6 Weeks Pregnant

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Melissa - April 18

I am 6 Weeks Pregnant and I think my waist is getting bigger, before my waist was never like this. Is anyone 6 Weeks who has experinced the same thing? Also since I am 6 weeks does that mean I am 2 months pregnant. I read that 2 months is 6-9 weeks.


Kristina - April 24

I have too!!! I am very pet_te and my stomach is sticking out BIG TIME!!!! I am only 5 weeks!


Gina - April 26

9 weeks is 2 months


Kim - April 28

I estimated being 8 weeks pregnant and my doctor estimated me at 7 weeks. Either way, I feel bloated in the midsection and my tummy is sticking out. I'm just at 5' and normally weight b/t 98-101 lbs...I'm tipping that scale at 106 right now. They say you only need 300 extra calories a day - less so in your first trimester. I'm an avid athlete and too tired to run at this stage (so I'm walking briskly 30 minutes/day and plan to start swimming next week). I'm watching my craving by keeping plenty of natural and nonprocessed goodies on hand. Here's to nature : )


Dawn - May 4

Hi I am also 6 weeks and my waist has definitly got bigger. So it must be normal with some people. Only thing I am wondering, is it normal that I do nto any sickness, just tender b___sts.


andrea - May 5

it is normal to not have morning sickness and to have tender b___sts only. also alittle swelling in your abdomen is normal at 6-7weeks however gaining 7lbs at 6 weeks seems a bit much.. maybe its twins?


Jasna - May 5

Hi I am also 6 weeks 1 day and I am a thin healthy 19 years old but my gut has just pocked out! No one else seems to notice? It is weird.


hunny - May 7

i'm 6 weeks and ive been feeling bloated for a while. im so used to sucking my stomach in to get into the right jeans, just cant do that anymore......maybe its normal


kathy - May 7

I am 8 weeks and ruined my favorite jeans (crayons in the dryer is not a good idea) So I said screw and bought some maternity pants awwww nice and comfortable. My other jeans still fit but are kind of tight when I sit down..


Cathy - May 9

I'm 5 weeks and 6 days and I just feel and look bloaty around the belly, and my trousers feel tight then I sit down! Cannot wait for the 12 week scan, will feel alot more better then! at least I have not had sickness yet!


nicola - May 10

im also 6 weeks and ive got a rite tum and my clothes are hard to fasten im now wearing my partners boxers as my knickers are cutting into me this is my 4th child and i didnt show until i was 5 months with the others and there all girls maybe this one will be a lad also my b___bs are really really sore let me know if there is anyone else with the same problem


Gina - May 10

9 weeks is two months preggo. I am 7 weeks today and my waist is defintely bigger. I gained a few pounds but nothing for as big as I have expanded!


Rose - May 12

I'm 6 weeks pregnant too and I am putting on quite a bit of weight already!! i feel like a cow...lol...my stomach is getting bigger. im so hungry and sleepy all the time.


cat - May 13

I'm 6 weeks and I have just a bloaty belly I look 4 months pregnant! AHHH My trousers are tight! (Time for safety pins)


Dawn - May 13

I have an explaination as to why my waist was getting bigger by the minute. Just found out yesterday that we are having twins. Oh yeah, the morning sickness has arrived in full. If you dont experience it, think yourself lucky.


Tracy - May 13

I am also 6 weeks today and I have not been sick or had ANY symptoms yet, should I be worried?


kanchan - May 13

Hi, I am Six weeks pregnent and I have my waise has increased so much I am not fitting in my jeans ..I am not sure what si wrong with me.. I am not even eating so much ..I hope its all OK.. I do have some nausea and very tender b___sts



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