2 Missed Periods Negative In Home Preg Test Amp Blood Test

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mariacookies - March 15

Hi Tania, Yes I am very relieved my came last Thursday finally since November 2005. My blood results came back good, my thryoid was good, blood count good. There was a unsual reverse in my fsh hormones. . , but that is what my doctor said yesterday that i didn't ovuluate. He still did a regular routine check up and I have another appt with him in three months. I still have slight pain on my lower right abodomen. He will check to see if there is a cyst just to be safe. But, I don't have any symptoms of that either The Polycystic which is facial hair, weight gain, etc. . . So at the moment I am sooo relieved. . , but I am still awaiting my pap to see how that came. I hope next month comes good too. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ELSE


Princessb__tafly - March 19

Well im 16 and my last period was 13th january 06 and i had s_x on the 26th my period was 5 days late in feb then i spotted for 2days ive had most of the symptoms for pregnancy and my stomach is growing. i counted from the days i was spotting and i was due on the 14th march and i am still waiting for my period. I ave done numerous htp's and they have ALL come back negative. what should i do? should a gurl of my age be missing periods for no reason when usually my periods come to days early and come like clockwork. this has neva happend to me before and i have never felt this way ever. HELP . . . .


Stephanie - March 19

Well you might be pregnant tho just shy of 2 months along I don't really think your belly would be growing so much you would be showing....just do the simplest thing first get a pregnancy test...planned parenthood will do them for free...and please use birth control we have enough teenage mothers as it is.......not to mention all of the STDs you can get like Herpes it never goes away and AIds will kill ya


Asia - March 19

well stephanie i think your wrong im a midwife and i know quite a few teens that show at 2 months especially if they are thin and small in height. but stephanie is right about protection use it ALL the time at your age. get a blood test and an ultra sound to be certain so your not worrying about it forever.


Val - March 27

Hey My name is Val and I haven't got my period a little over 3 months. I took a few urine pregnancy tests and it all came out negative. I looked up that I might have a cyst and other things of that sort but I am pretty afraid of that. I've gotten pain in my lower left stomach but very bad pain in the top of my stomach I get queezy pretty often and gasy ALOT. I mean I am keeping neutral but I never missed this many months and I am kind of concerned I honestly rather hear I am pregnant then to hear I am infertile you know?


Stephanie - March 27

Val I had a cyst and I don't know how common mine was but I had no idea it was there until I became pregnant and then lost the baby because of it. The only way to know for sure is to go to the doctor and if you can't afford to do that some pregnancy clinics might do an ultrasound for free also I'm not sure how your state works but I live in Washington and we have a really good state medical program, if you make low enough or are under 19 you can get full coverage insurance for nothing. But please go to the doctor it'll ease your mind and if you do have cysts the earlier their found the better......BTW I had a very large cyst removed and shortly after became pregnant and carried to term so don't worry about being infertile.


Marg - April 11

Hi everyone, I am new to this but have been reading for the last couple of weeks. my last period was on February 12th 2006. I have regular periods. I missed my March period. I took 2 hpt and they were negative. So I concluded maybe I was under stress, or I had the Flu. I am now late for my April period, and now I am concerned. My boyfriend and I are observant/strict with the use of condoms,but there was one time where we did not use one. I have been nausaus, tired, I have a wierd taste in my mouth, every time I brush my teeth ( which I can't seem to do enough) I gag and can eat nothing but toast and b___ter-which is strange for me. I thought I had the flu but now I am nervous. I know it is possible to get a false negative on the hpt's, but for how long? Does anyone have any insight? I would appreciate any words of wisdom.


Boobiecakes - April 19

Hello, I am also new to this. I started this semester at the end of January and it is now the end of April and I haven't gotten my period at all this entire semester. That makes it about 3 months. I am thin but I never had this problem before (5'6 120 pds). Does anyone have any advice/help? I took two pregnancy tests and they both came back negative so I dont know what the problem could be?


