Will My Cocaine Use Affect My Baby

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jj - November 21

Ha-Ha...well said 123! Instead of bloviating you put it clear, precise and POW!


curious - November 28

if you did cocain all the way up to your 5th month pregnancy, what could happend to your child later on in life?


JJ - December 1

I'm 20 years old and 1 month pregnant and I have a 6 month old son already. I just recently tried Cocaine and just found out I am pregnant, I'm worried too, but I went to a doctor and he told me not to worry as long as I stop. So I would not worry if I were you, I know how you feel and as long as we don't do it anymore, we'll be ok!!! Good luck hunny.


never in my life.... - December 3

I honestly have never heard something like this in my whole life! This has got to be fake. I totally fell of my chair laughing my a__s of at this board. I mean, I can understand doing things and then finding out you are pg. It's common sense people, just stop doing anything unhealthy when you become pg. I mean, I had some wild days in my life but, some of these people are NUTS! Who in the hell would smoke crack or do meth or coke when they are pregnant! Someone needs to "fix" these ladies! How can you do that when you have a baby inside of you!!! Are some of you really asking if you use coke, meth, crack untill like 17 weeks, is it going to effect your baby???? Did you read the post about the poor little soul that was born with no a__s??? That is the SADDEST thing I have ever heard in my life. You are sick B___hes!!!!!! Please do yourself a favor and give the child up as soon as you give birth, if it LIVES!!!


unknown - December 3

im due anyday now istopped doing crack three months ago will it still be in my bloodstream


anonymous - December 5

This thread is a year old now...give it up!!!!


Lou - December 8

if your so low in self esteem to go and do drugs in the first place and damage your body like that.how can you love others and care about other people enough to be a mother? If you want my advise start looking after yourself if you want to be a good mother, every child deserves one!


Jo - December 10

I agree with anonymous. Give it up people, let it die!!!


Linda - December 10

I nearly didn't open this thread, I thought to myself WTF!!!! But honestly, if it was only once that early everything should be fine. I've never touched the stuff myself so don't know what it does to you but as long as it leaves the system quickly then your baby should be fine. Just PLEASE make sure your not tempted to take it anymore whilst pg, the baby doesn't have a choice :(


meg - December 10



calliegirl79 - December 10

I just found out that I am pregnant a few days ago ~ had no idea! ~ can't be more than five weeks, as at that time my period was very heavy ~ can't see my doctor till this week, but the problem is that in the last month I have partied quite a bit, drinking, smoking, using cocaine, etc. ~ of course now everything's changed (that's not my typical lifestyle anyway, just got into a bad group) ~ and if I do go through with this I have no idea how this might have already affected the fetus. I know I will talk to my doctor about it, but does anyone have any input? It would be greatly appreciated ~ thanks.


Gem - December 18

Don't worry as it was so early I doubt there is even a chance you have hurt your baby.


Gem - December 18

And to everyone that has come to this post criticising people for taking cocaine once when they didn't know they were pregnant PISS OFF. They are not looking for insults they are looking for rea__surance. I am sure none of these ladies took it knowing they were pregnant so give them a break.


Misc. - January 13

I don't think those who use drugs all have an emotional imbalance or are lacking somewhere in their life. Sometimes drugs are just a fun and careless thing to do. Granted if you knew you were pregnant then it is unfortunate you would put your child at risk however none of these women knew and stopped immediately afterwards. Does that make it okay for people out there to over react and call them horrible people? No, it doesn't and is obvious those who are so incredibly negative obviously are lacking something in their lives. All of those negative comments to the mothers who have used but stopped - please do not pay any attention to them. It is true stress causes more damage to a baby than a 1 or 2 time cocaine use - go to a doctor and ask for some tests and at the least forgive yourself and trust everything will be okay.


nenny - January 15

Ok we all know drugs are not good i have never done drugs but i feel like if you realize what you ve done is not good and you stop then thats a start. Please lets drop this and get back to whats important, You your health and your baby!!! Lets not not judge each other just help each other.


alexasmomma - January 15

Also: All you women act like doing crack cocaine, meth, mushrooms, etc. is nothing, and you even make excuses like you were in a "bad place", etc. I think it's funny that I had 4 miscarriages in one year (just over a year) and I went to counselling, I didn't ever think of turning to illegal drug use to "ease my pain". Also, I have a two-year old daughter and how would I feel if I went and did crack to get over my miscarriage and sent her away to my mother? I would feel sick and like a bad mother, which is exactly what I would be. If you feel down or suicidal, get help and talk to someone, don't turn to drug use! I may only be 22, but I know what I am talking about.



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