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mariascookies - January 30

My last full period was back in mid November, 2005. I missed my period in December and only spotted one time, nothing after. Thereafter, I believed that I was pregnant, I took 3 urine tests at 7 weeks. At the second missed period (8 weeks) I went to my doctor and took a blood test. The test was negative. I am now 9 weeks and a half and still have not gotten my period. On the 18th of February I will be 3 months late. My doctor says that I am under a lot stress and she said it was common, but if I reach to 3 missed periods wouldn't that be too much? My symptoms are only bloating, tender br___ts, and once in while cramping. All of these symptoms are not common and come and go as they please. My doctor mentioned that the cramps could be phantom and not real. My body is playing tricks on me. What should I do? I know I am suppose to relax, but I am getting more stressed figuring out what is going on. . please help me?????


krissy - February 1

personally if i was you i would get a second opinion....your dr. should do a u/s to see what is going on not just say ur under alot of stress considering u have fully missed 2 periods not just one personally i dont know this women my dbf's mom does but the lady went 5months with urine and blood test coming up neg. they found out she was at 2 months by u/s so i would say that is ur best bet hope that helps!


mariascookies - February 1

Thank you ver much Krissy, I was afraid that no one answered my question. I know that i seems very complex. May I ask what is (u/s)? So do you mean to tell me that you can go neg. on both urine and blood test, and later find out you were actually pregnant, like the woman at 5 months? For example, the symtoms that I get. . are very very low. . I have not gained weight, or anything. . that is why I am so confused. . Thanks for your help on this one. .


Hannah - February 1

Maria, as far as I know blood test r usually correct... You should totally get another opinion it is not normal to miss 3 periodsdueto stress. Have this happened before? If so, get yourself a good reproductive endocrinologist


mariascookies - February 2

No, this has not happened before. I will call my doctor or an endocrinologist to get another second opinion. The few symptoms that I had before thinking that I was. . I don't have anymore. I feel nothing. I was getting cramps here and there, but not no more. . I have no idea whats going on. . I have not reached 3 missed periods yet. . until the 18th of February.


jg - February 2

Back in the olden days (LOL) my mum did a number of urine and blood tests and they all showed negative, but her pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound, showing a healthy 3-month old baby, so I would have a scan done if possible.


kimberly - February 3

I know 3 months seems like to long and that you just must be pregnant or you would of had a period. Sorry, but missing a period can happen for many other reasons other than pregnancy. Hormonal imbalances, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS), Fibroids, most commonly being a hormonal imbalance. I have gone months without a period. I was thought to have PCOS, which is cyst on your ovaries, but Dr. said it is just a hormone imbalance and suggested I take birth control, not a good option when trying to conceive. I have been looking into herbal remedies to bring on a period. I have learned some interesting things. It is uncommon for a women to not test positive at almost 3 months pregnant. but not unheard of. If you are that convinced ask for a ultrasound. You could definately see a heartbeat and arm and leg buds at this stage if you are. Hope I could help, and good luck!


kimberly - February 3

Forgot to add that thyroid problems can play a huge role a your cycle, just a few thing you may want to get checked.


Dametrice - February 21

Well i missed my period in november and came on december 1 2005. I didn't come on again until february 6 2006. I took a pregnancy test at a clinic and it showed negetive


Dametrice - February 21

What should i do?


d - February 27



DanaSue - March 1

Hey all...I have had a similar problem. I've missed two periods, but pregnancy tests turned out negative. I feel great, no pregnancy symptoms, or other symptoms that would make me think I had a problem. However, I've never missed periods since my cycle became regular (4 years ago). I plan to see an ob/gyn ASAP, but any other suggestions?


tina - March 6

hi, i have always had regular periods and for the past nine week i havent had one! i have had 2 preg test that came come back neg, i have got an appointment at the doc's tonight, so am juset abit worried, i have got sore b___sts ans bloated tummy, also i have lost alot of weight and keep having hot flushes am only 18 wot could be wrong with me! am scared i wont be able to have kids! unless i am preg and it dint show!


cp - March 6

Tina, your ok its a good thing that your going to the doctor. They will probably do a blood pregnancy test as well as some other blood test to check out your hormone levels. What your feeling is a normal response. Try to do something today to take your mind off of what is going on and that will help the day go by faster. Good Luck


mariascookies - March 6

Hi Everyone, I originally posted this question back in late January. We are now in the first weeks in March, and I have still not received my period. It will be 4 months since November that I have not received my period. I have been to the doctor and my urine and blood tests came out negative. Yes I am still super scared. This has never happened to me before. Before I thought I was pregnant, but I think it was just mental, because I have NO symptoms whatsoever, and I have not gained weight. I do have this small pain on my right lower abodomen. I do have a doctor's appt. w/ a specialist this Friday. I hope finally I can find out whats going on.


Kerri - March 7

Maria, Oh, your posts are so familiar to me. I'm so glad I found you. Let me fill you in on my story! My last regular period was November 24th. My husband is in the military and he left for overseas the last week of Decemer, so it goes without saying that there was plenty of baby making power going on those few weeks. Anyway, I didn't get anything in December, and a few VERY light days starting January 8th. Today is March 7th and I haven't seen anything since. I thought I was pregnant, but the three tests I have taken were all Neg, and I had a negative pos/neg blood test at my Drs office. I haven't had many symptoms. My b___bs are really sore at times, other times they are just fine. I am SO bloated lately and I have tons of gas. Lots of creamy mucous, but my body temps are still low. I don't think I'm pregnant at all, but I can't shake the feeling because I still haven't gotten my period. In the years and years of cycle,s my longest one EVER was 48 days...i'm WAY over that with NO sign of anything...I have an appt tomorrow to get blood work done to check everything to see why I havent gotten my period.....keep me posted on what happens with you!


mariascookies - March 8

Hi Kerri, Yes, I can feel how you are feeling. Although, I do not have sore b___sts and no symptoms at all. I do have a bit creamy mucous, but not alot. I can't tell if its a difference than normal, because I have always had that. Its not always creamy sometimes is slingy. At this point, I am convinced that I am not only because I have been pregant once and had an abortion years ago. Back then I did have symptoms and recognized them. Now I don't have any that is why I am so puzzled. I do have my doctor's appointment tomorrow. They did blood work on me and I have a copy of it, but I just don't understand the numbers and stuff. I hope the specialist tomorrow can read it for me. I will also ask for an ultrasound to see if there is anything there. Good luck, and I will update you tomorrow :).



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