Will My Cocaine Use Affect My Baby

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daisy22 - June 23

whta the hell u shouldnt do drugs at all, anytime... if u are doing drugs and having un-protected s_x thats very irresponsible because its not just u that u could be hurting. would u give a smoke to an infant or b__w it on its face in the crib? Geez!


beckylol1 - June 23

If you all want to know how drugs harm your unborn baby, scroll back up to HILARY's post. She had 3 miscarraige aged 12, 12 and 13. Yet she still carried on using and had 2 small babies. Don't think I live in the real world, because this post shocked me to the core.


PregWithTwins - July 8

i cant believe anyone in here is askin "WHAT IF" i do this or do that... im pretty sure everyone knows what happens if you do drugs or drink while you are preg!!!!! IF your baby lives most of them have some type of problems!!! why act dumb?


PregWithTwins - July 8

my comment is to anyone that really has to come in here and ask dumb questions and tora im not talking about you. but i would have to say if i were you i would talk to my doctor..


slowpoke01 - July 22

tora in response to you saying that cocaine is an "upper cla__s drug and that you arent a lower cla__s sc_m crackhead" it doesnt matter if you are an upper cla__s or how high you are in your community if you are doing drugs while pregnant then it is the same as you being a lower cla__s sc_m crackhead. also most of you are saying you used once i havent seen anyone just use drugs once and be done with it especially coke or meth because those are very addicting drugs. also you all are saying you didnt know you were pregnant, so that means they were unplanned pregnancies if you want to party and do drugs then you should use protection so that you dont get pregnant and have to worry about what will happen to your baby. also if y ou are still using when your babies are born it will show up in the blood tests and you will lose your babies is that what you all want? do you people not watch tv? if you did you would see what happens to drug babies. you would see what problems they have. watch the discovery health channel it shows everyday what happens to babies whose mothers use drugs.


netsirk - July 23

Please let this post GO...it's been over a year and half since it was posted!!!


Melissa - July 28

I did cocanie two weeks before I found out I was pregnate and my child turned out just fine.


natsaha - August 10

well i wont judge but pregnant or not how can you do that to your body? please to all of u who have done it or worried about it affecting your baby, take it as a warning or a lesson god is teaching you. what if it would have affected your baby, how guilty would u feel? good luck with the pregnancy and hopefully everything goes well for all!


cindernar - August 10

While I don't understand why anyone would use drugs at all, I can offer a little comfort to those who are having this issue. My sister's sister-in-law did coke throughout her pregnancy, and thank God her baby turned out OK. Of course, their could be learning disabilities, etc. that were not apparent at birth. But physically she was OK. You should also know that the baby also was taken away from her parents for a year because her blood tests shortly after birth showed she had cocaine in her system.


tynadu - August 20

Everyone (if you are sane) in this world who has s_x on their own free will know how not to get pregnant! Any time you have s_x you have a chance of getting pregnant even if you are on the pill or have had your tubes tied, burnt, or cliped! There is no excuse for using drugs during pregnancy! I am not sure how GOD view this but I guess the users will find out in due time. Think before you DO! May GOD bless!


sterlinberlin05 - August 25

Ok when I first read the question I was like "Are you serious?" But now I understand. I don't really know if it will affect a baby doing it that early on and you may never know. You could have a baby born with problems that may or may not be caused by drugs. No drugs are not good but things happen unexpectingly. Like tynadu said you can get pregnant even if youve done everything possible. You can't beat yourself up if you weren't trying to get pregnant and did somethings that are harmful. I agree with just about everyone on this forum. Stop using, get help, think about the future, drugs are mistakes and everyone makes them, you can't blame someone for something they didn't mean to do, people who kept using shouldn't have, many people want babies and are unfortunate but who's to say if they could they wouldn't make a mistake like that. Babies are a blessing and a lesson women have to learn, don't take that the wrong way but kids aren't easy and not really hard but you have to learn, mothers make plenty of mistakes even if they try their hardest not too. It's life and things happen think good thoughts and help yourselves and others when asked. Don't make comments that aren't helpful in anyway. People aren't stupid and know when somethings wrong they just need a little rea__surance. ~Jen~


arlin0618 - November 8

13 weeks pregnant and controlling my crohnses dieses wanted to know how harmful can shot of morphine be.


Tenk - November 8

I had morphine several times during my pregnancy as I have Celiac disease, and they gave it to me in small doses...they also said it would not hurt her.


annala - November 9

hey i say to all of you ladies pregnat why ask if i do this drug what will happen well i did this drug before i found out and wasn't trying to get pregnat we all know what drugs can do to us and un unborn child but what i can say is if you were doing drugs then found out you were prego then STOP NOW!!!!! and pray to god everything will be ok and it will be personally all the babies i know that had problems the mothers were always drug free so you never know but i knew a girl who drank beer whole pregnacy and her daughter had open heart surgery right after birth not sure what all happened i just know she had heart problems of some sort and had to wear pace maker i saw the scar it was terrible but its been like 10 years ago thats why its hard to remember just what was the problem she had her child takin away right in the hospital she did get her back after 1 year not sure why but i know it all had to do with what was wrong with the baby due to her so all prego women i'm not being rude i just wanna say just don't do it anymore and pray and i'm sure your babies will be fine don't stress about this kind of stuff though out your pregnacy i hear that stress can do more harm to baby than drugs...be happy and enjoy the rest of your pregnacy.........


tyler and michelle lovelace - October 20

I am not a cocaine user, but I was at a party with my friends and they were all doing coke and I never tried it before so,I was curious, I had a small little line.. I found out 3 days after. When I took pregnancy test that I was pregnant. WHAT IF I'M LIKE 2 WEEKS PREGNANT? Am I gonna have a miscarriage, am I gonna deform my baby? I am so scared now.


Gemini_Girl - January 20

Hi, its in the past now and there is nothing you can do to change it, the most important thing is you stopped taking it as soon as you found out you were pregnant, try not to worry too much as to much stress will affect the baby, Goodluck!



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