Scarlet - April 21

hey gals back in aug and sept i missed both of my periods but no symptoms of pregnancy other than sore b___bs home preg test and clinic urine test neg for preg. very disappointing for me and my fiance scheduled appt with my ob/gyn who delivered my son he did urine test it was neg also he didn't do a blood of pelvic test just told me that i wasn't ovulating for some reason give me a 10 day perscription of Provera and told me to wait 2 more months before trying to conceive we started trying again in nov. no luck yet ... but i have some promising signs good luck to all


mrso - April 23

Kerri, i have been reading your posts and can relate to what you are going through, but want to know whats happened in the past month as you haven;t been on here? whats your news?


wendy noble - April 23

Hi my last period was on feb 14th (valentines day) 2006, i'm 9wks 5days late. I've done 2 pg tests and both negative, went to the doctors and they're not concerned unless i miss another 2/3 periods!!! I'm been suffering from throbbing b___bs and very sore nipples, also put on weight on my chest. Does anyone think i could still be pg???? Left a urine sample at the doctors will get the result tomorrow 24th april. Me and my partner have been having unprotected s_x since jan 06. Getting concerned, thinking maybe on the change even though only 32!!!! Any ideas anyone pls :-)


mrso - April 24

Hi Wendy!! i am in the same boat as you, my lmp was the 17th of feb, and have had nothing since, except a few daysof very light spotting. I have taken loads of PG tsts and all neg!! tomorrow i am going to the Doc to see what she says. I dont think I am pregnant as I dont really have any sypmtoms, but I am hoping for a positive! If not then at least to get AF so that we can try again!!! Good luck, let me know how it turns out!!


BabyGirl1370 - July 3

I am 36 years old. I have two children. my LMP was 5/2/07 I have taken 2 HPT's both negative one at the er it was negative. I drink lots of water atleast 10-12 gla__ses per day. I have sore swollen bb's, cramping and backache which has subsided quite a bit from the past several weeks June 6th I had a sore throat, June 7-12 I spotted very dark in color to light although it was not enough that I had to wear pad or panty liner. Here I am 62 days past LMP and I still haven't gotten my period although I did take a blood test yesterday my results are not in yet I am going crazy waiting has anyone else been this late and gotten a positive result after re'cving negative results?


DownbutnotOUT - July 4

BabyGirl1370- I was 20/21 years old and I was 14 1/2 weeks preggers before it showed up + and I had a ton of -'s before that. you never know.


