2 Missed Periods Negative In Home Preg Test Amp Blood Test

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mariascookies - March 8

Hi Kerri, Yes, I can feel how you are feeling. Although, I do not have sore b___sts and no symptoms at all. I do have a bit creamy mucous, but not alot. I can't tell if its a difference than normal, because I have always had that. Its not always creamy sometimes is slingy. At this point, I am convinced that I am not only because I have been pregant once and had an abortion years ago. Back then I did have symptoms and recognized them. Now I don't have any that is why I am so puzzled. I do have my doctor's appointment tomorrow. They did blood work on me and I have a copy of it, but I just don't understand the numbers and stuff. I hope the specialist tomorrow can read it for me. I will also ask for an ultrasound to see if there is anything there. Good luck, and I will update you tomorrow :).


reason0307 - March 8

hello this refers to mariascookies and Kerri.I haven't had my period since January 2,2006.I went to the doctor on March 4 and the urine test was negative.I was told to take a blood test and that is Monday January 13,2006.I am hoping this comes back positive.Because I am ready for my fiance and I to have a baby,due to the fact March 7 made a year since my miscarriage and that was my first child.I have been having symptoms such as being bloated,being aggravated by smells,tired and always sleepy,urinating a lot.Write me soon please.


Stephanie - March 8

January 1st 2006 was the first day of my last period.....I was on Depo Provera, but my last shot was in December of 04 I didn't get my regular periods back until august of 05 and they've been regular up until just recently I've missed 2 periods now and I don't believe I'm under a lot of stress....I had early prego symptoms a few weeks ago (I was sick, tired, sore b___sts, and aversions to strange smells) but now I have no symptoms except my b___sts have been leaking only a little bit like a little bit ago I noticed a spot the size of a dime maybe on my shirt from it.....I have one child that is 1 1/2 years old and I stopped b___st feeding her 6 months ago....I need help and I can't find any information any where...I don't have medical insurance and I can't afford the doctor some one help me.....advice...anything


reason0307 - March 9

Stephanie you can go to planned parenthood to find out the results.Since I was a college student I got a urine test free of charge.


stephanie - March 9

oh yea I forgot to add I've taken about a million preggo tests


reason0307 - March 9

what did they all say?


stephanie - March 9



mariascookies - March 9

GREAT NEWS --- I started my menstrual today!!! You just don't know how RELIEVED I FEEL NOW. It just came about 2 hours ago here at work. It was hilarious I screamed in the bathroom. I have never been so RELIEVED to get my cycle. In conclusion, since November not receiving my menstrual it has been agonozing, but finally it came. I guess at the begining of my posts I was mentally thinking I could be pregnant. But as I said as time pa__sed by I never had any symptoms. After two blood tests, and like 6-10 urine tests coming out negative I was not sure what was going on. I still have my doctor's appt tomorrow. I am not sure if I should still go. I will call them laters. I want to see how strong it comes, because I don't want it to be just spotting. Yet, I am getting my usual cramps, and pain, and body tired as always when i do get cycle. I AM SO HAPPY. . . . thanks for everyone's support.. . . I will be you more updated =D.


mariascookies - March 9

Stephanie. . that is true planned parenthood helped my sister, because she didn't have any insurance. They helped her w/ birth control, tests, and even her doctor was through there. Have you applied for medicaid?


mariascookies - March 9

reason0307, It sounds since you are trying, bloated, especially agravated by distinct smells you could be pregnant. I didn't have all of that. Like I said before, in the begining I thought i was, and was just a__suming all of these symptoms which only were bloating. As the negative blood & urine tests came back--and not having no bloating systems, and any other ones. I was really believing that I was actually not pregnant. As today my menstrual started that prove my suspicion true. Yet, I am still being cautious to see how it comes, but I am still have cramps. I am very happy.


reason0307 - March 10

Good for you MariaCookies.I get a blood test on Monday.Did you go to the doctor and what did they say?Stephanie just go to planned parenthood and see what they can do.They are open on Saturday from 9-2pm.Just go on the website or call.I don't know where you live but I have some locations.There are different location here are they Central West End:4251 Forest Park Avenue St.Louis,Mo 63108 m-9-7,t-9-5,w-12-8,thur.9-5,fri-8-4. South Grand 3401 South Grand St.louis,mo 63118 314-865-1850.Fairview Heights 4529 North Illinois 618-277-6668.St.peters 636-279-3339.North county 314-921-4445.West County 636-431-0030.


Kerri - March 11

Wow so you finally got period! I'm sure it's so great to finally know the truth :) I however am still waiting. Today marks day 63 since my last period..I'm patently waiting. I'm 99.9% sure that I am not pregnant, just because I think the blood test would come out positive by now, and my temps have curiously stayed low the entire time. I'm going on that .01% chance and living like I could be just because I'm still in the dark here. I had blood work done to check all my stats, and I'm going to find out about that on Monday..I'll keep you informed. Oh, my b___bs have hurt like NO ONES business these past few days..so I'm hopging that's a sign that I will soon f ind my menstruals are here! I'll keep you all in my prayers! This is a tough thing to have to wait on :)


missing "mary" - March 12

It's only been a few days but I am a bit concerned as well. a lot of wet mucus durning last month, cramps and bloathing as well. Negative pregnancy test.


china - March 13

im very scared. something similar is happening to me. i have taken two in home urine test both were negative. i had blood work done and that was negative but tomorrow im going to the my doctor and getting a pap smear and ultrasound and whatever else that is needed. my period has been late for about 8 weeks. i have a 10 month old and i know the syptoms of pregnancy. But i dont have any...i have been stressing which im hoping be whats making my period so late. I wish the best of luck to everyone including myself...say a prayer for me :)


Tania - March 15

Mariascookies...I WAS in the same boat. I had the same exact symptoms as you. My last AF was nov 2005.. Worried and kept thinkn i was pg but still gettn neg hpt. So came feb 2006 still no AF then went to doc, got a bloodtest and hpt both neg BUT first week of March 2006 i got my AF!! Im still havn a pelvic ultrasound to see whats goin on in there. We prob didnt ovulate.So relax and maybe it'll come keep your mind at ease. :) hope this helps you.


mariacookies - March 15

Hi Tania, Yes I am very relieved my came last Thursday finally since November 2005. My blood results came back good, my thryoid was good, blood count good. There was a unsual reverse in my fsh hormones. . , but that is what my doctor said yesterday that i didn't ovuluate. He still did a regular routine check up and I have another appt with him in three months. I still have slight pain on my lower right abodomen. He will check to see if there is a cyst just to be safe. But, I don't have any symptoms of that either The Polycystic which is facial hair, weight gain, etc. . . So at the moment I am sooo relieved. . , but I am still awaiting my pap to see how that came. I hope next month comes good too. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ELSE



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