Wow You Women Are Amazing

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amy p - November 10

you know there are some people out there that would be happy to just have one healthy child...and here you are getting clomid over the internet and taking any amount you want and playing doctor on your are not only putting your health at risk but also the babies...if you are on clomid it should be doctor prescribed and the doctor needs to monitor you...I CAN NOT EVEN BELIEVE SOME OF THE THINGS I AM READING ON wonder malpractice insurance is so high for doctors b/c od ignorant people like this thinking they can do whatever they want to b/c THEY want twins...well in the end it is all up to god so i think you should be a little more health smart...i am not sure all of you women fully understand what you are doing to your body...


falling on deaf ears - November 10

unfortunately, these women have tunnel vision and are too ignorant to think rationally or unselfishly.


amy p - November 10

its sad, and to think they are going to be parents...


Shut up! - November 10

Shut up both of you!


to brainiac shut up - November 10

Can you come up w/a more immature response???


123 - November 10

Oooooh, I guess we should shut up! Morons don't like to be pointed at and laughed about. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA! Idiots


useyourenergywisely - November 11

why don't you use your energy for something you might can change, like pregnant mothers that smoke and cause damage to the fetus, defects and long term medical problems, maybe you could educate young people about the dangers of std's, and the birth defects they cause, maybe you should try educating the women who are crack addicts and have 5 and 6 babies, imagine there about the thousands of poor babies with HIV, ever tried taking care of them, they can't even hold there llitle heads up, ya'll act like there are tons of babies born in multiples due to unprescribed clomid use, get a life and do some research, the truth is the chance is very rare, even for ladies who O on there own...try doing something to protect the hundreds and thousands of babies disabled by the hiv,stds,crack/cocaine/and cigarette use....and don't forget the poor abused children who are thrown into walls and beaten to something worthwhile........


to Use your Energy - November 11

Maybe the women who are taking UNPRESCRIBED clomid need to take your advice. These women can be taking placebos for all they know or something dangerous that is NOT clomid and risking their life and potentially the lifes of their children to be.


OK - November 11

and taking clomid doesn't have the potential to cause cervical cancer if used incorrectly? And these women are so obsessed with it that they will probably use it till they get what they want.


to useyourenergy wisely - November 11

I love the way you advice people to use their energy towards women who take illegal drugs and have 5 or 6 children. Hmmm, isn't that what you women are doing who are taking clomid illegally without a prescription? And if multiples are so rare to women you take it unprescribed they why are they taking it to conceive multiples? And there is no research on it because how can they do research on it when no one knows how many women are actualling taking it who don't really need to?


mama-beans - November 11

That is an excellent point.. there IS no research on the effects on a normally fertile woman.. all the statistics available are based on the women for whom this drug was designed.. you can only guess how much WORSE it would be for women who do NOT require the extra hormone boost!


to the post at 10:13 - November 11

at least the people trying to have multiples want these children, thats more than can be said for the crack / cocaine addicts who have 5 because they were to cracked out to know or care, also maybe they are taking it because of people like you who in your efforts to discourage it offer some glimmer of hope that it is true...think about it if people like you didn't say it was true maybe people wouldn't do it, you are in a sense promoting the use....


re: last post - November 11

Most of these people who "want" multiples are enamored w/the "idea" of multiples and dont necessarily know the reality of having multiples!


to the last post - November 11

maybe so and statistically proven they will probably never know...check out the stats for twin / multiple births and the chances of conceiving them, pretty low...


mama-beans - November 11

Yes, but remember those stats aren't taking into account illegal drug use to conceive twins... The bottom line here is taking a drug that is FDA regulated without the knowledge of your doctor, without a health workup to asess your particular risks, and from a "store" that isn't necessarily selling the drug you think you're buying is just not smart. It isn't mature, and it isn't ethical. If it was just these women themselves that were at risk, then fine.. you want to break the law and do something stupid, risk your family ( see a family happily go ahead when you are fighting cancer. ) go ahead.. but they risk their CHILDREN. There is no flexability there. It will never be OK. WANTING twins does not make doing some illegal and immoral OK. Go ahead and want twins. But don't do something stupid to try to get them.



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