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Anonymous - July 19

I have read on numerous postings the consumption of yams and high dose folic acid to help increase chances of twins birth. Has anyone actually successfully conceived twins through natural methods like this? And do consumption of folic acid increase chance of having a boy?


Heather - July 27

I was just about to ask the same thing. Does anyone know if yams and folic acid works? I won't take drugs like Clomid so natural is the way for me. ;-)


Amanda - July 28

I've regularly taken a supplement that includes folic acid since I was 18 years old...I dont know if it has anything to do with it, but I am pregnant with twins and one is a boy. I'm 23 now -- this is my first pregnancy. I thought it might have more to do with my switching to an organic diet a few months before I conceived....but maybe the folic acid helps...and twins don't run in my family so it has to be something.


Hey Amanda - July 28

Congrats!!!! I agree with Heather that I'd like to avoid taking Clomid if possible...Have you confirmed that only one of your twins is a boy? The reason I'm concerned about gender is that my husband's family have had all male babies, and they are really hoping I can have a girl. I read in an article once that there were suspicions that a higher level of folic acid leads to greater chance of having boy babies. Anyways, may I ask of the supplement you take, how high was the folic acid content? What is your husband/partner's diet like?? Thanks!


starlyght24 - August 10

Hi i just wanted to comment that I dont think that will help with the s_x of your baby unless the father is eating or taking the supplements. I only say that because its the father's sperm that determines the s_x.


pa__s - August 10

there is conflicting data on yams. some say it increases fertility other say it decreases it. To me, the yam diet seems an unlikely explanation for twinning. More likely is that in a certain tribe, the fertility factor for twinning is somehow genetically inherited. I am talking about fraternal twins, identical twins is not genetically influenced. Women who have fraternal twins are producing more than one egg a month. Its natural for women to want twins, to get childbearing over with but twins are at a significantly higher risk factor for many problems, not to mention the toll a twin pregnancy takes on a mothers body.


pa__s - August 10

there is no known dietary way of influencing gender and all the methods doc_mented about this are not corroborated by science. depending on where your moral position stands, doctors can now gender select from formed embryos (which I have to confess, I think is a rather ugly endeavor. as one doctor put it "s_x is not a disease") If family balancing is really important, I think the more moral way to go, if you have the funds, there is a microsorting process available where they can heavily increase your odds of conceiving one gender by checking the sperm and the egg, this is before fertilization and obviously also requires IVF. but at least in this case you would be using sperm and egg which are not babies versus gender selecting embryos (which seems somewhat akin to the people who abort girls in other countries because they want boys). its a personal decision. I know we probably all feel this way, the most important thing really is a healthy baby. everything else pales. Its also reasonable to note that adoption is a wonderful and beautiful way to balance a family.


pa__s - August 10

also going to add, the incidence of twinning with clomid is low. a__suming there arent serious fertility problems at play, taking a low dose of clomid is one of the best ways to conceive, with the least side effects. some women keep upping their dose of clomid when really you should use the smallest possible working amount. and any woman who is trying to conceive should take folic acid (a prenatal vitamin is better. it will contain folic acid too). I wouldnt overdo it with any vitamins. following the recommended dose of a prenatal vitamin would be fine.



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