Will My Cocaine Use Affect My Baby

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courtney - February 24

I am just leaving a message here, i think that if you do keep up keep ur health and nutrition up that you will be okay, however, i don't agree with some of these messages being left on this message board, i hear a lot of blame towards tora, and also i hear a lot of blame towards substance misusers towards non users, The effects of drugs is horrific, let me ask you this question, would you leave your two year old with a babysitter who smoked pot infront of your child? who gave ur child alcohol? or cocaine for that matter. I can see that there is a lot of mis education out there and that you as a pregnant woman are the babysitter now, incharge of your life and others. You may think you are a poster mom with great family, husband children etc. but i think if you did research in the drug you are chosing you will see that the life you are living is not a life you really want to live. I encourage you all to attend meetings for narcatics annonymous and seek treatment so that you will be around long enough to see your children grow up.


jOCELYN - February 26



JENN - February 26

to jocelyn, what can happen to your baby if you need to ask that ? then you are not ready to be a mom yet, and anyone on her can critise me all you want. but I have seen what can happen to these babies up close and personal since i usually am involved in the birth of these innocent victims. and when they are out that is when half of you get upset. some of you do quit while pregnant but more times than none the pregnancy is just an inconvience to the mom and she does not quit using. why don't you do some reaserch if you really want to know what can happen to your babies


kathy - March 3

During grad school I interned at a hospital and saw many drug addicted babies. Tora, these were not born to parents who had stopped, but those who had continued to use throughout rpegnancy. They were small, and their nervous systems under developed. Many were alone in the hospital, as parents were sent to treatment. I never saw a baby with probelms due to a single use. Your age can be a facotr as well. Older mothers are more likely to have a baby with problems due to drug/alcohol use with moderate use than a young mom. If you have stopped, then likely not a problem. Just get yourself support, so the stress of actually having a baby doesn't send you back to the drug. A great book is "The Broken Cord." It's a true story written by a Dartmouth professor who adopted a child with fetal alcohol syndrome.


tora - March 4

hi i am currently 4 months along and as healthy as can be....i do not (nor did i ever have a drug problem) i would never have even smoked a cigarette had i known i was pregnant...my doctor told me not to worry...i thank you for your responses...i suggest you re-read sharons response... she really knows what she is talking about...(cocaine is intended for people of "upper cla__s" ) i am not one of these poor city-sc_m crackheads, i am a powerful woman with importance in my community...dont be so quick to judge people.


angel_scotland - March 30

LISTEN UP EVERYONE.... i am 32 years old and have a daughter of 7 and am 30 weeks pregnant. i miscarried 6 weeks before i became pregnant with this child i am now carrying. i did not know i was pregnant the second time round and drank heavily and for the first time in my life took cocaine with an abusive partner . I took the cocaine to numb the pain form my miscarriage and my mother looked after my daughter. As soon as i found out i was pregnant for the second time I stopped taking cocaine , drinking and i finished with my violent partner. I took my little girl home and have totally changed my life around. As for the lady who said I am not a fit mother because i chose to use cocaine to numb my feelings at a time i felt suicidal...have u ever been there ?????, i disagree I am a BAD mother, I was a sad depressed person NOT a bad mother. I am a wonderful parent who studies books on emotional intelligence and self responsibility, to try to learn WHy id id what i did so I can prevent it form ever happening again. I have also seeked counselling and belive although i was depressed and suicidal I am now happy as is my daughter. I take full responsibility for making bad choices last year that resulted in my month of alcohol and substance abuse but I am now totally aware of why I did this and why I was in a violent abusive relationship. PLEASE GIRLS. take heart. The fact you are worried about it at all shows you do care. Noone WANTS to be addicted mentally or physically to drugs there are always reasons. Something i know only too well about. I am sure you will all love your children. Try to learn form your mistakes and seek counselling if you need to. As for the rest of you who are so harsh ... there but for the grace of GOD go YOU. God bless and take care LYNN xxxx


jane doe - April 2

I friend was using cocaine for 15 years .she has stopped 5 years ago .now she is pregnant what damages can these do to her child when born and growing up?


michelle - April 3

She stopped five years ago? None!


