11 Weeks Pregnant And Huge

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Tracy - September 8

Pregnant with second baby and feel like I'm getting huge! Do you show sooner?


Janine - April 8

I'mnow 11 weeks pregnant. Had a miscarriage about 8 months ago and have been very nervous throughout the first few weeks of this pregnancy. I have various aches and pains in my abdomen, which concern me, but the midwife told me not to worry, the ligaments are just stretching. I'm hoping thats all thats wrong. Has anyone else experienced this?


Tabatha - April 25



Di - April 28

I can relate as well I am 19wks and my addomen is killing me as well, but I think mines is just too much,checking the Dr. tomorrow.


Penelope - May 6

I am also 11 weeks pregnant know, I also had a miscarriage 8 months ago. I to am experiencing aches and pains in my abdomen I am sure the midwife is right and its just streching


venus - May 10

Im 11 weks preganant as of tomorrow and this is my second pregnancy. yeah, you have some pain, but i a__sure not to worry cause it's just your uterus strecthing. It almost feels as if you're having your period.


Belinda - May 11

11 weeks pregnant with bub number 2. Feeling much bigger than with first. My doctor said this is because your stomach muscles have stretched with the first - especially if you have had a ceasarian.


susan - May 12

I am 11 weeks pregnant with my third child and I am showing very much already. The more children you have the faster you show I am told


tara - May 17

dont stress the ligaments that run up each side of the uterus have to grow with the uterus, so yes the pain you are feeling is normal and if it is not your body will tell you if its anything serious.be aware of things that can happen but dont let those thoughts take away from that little miracle that is unfolding inside. im 11 weeks takecare.


Bobbie - May 17

I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I had to start wearing maternity clothes at 6 weeks. Everyone keeps saying that I'm pregnant with twins, but I know that you get larger with each baby (this is number 4). I just laugh it off when people comment about my size. Also, I know that it's not from eating to much because I've been so sick with this prenancy and can't seem to eat or drink anything!


leanne - May 19

what will my baby look like now at 11 weeks


Shirley - May 25

TO LEANNE: you can go to this website called mypregnancycalendar.com you type in your due date and they show you a neat little picture of what you baby look like at any stage during the pregnancy


shirley - May 25

hey i checked the website and it is americanbaby.com


Melissa - May 28

I am 10 weeks and suffered a miscarriage 4 months ago. I spoke to my doctor about abdomen pains and he said as long as I am not bleeding do not worry.


payton - June 3

yes def. i am pregnant with my 4 baby and i carried bigger each time. i feel like as soon as i said i was pregnant bam i looked 5 months right away yet i lost weight so go figure..


hayley - June 7

im 11 weeks pregnant and have had abdominal pains for a few weeks, they are similar to period pains as well as the odd twinge here and there. its my first baby and im not showing apart from 2 small bumps quite low down, is this normal?


penelope - June 8

I am now 16 weeks pregnant with my first and I am already in maternity clothes everyones says it could be twins but the scan definantely showed 1 baby. I guess everyone develops differantly has anyone else gotten bigger faster with baby 1?



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