Young Mom Pregnant With Twins

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angel_jd_steven - May 24

are there any other moms that are around the age of 21???? I have a almost two year old and also 33 weeks pregnant with identical twin boys. I really dont know anyone who has kids and is my age.


sphinx - May 25

I am 24 and have 19 month old twins and am pregnant with my 3rd. Its not all age though. I have mom friends from the 20s to the 40s. I think its more about maturity. Don't worry so much about finding friends your own age, just focus on how you can relate to the moms you already know.


angel_jd_steven - May 25

thanks sphinx!!!! do you have b/b, b/g, or g/g twins??? i don't really get to talk to a lot of people bc i am in the hospital on bedrest for another week(i hope only that long) so this is the only way i can talk to people right now. LOL


sphinx - May 25

I have twin girls. We don't know what the new baby is going to be yet. Its still too early. I remember being on bedrest. I don't know how you manage with a toddler to take care of. I had my twins at 33 weeks and 4 days. But hold on as long as you can. My babies spent 6 weeks in the NICU. I fell in the bathtub and my water broke immediately. Well, just one of the bags. Baby A's bag broke and I had them early... on Friday the 13th... LOL


angel_jd_steven - May 26

i am trying to get by.. my boyfriend has my daughter at home and is really struggling bc his mom has moved in until i get home. this is really hard on all of our family right now. i wish i could be at home but i know if i go home right now i will have these babies that's why the docs won't let me go(they know that i will not really do bedrest at home) they told me they don't want me to go a day over 38 weeks but i could have them as early as 34 and they will be ok. in the nicu of course but hopefully not for long. the u/s says that the boys are 5lbs and 5lbs 4oz. did you have a c-section or have them natural???


sphinx - May 26

I was able to have mine natural because they both flipped head down a week before. I thought it was going to be a C because before that one was breech and one was transverse but it worked out. I had steroid injections so that helped the twins development a lot but they still had to stay until they could nipple all their feedings and because they also had reflux and had to be observed on the medications before being sent home. btw... my name is Bonnie. Sphinx is my cat. I like to use his name online :)


angel_jd_steven - May 26

i hope that i can have them natural bc i don't want to be running around after my daughter with stiches in my belly plus i am overweight so it won't heal as quick. i'm Jennifer my daughter's name is angel and we are naming the boys johnathan and steven (jd bc it is going to be johnathan david)


sphinx - May 28

However you have them, the important thing is that you are healthy and they are healthy. Sometimes the healthiest and safest way is a c-section. Its hard to come to peace with a c-section before the fact but I think its important that you do. I just ran things through my mind, learned a lot about it (and did the same thing with a v____al scenario and combo scenario) so that I felt comfortable however it could happen. My friend had her twins by c-section and I had mine v____al but believe it or not she was up and about before I was. I think it varies from person to person but feeling like you can't sit for days bc of a v____al delivery is not fun either so take your pick. Can't sit down right or stiches? I have heard MoMs say that having Both v____al and C-section twin deliveries was not as bad as they thought. I guess you can say that when you have twice as much to be proud of... You'll be fine.


china03 - May 30

Hello well I am 28 years old and are havign twins I just found out May 15 they could not tell if they where identical or fertercal they are natural no medication I have three wonderful boys I am 3 months 1/2 preggo with this twins but I feel so weak nausiated feel like fainting alot of headaches are all of thins normal......... My oldest son just turn 6 today............................ Any suggestions I really dont know what to expect


hawaiiangel81 - June 6

I am 24 i have a yr old daughter and i am due with twins in october. I know i am going to have my hands full with three little girls running around.


china03 - June 6

hawaiin agel OMG well the only different is that I have already 3 boys and expecting twins I am due on Nov.


ElleF - July 8

I'm 19 and expecting my first (possibly twins) in December. When did you find out you were expecting twins?


china03 - July 8

I was 12 weeks preggo but you can find out sooner if they do a u/s. The only reason they did a u/s was because they could not hear the baby heartbeat not knowing there was two....


identical_girls - July 23

I am 22 years old and 26 and a half weeks pregnant with identical twin girls! It is truly exciting to know that you have more than one on board!


Teddyfinch - July 26

well, i don't have twins but my cousin is 23 or 24 i believe and she has 4 kids. i think you'll do just fine. no twins for her either, but i mean the oldest is maybe 7?


ID Girls - August 8

hi I'm 26 and I already have a 5 year old little boy and 17 weeks pregnant with mono-mono twins (very rare). Sorry to hear your on bed rest I wll be soon too being put into a hosptial on bedrest until my twins are 32 weeks then I have to have a c-section on nov.21st to have my identical twin girls. My heart goes out to you hope you and your babies are well and healthy mine are doing well so far!!!



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