Yams Twins

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Our greatest gift - March 16

I've heard of this before... In Africa there is a community of more than half twins and the main food of there diet is yams...


CLOMID USER - August 29



mandycrowe - February 8

Hi, Anyone on here try these and have them work. My husband and I have a 12month old son and were told that due to my medical situation if we are having anymore to have them now. They also prepared us by saying this would most likely be out last. We WANT A BIG family and looks like twins+ will be our only hope. We don't want to meddle with fate but a few herbs couldn't hurt...So if anyone has advice and has succeeded PLEASE let me know that there is hope! Thanks!


TeresaG - February 8

Hi Mandy, I have 7 month old twin boys (see earlier post) and I just love it. I am hoping to have more twins so I am going to eat yams again. I have since found out that it is a diet high in phytoestrogens that cause you to ovulate more than one egg. I drink soy milk and eat lots of flax seeds and I have since found out that these also contain lots of phytoestrogens. I have also heard that if you conceive at a high alt_tude and also if you make love twice then you increase your chances of having twins. We live in the mountains so we had the high alt_tude thing on our side too. Good luck!


sarah35 - February 8

Theresa*** how are you preparing the yams??? I bought some from an ethnic store a few months ago and tried to cook them like sweet potatoes and they were gross. I forced myself to eat some skin..... but i wondered if you had any hints??? Thanks in advance:-) its nice to see people come back that had success cause its a real encouragement for us trying!!


TeresaG - February 9

Hi Sarah, well I just chopped them up real small and cooked them like any other vegetable. We eat a lot of stir frys and meals where we cook all the veggies together, so I just treated them like carrots, but with the skin on. I also made a lot of soups with yams in and purreed it up. I just bought the orange yams from the regular supermarket. Sometimes you have to scrub the skins really well, oh and they keep quite well in the fridge. Good luck, I hope you are successful because twins are a real joy.


sarah35 - February 9

teresa** what your eating sounds like sweet potatoes??? The kind of yams i bought were dark and had a very rinkled skin. They are more like a root. Maybe what your taking about is just high in the phytoestrogens, but not really yams?????? Just wondering. I appreciate your info . i looked up that estrogen type hormone and found lots of foods that carry it--that also happen to be cancer fighters-so thats always a plus!! I also tried to find that Agida Flakes that someone was talking about and couldnt find them on the net. anyhow, thanks for your info!! I had a friend that started taking clomid with me to try for #1 and i got a single boy and she got twins (b/g). Then again, i started trying for #2, I got pregnant with one boy and she got pregnant with twins again (b/g). Now she just got an oops pregnancy and has one baby in her belly... ive been trying to get pregnant.... so maybe my 3rd will be twins!! ANyway, this would be our last try.... so that extra baby would be a blessing. Have a great weekend. Oh, btw, where do you live that you are in the mountains???


mandycrowe - February 9

Thanks SO much TeresaG Thanks so much its so nice to have some hope! Keep the advice coming guys!


TeresaG - February 9

Hi Sarah, well I had this discussion with my father-in-law as he is a agricultural expert and he told me that there were 170 different types of yam!!!! I have heard that it is the African yam that you need to eat, but I couldn't find it here in Canada so I just at the one that they call yam at the supermarket. It wasn't sweet potatoes, although the sweet potatoe is a type of yam, apparently! By the way my mother-in-law was living in Africa for a while and eating yams as part of her normal diet and she had twin boys! Wow, you are really serious if you are taking clomid. I wanted to do that but didn't think I would be able to get hold of any as I thought it was just used for IVF. How did you manage to get it as I would really like twins again? I live near Sun Peaks (near Kamloops) in British Columbia - Canada. Where are you? You know I believe that if you want something bad enough then you will get it. I have just made up a dreamboard where you cut out pictures of what you hope for your life. I have cut out pictures of twin girls on mine (I would desperately love a daugther). then you look at the dreamboard every day and through positive thinking and visualisation then it comes to you. Anthing is worth a try! I am sending you twin thoughts!!! I really hope your dream comes true. Teresa


