Will My Cocaine Use Affect My Baby

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jessie - April 24

tora - i wouldn't worry. my mom used cocaine a couple times while pregnant with my twin and i...we were as healthy as could be. just eat healthy and stay active. good luck to you and your little ones!


Michelle - April 27

WOW "Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!"--maybe you need to look to him...


To South Park Guy - April 27

LOL!!! Way to lighten em' up :)


KT - May 1

In response to LH, just because you dont approve of drug use doesnt mean you should insult other people. Many mothers continue to bring up healthy, happy, much loved children while using drugs. And when you say are the mothers using drugs "..still children?" well in a way, yes! We dont use our sense of fun and need to party just because we have kids! I am a mother of two and at only 24 still love to go out with friends and use recreational drugs BUT my children come first and they have a great, unaffected life. Surely people drinking alcohol on a daily basis are taking more of a risk than the occasional coke user??? Please dont judge people, we all deserve the same treatment regardless of our personal tastes. peace xox


KT - May 1

AND in response to GG. Please dont push your belief in god on us....that is your own opinion as is those who want to take drugs. Just because you are pregnant doesnt mean you're rid of all desire to get wasted!! I stopped using recreational drugs whilst pregnant with both my children but I also know many women who found it hard to and have still carried perfectly healthy children. I would never judge anyone OR push my buddhist religion on anyone. So please, lets give everyone a chance and realise that we all make mistakes.


OMG - May 6

I didn't read all of these comments, but I wanted to say this. Sometimes the symptoms of drug use during pregnancy may not even show up until the child is older, just as some mental illnesses become extremely apparent during stages of puberty. Don't think that just because your baby is 'ok so far' that there won't be issues later in life. Please don't risk it. STOP


katy - May 7

look people that dont use drugs are no better than people who do if you are addicted then it is hard to stop. I use cocaine and im 5 months pregnant. I think about my baby everyday and im trying so hard to cut down I mainly use about once a week b4 it was everyday.


angel - May 7

can your child be small when it not on vitamins and can the baby die or not come out normal


YES - May 8



kris - May 10

Wow, this is the rudest pregnancy message board that I have ever encountered. A person is worried and asks an honest question, what does she get? A pack of puerile dogs trying to eat her alive. Maybe some of you should pull your self righteous heads out of your b___ts and actually read the question before spouting off your judgmental nonsense. She did NOT say that she is currently using cocaine. She said that she did it once, BEFORE she knew that she was pregnant. She did not ask if using drugs is bad during pregnancy, obviously she knows that they are or she would not be expressing worry. Now come on, there are so many things that can be harmful during pregnancy. How many of you sipped a margarita or smoked a cigarette before you knew that you were pregnant? Give the girl a break; if she didn't care she wouldn't be discussing it.


lis - May 10

I'm sorry, but what you need is not positivity, you need the TRUTH. drug are not good for you and an unborn. If you're even asking...I think you did cocaine even when you knew you were pregnant. My sister did before and after because shes an addict. and addicts only care about themselfs. not only that, but it's hard to stop. if you can't stop for yourself, why are you going to stop for anyone else. any little bit of cocaine is bad for a fetus. maybe not physical, but mental disabilities. If you are using any kind of drugs, use protection!


To Kris - May 10

Ya, what you said!


JACLYN - May 13



ashleyworley - May 16

no if you quit and if you been taking medicine i dont think nothing will happen course i think your baby is pretty even if i havent seen it. but nothing will happen.


Nicole - May 27

I not writing to judge...If you are pregnant and have a drug problem or you have recently found out that you are pregnant...seek help. Find God, if you haven't already. Of course stop using, at least until you have delivered. Congrats to the people that have stopped after finding out your pregnant. I'm pretty sure that it is a battle. Be strong and pray.


Tosh - June 2

Not to be judgemental, but I think it's terrible when a mother (or ANYONE for that matter) does drugs. Doing drugs while your pregenant harms your baby AND yourself and thats disrespect for your baby and yourself. Cocaine is obviously a very harmful drug. Find something else to do in your spare time, rather then loading your body up with harful chemicals!! If your so called "friends" tell you its cool... well its NOT and their not your "true" so called friends. A true frien wouldn't offer you harmful chemicals right? Get Some Help to get off the Cocaine... Im writing this in an oppertunity for you to help yourself.



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