Will My Cocaine Use Affect My Baby

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alexasmomma - January 15

Also: All you women act like doing crack cocaine, meth, mushrooms, etc. is nothing, and you even make excuses like you were in a "bad place", etc. I think it's funny that I had 4 miscarriages in one year (just over a year) and I went to counselling, I didn't ever think of turning to illegal drug use to "ease my pain". Also, I have a two-year old daughter and how would I feel if I went and did crack to get over my miscarriage and sent her away to my mother? I would feel sick and like a bad mother, which is exactly what I would be. If you feel down or suicidal, get help and talk to someone, don't turn to drug use! I may only be 22, but I know what I am talking about.


Brooke - January 30

I missed my period Saturday and had been drinking, smoking, and did cocaine the night before my missed period. I had no idea I was pregnant. The baby was not planned and I would never ever put a bad substance in my body again. Does anyone have any expertise or go through a similar exprience of a one time use "before they knew they were pregnant." I just missed my period so I can only be 3-4 weeks along. Almost every person I know that has had an unexpected pregnancy has drank the first month before they knew and the baby has always been perfectly healthy. I guess my question is about the one-time coke use. When is the soonest to get test done to determine babies health? Believe it or not, I am religous and am praying for the baby's health and for god to forgive me. I just wanted to write to get some advice because I'm too ashamed to even tell my docter. Where can I find professional advice online?


to brooke - February 1

i would be ashamed to but please tell your dr he can do more test than normal if he or she s conerned i drank alot with my 3yr old before knew i was pgshe is perfectly healthy now had asthma but has outgrown that i was honest with my dr from day one i alost lost her at 6 weeks we dont kow why but i made it to term and as i said she is now 3 good luck


onetwothree - February 2

You DR should know what you have done. It probably isn't going to affect the baby, but I am sure that your DR knowing and telling you things will be fine will be a huge relief. I'm sure the DR will show you respect for being straight forward.


lala - February 2

This is not an answer to the question tora asked. this is a response to the ma__sive amount of answers people have given to tora. i have read every single response to this question and i understand that everyone has their own opinion. BUT some of the responses that i've read are absolutely revolting. obviously drug use is not "good" for you but do you really think insulting and belittling tora and others on this site is any better than doing cocaine? it is complete and utter disrespect to anyone who can be honest and open up to people about their concerns. and considering tora (and others) may be stressing immensly over their issues, making them feel worse about the situation CLEARLY does not do much good. "Woman, Woman, Woman. A very frightening s_x to say the least." You should be ashamed of yourselves. " -from "Go To Church" revolting. i, as a woman, take it as a threat and insult to my s_x. also, please don't shove your religion down my throat. i don't appreciate that comment whatsoever.


yetanothertripletmom - February 3

Is making a comment on this forum any better than using cocaine while pregnant? Um . . . Let me think . . . um . . . YES. No contest. This "forum" does not add up to much more than imaginary playmates. Pregnancy involves real lives, innocent lives. I certainly never made any nasty comments to Tora, however even if I had it wouldn't do the kind of dammage cocaine use can.


what are you thinking - February 3

Of course it can harm your baby....it's a drug for crying out loud.


lala - February 3

my response was not to all of the comments, just a few in particular. i was just appalled by the amount of nastiness of some people on this forum. i understand my comparison of the cocaine use and commenting was a little ridiculous but making a person feel like c___p for doing cocaine doesn't help their situation.


Frances - February 6

Let this thread die. Please. The baby is born, life has gone on, let the thread die.


Veegee - March 7

For Mrs. Moory, In case you missed it, this woman made it very clear that she only used once during her pregnancy...and this was before she was aware of the pregnancy. She obviously has chosen to refrain from using going forward. Neither she, nor many of the others here who are "users" seem to be chosing to defile themselves as such after learning of their condition. Shame on YOU for your lack of compa__sion and understanding, they simply want information in order to make better choices and learn from their mistakes. All you are offering up is stiff judgement that isnt your right to hand down to begin with. It always seems to be the "God bless Yous" who act as if they need Gods blessings the most.


Veegee - March 7

For Alexasmomma, You find it disgusting that a scared and worried new mother wants to educate herself and get positive information in order to make better choices about her life going forward? I think its people like you with your hateful judgement that perpetuate the stigmas placed on people who are caught in unfortunate circ_mstances. What would you prefer? that she go run and hide and remain immature and ignorant? Ill be calling you first when someone like this shows up in the news being arrested for dropping their newborn in the garbage.


Frances - March 7

Yes, you all have made your points, I think it is better to support than to freak out and be holier than thou. To reiterate, the baby was born, life went on, let the thread die. There are current questions I'm sure people would like current answers on. Let it go.


Corona - March 7

Veegee, I personally find your comments to be rude & a bit ignorant. Yes, it is a good thing that these woman are seeking advice, however that advice is not always used as a way to better oneself. If you have never dealt with someone who is using drugs while pregnant, you don't know how they can be. I am not saying everyone is the same, however some people use the advice they receive as justification for their actions, ie. "Well if it's going to harm the baby by using once, maybe it won't a second use will be ok." Some also use the advice as the front line of treatment instead of seeing a doctor & telling the doctor about their use. It is a proven fact that 1 drink or 1 use of drugs can, I repeat, can lead to fetal alcohol syndrom or other childhood disorders. Any use, should be reported & looked at as a risk to an unborn child.


friend1935 - June 12

My friend does cocaine every day and has been for 6 mo. she is 4 wks. pregnant now and I was just wondering what possibly may happen. She thinks it's ok to do this in the begining of the pregnancy. I do not beleive this is good.


Corona - June 13

The beginning of the pregancy is when all major development occures! An unborn child is more at risk in the first 3 months than at any other time. You friend could be setting her child up for some many things. Preterm labor, phsical disorders, mental disorders, fetal alcohol syndrom, these are the minor issues. Please try to convince her to see a docotr & to be honest with the doctor. Not only does she need help but her unborn baby needs someone's prtection!


daisy22 - June 23

whta the hell u shouldnt do drugs at all, anytime... if u are doing drugs and having un-protected s_x thats very irresponsible because its not just u that u could be hurting. would u give a smoke to an infant or b__w it on its face in the crib? Geez!



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