sarah35 - February 9

teresa** ok, well since i like them--its worth eating them... the orange ones(yams/sweet potatoes) cause those dark yams i got were really gross and not worth eating. I will take the supplement instead and eat what you suggested. Clomid isnt hard to come by these days. back in 2000 when i started ttc#1 it was only available via a doctors script (to my knowledge)only after trying for over 1 years time. Now, you can by it on the net--which i have done, but dont necessarily encourage people to buy those meds outside the usa.... as the FDA controls the drug. AND all the SE with clomid are not nice.... not to mention that if taken without a docs watchful eye can lead to over stimulation of the ovaries and then you may damage yourself for good. i believe that you can get them too in canada from your doc, if you ask. tell them youve been trying for more then a year and that is usually the first thing they prescribe. Im in Michigan. Thats interesting that your inlaws were in africa?! So your MIL must know exactly what those YAMS look like??? ask her for us, k. I too believe the THE SECRET. the power of positive thinking is amazing and i too want two little girls. i have to boys and would love to experience what its like to have a girl... and i already have their names picked out...so i can think of them as the sperm meets the eggies!!! talk soon-


TeresaG - February 10

Hi Sarah, well I know that my doctor would be very disapproving of me taking clomid. He seems to think that with our history we will get twins again anyway, but then he is a very positive thinking doctor! I don't think my husband would want me taking clomid either as he is terrified of us having twins again, just because of the cost! I believe that where there is a will there is a way and we would manage somehow. I can't think of anything better though than my boys having twin sisters! I have talked to my mother in law about the yams before and she just thinks I'm daft! She just laughs about the whole thing and says I am talking nonsense! Even though she says they ate yams as part of their normal diet in Africa. I was talking to my husband last night and he said his father actually said there were 7,000 varieties of yam. They yam that they talk about in the African study was in Ghana. I am pretty sure that they all have phytoestrogens in. As for having girls.............my gosh that is a whole other conversation! I have been studying Dr Shettles method for a couple of years, plus Hazel Chesterman Phillips. I have read their books cover to cover many times. I didn't use the method when I conceived my first twins as I was so convinced that I was only ever going to have girls!! I really do live in a rose tinted world!!! Only my husband just calls me idealistic and unrealistic!!!!! I am now totally ready for trying for girls as soon as my cycle comes back. I have everything ready, opk, thermometer, charts, girl diet, supplements, etc etc!! Have you read about the Shettles method? I highly recommend getting the book if you are going to try for girls. Teresa


sarah35 - February 10

teresa** its funny that you mentioned Shettles method. I just looked it up this cycle we totally fell in the "boy" category this month. I believe i "O"'d yesterday and the only time we BD'd was yesterday. So if i do get a bfp this cycle... then i guess boys it is! LOL. I guess we take what we can get, huh. Yes, my DH is also afraid of twins +. Im sure he would be very proud of the idea of me having multiples though-- after he gets off the floor! Hes a worrier and thinks so far in advance. I think if we did have twins this time around that overall--4 kids isnt that much. I come from a family of 5.... and thats a handful. After this next pregnancy i will have to get my tubes tied though. Im getting older and my last pregnancy was hard on my body-- so i know one more pregnancy will not be easy.... but obviously worth it! talk soon


mandycrowe - February 11

Where can you get Clomid in Canada and actually have it cross the border....or in Canada? Thanks


TeresaG - February 11

Hi Sarah, yes by my Dr Shettles reckoning you will be due for a boy if you get pregnant this cycle! How old are your other two children? I am keen for all mine to be close in age so that if I don't get twins next time then 'she' won't be so likely to feel left out. Although I know it will be really hard running around after twins and being pregnant but I figure the first few years will be harder but after that it will be great to have them all play together. I am in a bit of a rush though as I am going to be 37 in March and I don't want to be having babies in my 40's!!!! plus I was quite ill with kidney stones during the last pregnancy and ended up in hospital for quite a while, don't want to go through that again! Do you have any idea how Mandy could get hold of clomid in Canada??? I really have no clue. TeresaG


sarah35 - February 14

Mandy- i heard a girl on another board mention mexmeds.com . she said she got her pills no problem. hope this helps!


sarah35 - February 14

mandy- sorry i forgot to mention that she too was from canada:-) gl2u



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