Will My Cocaine Use Affect My Baby

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Gemini_Girl - January 20

Hi, its in the past now and there is nothing you can do to change it, the most important thing is you stopped taking it as soon as you found out you were pregnant, try not to worry too much as to much stress will affect the baby, Goodluck!


For Goodness Sake - January 27

To be honest I am more disappointed in those who have judged others and caused halmful stress to those in early pregnancy than to those who have taken drugs when not realising they were pregnant and thought the only person they were halming were themselves. I personally have suffered with depression for the last 2 years and have had to take prescribed medication. I, by mistake, fell pregnant with my husband. Due to my condition I would forget when my period was due and was using protection but - well - it happened. I spoke to my psychiatrist and she told me that to stop medication immediateley would cause a huge amount of stress on my body and would most likely cause my unborn child health issues. She told me that stress is the biggest cause of miscarriage, and if he baby survied it could be born early, still born or with health issues. Stress is worse than than legal or illegal drugs. That's not to say that once you realise you are pregnant you should continue to take illegal unsafe and unprescried drugs. I trust her medical opinion more than any of you judgemental idiots. Women come on this website for help and advice when they are already worried. What do you think it does to them when judgemental people spout off with things they are not qualified to say and cause unneccessary stress to those who are trying to find out if they have caused halm to a baby they clearly want and care for. So, this is what my psychiatrist told me when I asked her if i'd halmed my baby by taking cocaine and drinking during the 2nd week of pregnancy (I didn't know I was pregnant by the way, like many of you), her medical opinion was, what's done is done, you can't change it, there is no point putting yourself under any further stress as this is worse than any drug. I am continuing under medical supervision to take my prescribed medication, I am having between 1 & 2 units of wine per week. And i'm fine. To those of you who didn't know you were pregnant whilst taking drugs or drinking - you can't change the past, you can however look after yourself from hear on. Eat well, take moderate exercise, get plenty of sleep and you will be fine. What's meant to be will be. Good luck with your pregnancy and take no notice of anyone on here who try to tell you you are a bad mother to be - ignore them. If in doubt, get actual medical advice love to you all xx


rwilson1020 - December 1

OK all of you up on your high horse thinking you are better then every one else need to shut up! I used to be a drug addict and was hooked on meth when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter in 2007. I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 6 weeks and did meth that whole time. I quit when I found out but my daughter was born completely healthy and is a completely normal intelligent 4 year old. So since meth is way more harmful the coke, you and your child will be just fine.


gemgem1986 - August 15

Hey sweetie

Firstly, how did your pregnancy go? Forgive me if you already answered that but I trawled through a few of the replies you recieved and got a little annoyed so stopped reading. I hope all has gone smoothly? I would just like to address one or two replies that may have scared you before I tell you why I chose to reply myself. In response to the lady who chose to frighten you with the story about the little boy with the large head. constant drug abuse through a pregnancy is an indicator of other social issues in a person's life as a constant drug taker is often involved in a much darker lifestyle. Addiction is an illness much like mental health. It comes hand in hand with malnutrition, stress, and many other physical and mental strains on the mothers body. Often alone or in a position where they are unable, or to frightened to reach out for help, a mothers dependency on drugs through pregnancy will cause problems in the baby's early life resulting in long stays in incubation and special care. This means the baby spends much of the first part of its life laid on its back and the scull develops flatter at the back and larger, hence the unusual head of the boy you speak of. May I just point out that if you see that little boy daily with his mother it insinuates that she sorted out her life in order to care for him. No longer clouded by the illusion drugs give if you think it makes you cry seeing him everyday imagine how his mother feels before you judge. more to the point, the young girl who posted this question was obviously responsible enough to have realised her actions could be crucial. maybe a bit of support and guidance would have been more apropriate than frightening her half to death at such a delicate time!

Now, to the point. The answer to this may be a little late for you but I saw a lot of others with the same question. In 2010 after the death of my father I became dependent on social drug use. Not dependent on the drugs themselves, just the regular escape from grief. The drugs have many impacts on your body including irregular periods and so I didn't notice I was pregnant until gone 4 months. at this stage for me abortion was out of the question and I was terrified about what the drugs may have done to this little creation inside of me. 3 weeks earlier than expected I gave birth to a beautiful little boy. 10 finger 10 toes weighting 6lb 2oz he was perfectly healthy. You may think this therefore sounds biased. It took me 3 years completely T total and two miscarriages later before I had my second child. No drugs were involved in the loss of those two pregnancies. I later found out it was a hormonal imbalance. 

The point I'm making is that your body will find a way to protect a pregnancy if it has a good chance of succeeding and will disregard if it won't,  much like a mother cat will abandon a kitten if it won't survive to ensure nutrients for the others. Not taking drugs is the best way to give a pregnancy a chance and if you have done them unknowingly your body will fight it to protect its creation. unless the pregnancy was never going to succeed anyway. In which case nature will take its toll regardless. When you realise you have taken drugs after conception speak to your doctor about it and they will advise you on healthy diets and all of the other ways you can look after your body so it can concentrate on looking after the pregnancy. Don't stress, don't be judged or frightened and remember as useful and brilliant for sharing information these forums are, your GP is the best form of unbiased advice and help.

Hope this helps and best wishes to all xxx 


Tamzin28 - January 16

Seems a few of these comments an nothink angers me more than judgemental ignorant uneducated people she asked a simple question because she realised a mistake she made an didn't need to take abuse of complete strangers who know nothink about the situation unless your hands are clean it's probably best not to slander or attack someone else everyone has made mistakes that they regret all is different forms an sizes! I'm a neonatal nurse an you will be surprised how many people take the drugs recreationally during early stages of pregnancy without knowing an they have a perfectly normal healthy baby yes taking drugs throughout pregnancy does cause complications but as a one of is a very rare occasion it is going to do much damage due to your body fighting off anythink that it comes in contact with automatically whilst being pregnant to protect your unborn baby. As for the uneducated lady who pointed out about the child with the extremely large head due to drugs being taken during the pregnancy never in my life have I heard such an uneducated opinion an unless your a trained practionier or have some qualifications other than GCSEs it's probably best you don't give medical advice! The main cause of drugs during pregnancy to the extreme is low birth weight, unsettled an weaker than most children who didnt experience drug use! Rather than being ignorant an judging did you ever think it might not be down to something the parents done an that one in a 100000 chance that they unfortunately threw no circumstances end up with this birth defect. I'm sure also every parent who has a child with Down syndrome, dysphasia or Edward stydrome which is a few examples is the parents fault also! 



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