34, 35. And yes my doctor is attempting to help me conceive multiples ... but I am not at the age where I need to defend that type of a comment .


yas2000 - December 8

i took clomid unpresrcibed and after all the hoo ha i might not even end up with more than one baby...am still waitng for my u/s on the 20th... clomid is a mild drug and the chances if conceiving more than one baby are still very very slim...10% or less even..i mean i am superfertile got pregnant on the pill... i repect your concerns and i understand you have completely different view on thing..in my eyes i am not endangering anyone but myself..including my unbron baby who at this stage of my pregnancy is more or less part of 'ME'...just like my heart my lung and liver...i firmly believe in god and he will intend to give multiples whoever he wants in the end eventually...yes if i was taking clomid unprescribed and then taking injections on top of this and all with the help of some crazy money greeedy doctor to really physically enhance the production my eggs and release off a whole load of them i can say that i am taking a huge risk in order to conceive multiples...but even that is in god hands to make it actually happen...i believe firmly if HE isnt intending for me to have twins ...he wont no matter what i do...taking clomid u/p is just something i found out i can do...its science veersus fatih really...part of me knows this will not happen and other part of me says well so many others have done it and succeeded maybe i can give it a shot and at least i know i gave it a try....but in the end it is in god hands...and read anywhere it is a risky drug for our health...but it is one of the mildest forms of fertilty drug available...but then again you will dissagree so i respect your opinion....we all percive things in a different light....


ashley - December 9

Okay did you read what you wrote when you quoted the bible? Issac pleaded with the lord WITH OUT FERTILITY DRUGS and god granted his request for ONE child and gave him TWO. It was the Lords will, not left in the hands of medication that are being taken in unsafe doses.


/./././ - December 9

Darlin I was posting the quote from the Bible b/c the lady before me had said that God didnt make women to have more then one baby at a time... I proved my point by the what I posted... God does make women to have more then one baby at a time . The next time you want to say something about what I wrote please read the whole thread to know why it was written before you jump to judging . Thank you


TripletMom - December 10

for the people quoting Bible references or who know what God's plan is, I only have this to say - twins/triplets and even quads can occur spontaneously (meaning w/out fertility meds) - is that not intended by God or any other higher power??


yetanothertripletmom - December 10

All babies are such miracles. God breathes life into each little soul. However, if you believe in the teachings of the Bible (which I do), Jesus says we must follow the laws established by our government. Whether we like it or not, u/p clomid is illegal. So it really doesn't matter if God intends anyone to have multiples because we know he doesn't intend for women to take ILLEGAL clomid.



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