1st Exam Is It Nasty

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LaDonna - March 9

To all who have the 1st va___al exam what was it like what do that do ??? Im nervous mine is in 3 days! I feel dumb but im so nervous the only person i want down there is my boyfriend! so how did you guys feel???


joy - March 9

they did an a___l exam at my first exam... I was un comfortable but u gotta get over that part. now i am 10 weeks preggo! i was 6 weeks at my 1st vag exam


Allie - March 10

Joy, If you don't mind me asking, why did they do an a___l exam at your first ob visit? I have never heard of that, and im on my 4th pregnancy......Just curious.


to LaDonna - March 10

my frind had 7 with her first child and refused them with the second,everything turned out fine without it! ive never had one done before and dread it when i do actually get preggo!


joy - March 10

im not sure y they did the a___l exam but most my girlfriends had to get them too. Its not fun!


shelly - March 10

so what exactly do they do at the vag exams?


D - March 10

I think the a___l exam is just another way to tell if there are unusual ma__ses in the a___l ca___l, and another way to feel the uterus, cervix and ovaries. Ugh.


Kelly K - March 10

I just recently had my first OB visit for my first pregnancy. I was a bit nervous, but it was no different than a usual annual visit. Pap smear, feeling around, etc. Takes about 15 minutes and it's over. Never really comfy, but not bad either. I luckily didn't have an a___l. I don't think all docs do that unless needed.


D - March 10

My exam is scheduled next week, and I'm scared.... my friend had the same doc, and when she had her exam, the doc all of a sudden stuck a finger in the a___l ca___l. She said it shocked her to death! I have a hard enough time with my annual visits.... I hear I'll get over this by the time our baby is born!


brucen - March 17

Please give more info on the a___l exam? Like purpose and why it had to be a surprise.


D - March 17

I don't know why it had to be a surprise! Maybe the doc just forgot to mention it??? I guess to her, its a daily thing, but to me its nerve-wracking! My appt is tomorrow morning.... I'll let you know if I find out anything else!


Little Me - March 17

Well, I am not preggo, but we are TTC with my husband. My first one was yuki too... not comfortable at all. What they do at the exam... You come to the room, the nurse will ask you questions, and then give you a sheet to cover your legs or a gown (some are different) and tell you to undress from vaist down. Then she will leave and give you time to undress. Then, here comes the doctor. They are not as scarry as we sometimes think. Of course every doctor is different. But I am so very lucky that I have got a reallly good doctor.... Thanks to God. The good doctor will always sit down and talk to you before they even do anything. After she gets the info. She will take speculum and slowly insert it into v____a and of course using the gel. SHe will do a pap smear and then take the speculum out and will feel your uterus and ovaries with her finger inside v____a as well as pressing on your tommy. Mine was so very uncomfortable, and I am talking about that speculum thing..... I just dont like it. Its kind of scary, but then after a while you will get used to it... :) God Bless, dont be afraid....


D - March 18

Oh, I'm ready for the speculum and stuff... I don't enjoy it in the slightest, but I've had it done close to 10 times before. Its the a___l exam.... I haven't had anything put in that oriface since I was an small child and they took my temp that way! Guess I'll find out! my appt is in 30 min!


D - March 18

Well, I'm back! She didn't do the a___l exam on me! Yipee! It was pretty much your normal pap - except I am way too big for 9w6d..... My uterus is 14-18w size -- thanks to a fibroid. Now we don't know if I can deliver normally or not.


brucen - March 19

I am glad there we no surprise a___l probes!



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