kelbel - July 27

Here is a cut and past discussion from a scientif article which tested the accuracy of HPT 's. Maybe it is some answer all those false negative and inconsistent tests we all seem to have! The tests are not 99% accurate as manufacturers claim. Home pregnancy testing was introduced almost 3 decades ago. To appeal to consumers in this compet_tive market, manufacturers have shortened the time of early diagnosis to the same day of the missed period. One brand (First Response, Early Result) has been reported to be accurate 4 days before the missed menses. Several new brands or new adaptations of existing brands, not evaluated here, now make this earlier use claim. Our research found that in many circ_mstances HPTs were not sensitive enough to detect the low hCG levels reported at the onset of a missed period, or they provided faintly discernible results at multiple test concentrations. A faintly discernible result is open to misinterpretation. We found in well-dated pregnancies that a wide range of hCG (from 23 to 2438 mIU/mL) is produced by pregnant women by 28 to 30 days after the onset of the last known menstrual period. It was calculated that for a test to detect 95% of pregnancies at the time of missed menses, it would need to consistently detect at least 12.4 mIU/mL hCG. If a HPT brand was used at days 1, 2, or 3 after the onset of the missed menses, then to detect 95% of pregnancies it would need to consistently detect 21, 35, and 58 mIU/mL hCG, respectively. It should be noted that these values are estimates based upon regression lines from only 25 women achieving pregnancy. All 18 HPT brands evaluated use proven multiantibody technology with very similar testing instructions. Tests were credited as being positive regardless of whether the line was clearly positive or only faintly discernible in the result window. A total of 6%, 17%, 44%, and 83% of brands tested at the suggested reading time gave clear or faintly discernible positive results at hCG concentrations of 12.5, 25, 50, and 100 mIU/mL, respectively. In contrast, only 0%, 0%, 22%, and 44% of these brands tested gave clear or indisputably positive results at the suggested reading time at these same concentrations. These results, together with the data indicating hCG concentration around the time of missing menses, clearly indicate that a high percentage of pregnant women will have a negative test result during the first few days after the missed period. We found that most tests were consistently accurate only after the urine hCG concentration was at least 100 mIU/mL, or the highest hCG concentration evaluated, allowing for both clearly positive and faintly discernible readings and allowing for readings extended to 10 minutes, rather that at the 1- to 5-minute suggested reading time. The poor findings reported here may in part be due to consideration of multiple lots of brands purchased from multiple stores and the shipping and storage variations. We estimate that 100 mIU/mL is equivalent to the 84th centile at the time of the missed menses, so that a test with this sensitivity would detect only about 16% of pregnancies. Realizing our findings, how can manufacturers claim such a high accuracy in very early gestation? The reason for this product claim relates to an arcane Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation. The manufacturer needs only to demonstrate that its test results, using a nonpregnant woman's urine supplemented with commercial hCG, agree with those of an existing test more than 99% of the time. Today's HPT brands are more sensitive than previous products, so they would be expected to give as many positive results as older products. This FDA evaluation, however, has no bearing on the ability to detect early pregnancy. In addition to the inability of these HPT brands to detect the low hCG concentrations a__sociated with very early pregnancies, other reasons may explain a negative result using these brands. The person may have erroneously calculated the time of onset of her missed period, she may have a delayed menses due to an early pregnancy loss[5.] or delayed ovulation, or implantation may have prolonged the onset of significant hCG production. [6., 7. and 8.] Although the test instruction sheets were easy to understand, an erroneously performed test or faintly discernible result may also explain a falsely negative result. The purpose of this investigation was not to recommend specific brands of HPT. Nonetheless, we found that First Response, Early Result was the most sensitive test, consistently detecting 12.5 mIU/mL of hCG (in a supplementary study by Cole et al[9.] this HPT detected 6.3 mIU/mL hCG), considering the manufacturer's suggested read time, and both clear and faintly discernible positive results. This is the sensitivity needed to detect 95% of pregnancies at the times of the missed menses (12.4 mIU/mL). It is inferred that this test is the most likely of the 18 brands evaluated to detect a pregnancy at the time of the missed menses. Two of the 18 brands had clear technical or design problems (Clear Choice and Confirm). These tests both gave falsely positive hCG test results with urine containing no hCG and also gave numerous invalid results as indicated by the absence of a confirmation or validity line. Such brands may be unacceptable and may need to be withdrawn and fixed. They should probably be avoided because they may generate false hope and great confusion among users. Costs of the different HPT brands varied from $8 to $16. The more expensive brands contained a second test to be performed later, “in case the first test was negative.” This option to purchase a kit with two tests would be reasonable if the patient understands in advance that testing at the day of the missed period or earlier can yield negative or only faintly positive results (even though the user maybe pregnant). Use of two tests is also helpful in determining an early pregnancy loss (ie, test on day of missed menses is positive, whereas test a few days later is negative). Home pregnancy testing continues to be a dominant method for early pregnancy detection despite questions about clarity of positive results, false pregnancy detection as a result of early pregnancy loss, and problems with interpretation of a negative result. Considering the a___lytic detection limits of HPTs and the wide variability in hCG concentrations, we question the greater than 99% accuracy claims made by the manufacturers. In fairness to the consumer, we suggest that these guidelines be re-examined by the manufacturers. FDA 510(k) regulations should insist on measurements of clinical sensitivity for detecting pregnancy on the day of the missed menstrual period and at other specific time points, as support for an accuracy claim. By doing so, a clearer understanding of diagnostic accuracy can be reported on each brand's package insert rather than the printing boldly “over 99% accuracy” on the outside of the package. All these issues need to be considered to avoid delays in detection of pregnancy, not only for early commencement of prenatal care, but to allow for appropriate changes in medication and behavior consistent with healthy pregnancy (avoidance of alcohol, tobacco, and inappropriate medicines), or to seek earliest pregnancy termination if desired.


kelbel - July 27

Forgot to include citation for the cut and paste above. It is; Accuracy of home pregnancy tests at the time of missed menses. Laurence A. Cole PhD , , Sarah A. Khanlian, Jaime M. Sutton, Suzy Davies PhD and William F. Rayburn MD (2004). American journal of obstetrics and gynecology (0002-9378), 190 (1), p. 100



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