Joy - April 12

I just want to say, that it seems there are alot of judgemental people on here. I would like to know which one of you took a sip of a beer and didn't know that you were pregnant??? Before pa__sing judjement make sure you know what you did early in your pregnancy. I would say ask your doctor and take good care of your self and your baby from here on out. Good luck to you and your baby!!!


val - April 12

For all the mothers to be. If you love yourself and the baby inside of you, then you'll STOP using drugs..... It's not healthy for neither of you. Take care....


Leslie - April 15

Me and my husband adopted my 12 week old niece. It was either us or she would be put into foster care. We took her home from the hospital. My sister used cocaine for the 28 weeks that she carried her. Angel is now 2 1/2 and can't do anything. She can't walk, talk, or eat. She eat's though a tube in her stomach and has to go to the hospital at least 10 times a week. Last week we took her to the doctor and they told us that her kidney's are starting to shut down and that her heart was getting weaker. Now she is in the hospital on life support. They don't expect her to live another week. All of the organs in her body are getting weaker and weaker. To the woman, that are on her yelling about cocaine and how these woman did it when they knew they were pregnant. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I was with my sister everyday when she was pregnant. She would shake and get sick. Sweat all day and lay in bed crying because she didn't have the drugs. She couldn't take it. As soon as I would go home to my family and my 3 kids out she would go. The next time I seen her she would cry and tell me what she done and that she really wanted to stop but she couldn't. She loved her baby when she was carrying her and she loves her now. There is a reason why EVERYTHING in this world happens! NO ONE at all has any right in this world to judge another person. I love my sister and I love Angel but it is obvious that her time on this earth is almost over. She knows that we all love her and will always be with her. The only thing is that the drugs had nothing to do with her sickness or where she is at today. It was the shots that they gave my sister to get her to stop taking the cocaine. My sister is clean and is with Angel everyday. Angel has had about a million test ran from the time that she was born till today and still the 100 or more doctor's that she has seen still have the same answer it was the medication that they were giving my sister to keep her from doing the cocaine. To the woman that did it the first couple of weeks or even months. Go to your prenatal visits take your vitamin and take care of yourself and your unborn baby.


memo - April 19

i'm a medic and i've delivered babies born to crack moms and pretty much moms on anything you can think of and a lot of thoes babies were either still born or i had to insert a intubation tube into their lungs to breath for them. they were also all relly small. less than 4-5lds. get some help or don;t get pregnant. don't listen to the idiots that tell you nothing will happen. i see it first hand.


karen - April 20

you are obviously worried about your unborn baby. I have never taken drugs but have compa__sion and empathy. I dont agree with it but life isnt perfect. I have a very sick little boy of 5 months who is just about to have open heart surgery. I didnt smoke/drink or do anything wrong when i was pregnant yet my son is still very sick. The doctors dont know why heart defect like his happen. I have seen him suffer a lot over the past 5 months he is so lovely and I thank god every day for giving him to me. I dont think it will have harmed your baby so dont beat yourself up over it but please try to keep off of it for yourself and the baby I understand people turn to drugs for lots of reasons and its hard to stop using pray to god and he will help you. im not a religeous person as such but my son has overcome miracles and im sure its all the prayers we recieve for him. good luck with your pregnancy and your future.


dont you people listen? - April 20

she said she used cocaine ONCE before she knew....you people are rotten......tora, i urge you to talk to your doctor....most likely there will be no harm done.....i have used cocaine about ten times in my life (i am 30) and by no means have a drug problem....some people use socially or when the occasion calls for it. stop jumping down her throat!


South Park Guy - April 22



jessie - April 24

tora - i wouldn't worry. my mom used cocaine a couple times while pregnant with my twin and i...we were as healthy as could be. just eat healthy and stay active. good luck to you and your little ones!



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