Would Love Twins So

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Would love to have my babys - September 21

Are there any kind of fertility pills that I could take that would assure me twins, are they safe... and do you think everything will be fine if i take them...


Vallery - October 4

No pills for twins. You can purchase clomid through an online pharmacy with no prescription but that won't even guarantee twins.


Brianna - October 7

Not a pill but InVitro, like Julia Roberts did. (I would imagine its not cheap)


Hunnibunni - December 14

Chlomid only increases the chance by apprx 4% but the chance of the egg being fertilized & implanted goes down as well as the chance of miscarriage going up: expect to pay beyween $10 - 15,000$ for IVF


Jessica - December 15

Actually Clomid increases your chances to 1 in 10 births. However I am unaware of how safe it is.


Just me - December 15

Leave it up to GOD.If you are to have twins you will. Don't take any medications without being under the supervision of a doctor. Your health is more important and so is the health of your baby(ies).


emily rino - December 16



Sissy - December 16

Clomid is relativly safe, most of the women who are on it are not being monitored. You can get it on several websites, in several forms, I am currently taking it in the liquid form to achieve a twin pregnancy. I just ended my second cycle and I am keeping a BBT chart this month to pinpoint ovulation to increase my chances. I suggest that you do extensive research on side effects, dosing and other such subjects before using the drug just as I did.


twingle - December 17

I wanted to add this to women who WANT to conceive twins. I wouldn't trade mine in for anything, but it was always upsetting to me that I could only hold the crying twin...I never got much of a chance to bond until they were walking! Not to mention how difficult said pregnancy is. But this is just my opinion, and I'm sure there are many twin moms who had much politer babies! Of course, now that my boys are 4 they are pretty much self-maintaining and they play with each other (and fight!) most of the time...


Ell - January 3

Your Dr won't put you on fertility if you don't need it. You have to be trying to concieve for at least six months without success before it's considered. The chance of twins varies depending on which fertility you take. Also on the dose. I'm on Clomid at the moment and the chance for twins is around twenty percent. I hope this info helps. Good luck.


raj - January 3



Kimmie - January 6

I, too, have always wanted multiples. Any advice on what days to take Chlomid? 5-9 or 3-7? My cycles run a bit longer at 30-33 days. Also, any other drugs that can increase your chances? I really appreciate your input!



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