2 Missed Periods Negative In Home Preg Test Amp Blood Test

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kelbel - July 27

Forgot to include citation for the cut and paste above. It is; Accuracy of home pregnancy tests at the time of missed menses. Laurence A. Cole PhD , , Sarah A. Khanlian, Jaime M. Sutton, Suzy Davies PhD and William F. Rayburn MD (2004). American journal of obstetrics and gynecology (0002-9378), 190 (1), p. 100


canadian111 - July 29

Hi there, I was in the same situation. I have missed 2 periods but have all the symptoms. I had 1 blood test at the doctors and it was negative but he is convinced that I am pregnant so he set up another blood test for me at the end of the week. He said that he will continue to test me as I wouldn't be insisting if I wasn't positive. I'm treating myself as if I am pregnant as I have read that a lot of women have problems achieving the high levels required to get a positive test; some only start getting positive results at 6-9 weeks.


confuzzledone - August 2

I feel a little better knowing that I'm not the only person with this problem now. Anyway.. I'm 23, ttc #1, and I have missed 2 cycles now, soon to be 3.. My last period began May 16th, and it's August 2nd, now. I've taken a million HPTs, different types, different brands.. all negative. However, I'm starving one day and don't want to even look at anything the next, my b___bs (which are already heavy enough!) feel even heavier, I have trouble sleeping, and I'm constantly either too hot or too cold. I know I've got to see a doctor, and I will within the next week, I'm just so nervous that something's wrong.. more afraid of disappointment that anything, though I'm sure my symptoms are probably all my mind playing cruel tricks on me.


confuzzledone - August 2

Forgot to add that recently, I've woken up very early with my stomach hurting.. not vomiting, just discomfort about 30 mins. at a time in the morning.


blubearee - September 19

I see your last post was in August... are you still missing your period? I've missed 2 and am going on 3 months with no period right now. I've NEVER missed a period or even been LATE, so I'm a little freaked out. I don't feel pregnant and HPTs have been negative so far. I think I'm mostly scared that there's someething wrong with me. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one going through this. My nurse said it's b/c my docor messed w/ my estrogen levels a couple of months a go, so it can take your body a while to get back to normal, but 3 months!?!


Jacy - September 29

Sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat. I am 23, have NEVER missed a period, and have taken Yasmin birth control for about 5 years now. My last period was on August 2. I had my pap done that same day, and had only a little bleeding later that day (when my period was normally supposed to start). Then I had no more bleeding until that Sunday (the 5th), I had one time of heavy bleeding and that was it. I have had nothing since then and it is now September 29. I am freaking out! I have take hpt's and they are all negative. I have not contacted a doctor yet because I am actually switching jobs, and therefore insurance, this week. So I am waiting until my new insurance kicks in, in about a month. I have never had any medical problems or anything so I am so nervous to find out what is going on-and hoping it is nothing serious. Do I just make an appt. with the nurse who did my Pap? Or do I need to see a Dr.? It is at a women's clinic/obgyn. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks and good luck to everyone else who is in a similar situation.


blubearee - October 8

I went to the doctor and he said about a third of his patients are having this same problem right now and it's due to the heat. I think a nurse would be fine to see, because they're usually just as knowledgable as the doctor, but it never hurts to go ahead and see your doctor if you feel like you need anything else checked out. My doctor says mine should start back up now that the weather has cooled off some, so I'm holding my breath until this Thursday to see what happens.


St. Kitts - August 25

Hi All, I'm reading everyone's posts here. I'm in the same boat. I've fully missed two periods, and closing in on my thrid. My nipples KILL. I've gained a tonne of weight (even though I religiously work out 4-6 times per week), and I'm extremely bloated and ga__sy! I'm going to the doctor (again) next week. All pregnancy tests have been negative (blood work, urine, ultrasounds). Anyway, I've noticed that many of you don't write with what, exactly, was wrong! Could you all please post after your doctors' appointments and let us know what we might expect? I've got my own theory...it's all the hormones in the foods we eat. Like, the same kind of thing that causes the 10 year olds out there to start their menstrual periods, and large b___sts. Maybe it's the hormones in the foods we eat that are causing us to miss our periods? Anyway, just a thought. But, please, all...keep us posted with what your doctors' tell you, or, if your period returns, let us know that it just spontaneously came back one day! Thanks a bunch! :)


