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I have two wonderful babies Dante was born March 8th 2005, and Zaiden was born september 2nd 2007. We also have custody of my little brother Bryan who is 16 years old. Bryan has been through alot as well and we are very happy to finally have him in a stable home. I am married to the man i have been with for 8 1/2 years. I have been on pregnancy-info since june of 2000 on and off, for support on raising my niece, and have been consistantly on it since the birth of my first son. My husband and I both work construction here in Las Vegas (no i am not a bull dyke i am very much a woman lol). I go to school full time, work full time, manage volenteer work full time and most importantly i am a mommy and a wife full time. I have been through alot in my life and i am very proud to be where I am today in life. everything dh and I have we have acheived on our own and it is very gratifying. My life is very busy and I only find time to be on here now because I am on medical leave from work. I am very blunt and honest, but really i feel i am a great person. A really great friend once told me \"Shaina you are a great person, you have so many people who care about you. You have such a outgoing,random, and honest personality it cracks people up, but when you are a blunt and honest person you choose your friends wisely because they either love you or hate you, there is no in between\". Ever since then I have always said \"You either love me or hate me there is no in between\". It is very true and i am very lucky to have SO MANY wonderful people in my life. My class mates are made up of 60 guys I am the only female, and each and every one of those guys are part of my best friends. We do everything we can together, and they are always right by my side. If anyone has any questions. Feel free to ask i can promise that i am very hard to offend unless you are picking on my kids. Most who know me on here know they can ask me anything and it is no sweat off my back = )

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Las Vegas

United States of America

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