13 Weeks No Symptoms

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KatieAbram - July 22

So, i am 13 weeks along today and for the past couple weeks or so i've been feeling GREAT -- no morning sickness (never really was a major problem), not incredibly exhausted or more tired than usual, the moodiness (from what i can tell has gone away). I am a first time pregnant lady and the lack of symptoms is alarming to me, some women would be elated to feel so good but I think hearing all the first trimester horror stories has me thinking that if you don't feel like c__p something is wrong with the baby. Never thought i'd complain about having a smooth pregnancy. I have my 2nd appt with my OB tomorrow -- has anyone else had symptoms go away around the 10-11 week mark? Should i be concerned or just be happy i'm feeling good? My uterus is very palpable and large when i have pee really bad. It's so nice to feel that little hard thing in there, very reassuring for me :) At my last appt -- i was a little over 9 weeks and my dr was able to HEAR the heart beat with a hand held machine and said that when this happens the chance of miscarriage drops to 2% but i am still skeptical and scared that with feeling as well as I do and not really having pregnancy symptoms something just might be wrong. I guess i'm just kinda hoping someone can ease my worries. THanks in advance ladies!!!


christiesmith83 - September 9

Hi I think I am experiencing the same thing. I found out when I was a little over four weeks pregnant that I was expecting. I had headaches, back aches, extremely sore b___sts which had grown 2 cup sizes and very tired to the point I would go to sleep at 7:30pm most nights. At about 5 weeks the back aches and head aches went then 6-7 weeks my b___sts weren't as sore and I have had no morning sickness what so ever. I am still tired but not as much and I am currently 9 weeks and 3 days. I went for an u/s at 7 weeks and seen the heartbeat but I am also still worried. I almost would prefer to have a reminder that I am pregnant daily. Most women Ive spoken to say your body changes daily and everyone is different so I am just trying to be positive. How are you feeling now Katie?



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