Amity - August 25

Wow!! This is all very crazy. I have much of the same as above. For the last 5 months my cycle has been 35 days long & I was 10 days late on August 1st. This makes me due for another cycle August 26th, tomorrow. My husband and I have been trying to conceive since November, unsuccessfully. Of course after the 10 day mark I took a HPT. On the 12th day, with a negative result, I did take another the following morning after a full nights sleep, as recommended on the box. Still negative. Bummer! Now I have all these weird symptoms. My nipples hurt. Not the b___b, only the nipple. Sensitive to touch, a little pointy at times, lol, but this usually happens to me just before I start my period anyway. Nausea! No vomiting, just nauseous. I have a paper rout for a job and I just moved to a new city. My new rout is in the mountains with a lot of windy curves and hills. I thought car sickness was the reason for nausea but now I get it while at home. I seem very angry too. I don't know if this is just frustration or what but I have definitely put the fear in my hubby, and my dog for that matter. Before I moved to the new town my paper rout was about 3 miles of walking a day so I lost a bit of weight, but I moved at the end of July. I thought maybe the exercise was the cause of my missed cycle; I'm a big girl so it was a change. Since then I have lived a very active life, but you would think this would trigger ovulation. I also have occasional cramps. It feels like I'm about to get my period but it just won't start. I don't know... anyhow, I found this site because I just took another test with a negative result. Now I'm freaked!! The first day of my last cycle was June 17th. Wow. Thats 70 days since the first day of my last cycle. That sounds so scary. Um, a little medical background... I have had ovarian cysts in the past that were hemorrhaging and hurting so badly that I went to the emergency room. The doctor told me I may not be able to have kids, shot me in the b___t with antibiotic, and tossed me out the door. No questions asked. I didn't have health insurance so I guess they didn't have time to talk to me about what cysts are and how and why and whatnot. I'm still pretty much in the dark about that. My mother told me she has them too so I felt better. Even though the doctor told me that I may never have kids, I did wind up pregnant less than a year later. I was on birth control at the time, religiously, so I guess I was one of the unfortunate .1%. My husband and I were having problems, not married back then, and I was battling alcoholism so we decided to terminate at 9 weeks. Very sad time in my life. Emotionally I was exhausted and I thought God hated me and blah, blah, blah... these feelings were only temporary. Since then I got married and I want a baby so badly but now I'm scared there is something wrong with me. My husband worries as well. We don't have much money. We live in a small college town with no work and we have no health insurance, only life and friggin car insurance. I cannot afford to go to the doctor for psoriasis, much less "lady" problems. Anyhow, I guess I will take another test in a week and hope for a positive result. I pray I don't have to go back to the hospital for cysts. Good luck to you all!!


Amity - August 25

So... I just went to the bathroom and looked at the test while I was sitting and I notice the faintest line making a (+) sign. Hmmm, wonder if its real... I'll still test again in a few days.


mommypepper - September 14

Hi there everyone! I am glad to have found this place.A little about my story. My name is Pepper and I am 29. I have 3 beautiful kids (youngest is turning 1 this month) 8 months ago I had an ectoptic(sp) at 10 weeks which ruptured. I was told yrs ago that due to my scarring from pcos and cysts It would be near impossible to conceive. Well suprise in the last yr it has happened 2 times and I think it has happened again. With all of 5 of my pregnancies I have never once tested positive for any test (blood or urine) before 8 weeks. Dr said I have low hcg but pregnancy is normal.. I was due to start 8/1 but only had a little bit of brown spotting that lasted 3-4 days. Having cramping in my sides off and on certain smells make me sick I can't seem to finish a meal without feeling nasaous (sp) My b___sts are swollen and sore after nursing ( I have to take my son off sometimes because of the pain) I am exhausted can hardly stay awake, increased urination and an overall feeling of being pregnant again. I don't know why but I have been taking hpt's repeatedly and they all have come out negative. I had a blood test done 1 wk ago and it was negative but I can't seem to shake the feeling in my gut that I am pregnant again. We had s_x on the 14th and 15th day of my cycle without protection so it is certainaly a possiblity. I am waiting till Oct 1st and if I don't start then I will see the dr. and have another test or u/s. I guess I just wanted to talk about it. What do you guys think? My 12 yr old daughter randomly asked me a few weeks ago if I was pregnant and I wasn't even late yet cause she had a "feeling".. weird huh? I hope everything works out for those of you TTC. I will let you know what happens with me. Has anyone else had similar experiences. I am worried cause I am still kinda grieving the loss of my last pregnancy. Good luck to everyone!!


Erica - October 1

I just took my 4th at home pregnancy test. The first 4 were positive. I went to the dr had a blood & urine test done, which were negative. I've missed 2 periods. But the HPT I took tonight was negative. Its been 1 1/2 - 2 wks since my dr visit. I have always had back pain but recently its hurting ALOT worse! My nipples are ALWAYS hard. Not occasionally but all the time. I have only had a clear mucus. Nothing else. The day I went to the dr I started bleeding. But stopped that evening. HELP! This doesn't make any sense. ps. I have never missed a period & they are always heavy!


Monique901 - April 3

My last period was jan.29,2010 and its now April.3,2010 and i am sitll not on my period but i keep getting negative test results..... Idk what is going on with me.


St. Kitts - April 7

I don't know what happened to my post, but I had written a long entry about missed periods and what had happened with me! I found out that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Check it out! My doctor sent me for a pelvic ultrasound and this is when it was discovered. It basically covers all the symptoms I was experiencing in an earlier post to this site. I'll leave you all to google it. But maybe this is something you could have your doctors check out for you? It's more common among women than you would think! It's a bummer, but at least I now know what's going on!


BaFFlEd - July 14

hi, im 20 years old, i am coming up to my third missed period. i have done about 15 hpt's and had 2 tests at the docs. the last time i went which was on monday they told me they are not goin to worry till i miss 6 months of periods!! i cant wait this long!! does anybody have any idea what could be wrong??? hope someone can help me.. thanku in advance


wishing in WI - July 17

Ok...so I am about a week late. Two brands of htps, both negative. But I have had headaches, gas, slight nausea, bloating and sore nipples. I want SO badly to be pregnant so I kind of feel like maybe I am causing some of these symptoms. I know that stress is not an issue because we weren't even trying right now. I guess I just need someone to tell me I am not crazy and there is hope. It's rea__suring to hear that some women's hcg levels are just too low to show. :) anyways... Some words of encouragement would be so appreciated. Will test again in a week, I think.



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