Yams Twins

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sarah35 - February 14

mandy- sorry i forgot to mention that she too was from canada:-) gl2u


mandycrowe - February 15

Thanks so much! I'm undecided on taking it but I haven't heard many success stories from the natural methods alone, and as I have only one more shot....I'm sure you get the picture! Thanks again!


water_girl - August 9

hey,that yam everybodyis looking for is called yucca root i got mine for 5$ at the store i read to take 3-5 pills a day.Plus it increases your b___st milk and helps digestion.I also read that if you want twins you should eat non orgainic milk products,(raw)uncooked nuts,eat soy .The best month is july ,the worst being jan. and to wait untill your last days of ovulation.It has only been 1 month for me so i do not know if it works but i will let you know.


yoruba girl - August 22

the yam is NOT yucca, it is Agida. it is from the Yorba people in Nigeria. If you do a search on "Nigeria's land of twins" you will find the yams mentioned by name.


hifriday - September 16

Teresa- Hello. I would like to know when I start to eat the Yams and how long I should keep eating before I try to get pregnant. and How much I should eat in one day ..and also. Yams ( sweet Potato in Shope Rite ) is not as same as Africa yam....right?? Thank You


babiessumday - March 3

hi i was wondering what are all the names of all the items that could hire my chances of having twins i have relatives that are non-identicle twins but im not sure if that would help in my favor im not trying now but for the future and i just wanted to know thanks -krystle


MyLifeNotYours - March 4

I cook fresh food, but if I eat a can sweet potatoe/yam would it count? I'm willing to do anything to put up my chances of having twins. There's only one set of twins my my husband's side of the family, but no one had ever had twins after that. (let me explain my husband's uncle was (not sure if alive, but I don't think so) a twin, but everyone else that have gotten married never had twins)


MomToEli - March 4

Be careful about eating certain types of yams or taking supplements. Some are used as a contraceptive and can prevent O. I haven't done very much research to see which are ok and which aren't. I've chosen to stay away from them entirely for fear they I'll eat the wrong one. Maybe the reason they're said to cause twins is b/c they might have the same effect as bcp. They may prevent you from Oing one cycle, but then drop two eggs the next. Make sense?


MyLifeNotYours - March 23

What ever happen with this topic lol? Are we still eating yams?


sitara p - January 22

can i have elephant yam to get pregnant with twins? howmany times a day and how much should i eat?


AlyshiaSmith - March 10



twinhopes - October 20

When is the ideal time to eat the Yam (Agida/Ca__sava/Garri) ? 1 month before, 2 months before, every day leading up to ovulation? which Yam (Agida/Ca__sava/garri) is best for trying to concieve twins? How do you cook it, I a__sume you wash, cut WITH SKINS ON and bake in the oven? My main concern is WHEN to eat the yam(s) as I have been reading that it can hinder pregancy if eaten when already pregnant ? have I got this wrong ? please advise.


Crystal7 - January 6

Hi 2 every1. I'm new 2 this site, but I have just started doing some reacher of my own, as I 2 am interested n getting pregnant with twins. Some of u might just think I'm a lil crazy, cuz I'm only 24 but so badly desire 2 have twins. My fiance wants them as well. We both come 4rm big family's & want 2 have a big family of our own. So I have been doing reacher 2c if there r natural ways of increasing my possibility without having 2 take clomid. I have read a lot of post here talking about the wild yams & got really interested n trying that. But would luv it if some1 could tell me when should I start eating yams & 4 how long?? if any1 could plz help me out I would really luv & appreciate it so much. I do really want twins weather they b girls or boys. I have a now 3 year old son who is asking 4 a lil brother or sister & would luv 2 give him2. I think its time 2 get pregnant 4 my 3rd time, as my 1st pregnancy didn't go full term. But I'm ready 2 have my family grow, so help & advise is very well appreciated. Thank u all so much 4 ur time, hope 2 hear 4rm some1. And good luck 2 every1 trying 2 make it happen. Much luv 2 all the women & lots of baby dust. Goodnight 2 every1 & a very happy & lucky new year 2 all :) and thank u so much 2 the person who started this site it really does help so many women out. Since not every1 agrees with ppl trying 2 get pregnant with twins or more. Thank u........


ralo33 - January 19

Just a note: be careful with the Red Raspberry and especially Green Tea. Both of these things are on the DO NOT CONSUME list from the OBGYN. They inhibit uterine contractions and therefore can inhibit a miscarriage, so it's best to STOP taking these things after you ovulate. Cheers. 



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