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Leigh - July 13

My friend did it to me this morning over my hand using a locket (but same theory). She said it swings for a boy and circles for a girl and was true to her two kids. This is the opposite way round to the method over the belly. I got circles over my hand and lines over my belly. Can everyone try this and see if they get different results using the different methods?


how about? - July 15

telling us ignorant ones how it works? it has already been asked a few times and we would really appreciate it...thanks!


kellie - July 15

ring test is as follows from what i Know moves in circles = boy moves in lines = girl.


Leigh - July 15

How it's done... Tie your wedding ring on to a long hair or piece of cotton about 10cm long. Hold the hair or thread at the opposite end so that the ring dangles (like a pendulum idea). Hover it over the belly for a couple of minutes or so, it should form one of two patterns Circles = Boy or Lines = Girl. I found that if I dangled it over my hand the result was the opposite Circles = Girl and lines = Boy. Good luck


Thanks - July 16

Thanks for teaching us how it is done! I will try it....See what happens!


kelly - July 18

hi! I don't know if I am pregnant yet (af is due this weekend) but I tried this test for a giggle and it said boy! Guess I will have to see...baby dust to all!


Leigh - July 21

Just to let you know I had a scan today which revealed that I am having my little girl after all so looks like it is lines for girls over the tummy and circles over the hand :)


Ash - July 22

wow! I haven't been confirmed as pregnant yet-missed 2 periods, have symptoms, negative tests. but hubby and i just did the ring test and no matter how we did it, it was lines over my stomach, circles over my palms. the freaky thing was hubby did it too and the ring wouldnt move. he did it over his palm and i put palm under his. the ring didnt move until he took his palm away. then he brought his palm back and the ring slowed and stopped! some fun this test was!


savanah - January 28

I have accurately predicted all three of my children's s_x as well as about nine co-workers over the past 28 years.The ring swings side-to-side for a boy and circles for a girl. If done to early ,it will pick up the mothers heart rhythym and falsely predict a female when if done later,may have indicated a male.It can be proven by the fact that it will indicate the s_x of anyone by placing the ring in front of the chest near the heart.I think it is one of those unusual non-scientific mysteries.


Pipa - March 10

I did this twice after reading this thread. I did it once with my engagement ring and a piece of my hair and then once with my wedding band and a piece of hair. I thought the weight differences might do something but both times it swung in a circle! I'll let you know in about 14 wks if it worked!


singlem0m - March 14

I put a ring over my belly and it swung in circles. I had a little girl! So it worked for me.


lawlady72 - March 14

stupid off the subject question - are you 3 weeks pregnant as in 3 weeks from first day of last cycle or 3 weeks fro conception?


lawlady72 - March 14

oops just realized how old this thread is... gues it doesn't matter now LOL :}


filly06 - March 16

I did the ring test and it ALWAYS has swung side to side and still does...but according to my last ultrasound it's a girl! In fact according to every old wives tale that I tried I should be expecting a boy.


Stephanie B - March 17

i tried the ring test and it said i would have a boy. that's actually what i felt i would be having as well but when we went for the u/s, IT'S A GIRL!! i shouldnt speak so soon though b/c she's not yet born and u/s's are sometimes wrong. :) all i can say is that with the ring test it could of course go either way. certainly don't go out and buy loads of boy stuff just b/c it's telling you it will be a boy!


mommyssweethearts0506 - March 19

My mom does it over our wrists. She did it on herself and it showed 3 girls....which is what she has. She did it on me and it showed a girl ( my m/c baby) then a boy (which I have) then a girl (also have),it even goes on to show that I will have another boy then another girl. Everyone she has done it on it has worked. Even people who are done having kids...it shows what they have had and in what order. When she did it with my sisters lasts baby it showed a boy in the begining but changed to a girl about a month before she found out....kinda weird! I think it is pretty accurate. because when she does it over a mans wrist it wont move. so wait a little longer and see what it does....maybe you will end up with twins!



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