Worried About Finances

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wannababyboy - June 10

To all the women who have already had twins or are expecting such as myself, are you worried about it financially? Or to the women who already have twins, was it so much more expensive to feed and diaper them, I just do not think I am ready for this as being my first pregnancy. I know that when the time comes it will all work out but I am so scared right now about the cost of twins.


trippedup_dad - June 13

Hi Wannababyboy: Ever since I found out that my wife was pregnant I have been worried about finances. Ever since I found out it was twins I have been frantic! I have been out of work since November and have had much difficulty in finding that first job after school. The pregnancy was completely unplanned and when the initial shock settled we were happy. Nonetheless, I have been very worried about the costs. Originally, we wanted to plan our kids and ensure we would be able to provide for them sufficiently. Particularly, be able to give them all the things we didn’t have. Also, we obviously want to be able to purchase all the fancy baby gadgets and the latest in nursery décor as well. Although, my wife has a good job she will obviously be on mat leave after delivery. Which leaves me as the sole provider. With no job it makes it very difficult for me to be able to strategize or plan anything. I just cross my fingers everyday hoping that someone will give me that chance and I will get that first job. My wife has a big family so we are lucky in that sense that many items such as clothing, toys etc we will receive from them. At the moment I have determined that some of the big purchases we will have to make are cribs, strollers, car seats and baby formula, diapers. We already realized that its bye, bye, eating out once a week and we can kiss that big flat screen plasma we wanted and that trip to Spain we were planning on making this fall. Don’t worry about being scared we are in the same boat…the SS. Scared Financially We Are Having Twins But Still Happy, due to set sail sometime in December for my wife and I.


snugglybugglys - June 13

Hi I have twin boys, and it's hard, but completely worth it. As far as the nursury stuff and all that...we did that and it was a complete waste of money. The crib can wait. For about the first month we had the boys in a ba__sinett together...that is the only way they would have it. Then when they got too big they were in seperate ba__sinetts, and still in our room. Diapers, yeah we went through alot...I think it's just boys in general...the are grosser. :) Not in a bad way, but my boys went through more diapers than my two girls. (singletons). Anyway, for formula we actually got on WIC...you can make a decent amount and still qualify. Especially since your wife will be on maternity leave then. If you can't get it before then, you should by time the babies are born. Anyway, congrats with the twin you two! Double the blessing! :)



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