A Mothers Opinion Needed

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KellynJ - June 9

Here in a few weeks ill be a mom of two. Now i wont be able to go to work for a while and not have to much time for myself. Any moms have any advice on what I can do to get some time to myself.. hubby works 2nd shift too so ill be alone a lot. I wasent scared at first but now the time is coming, im nervous that ill feel very alone. any advice please.


dedaa - June 13

Hi there I am a mother of two at the moment and just found out that I am pregnant with a third. I was feelig the same when I was pregnant with my youngest who is now 7 months. My husband is a police officer so he works alot of strange shifts leaving at home alot. What I found works for me is I put a movie on for the oldest who is 5 now and that will entertain him and then the youngest I put down for a nap. Then I will go read or take a bath or come sit on here like I am right now I find that helps alot to keep me sane.LOL. I started doing volunteer work and I do at home courses right now as well they are all things that I do to feel like I am doing something for me it might not be getting out all the time but it still helps alot allows your mind to be somewhere else then your children. Now I also say to my husband as soon as you get home I am going for a walk from time to time don`t care if he is tired or what cause god knows Im tired too so that works good for me I try to do that once a week it makes a big difference. Hope this gives you a couple ideas I know it works for me when I am stuck in the house. My favorite one is to sit down and watch a movie by myself at night and pig out. Which date are you due?


Tammy276 - June 14

Hi dedaa, I know what you mean about working strange shifts. My hubby is also a police officer. In our town, they work 5 on, three off, and one long day where they work a 10.5 hour shift. You never know when they are coming home, because they get held over on something or need to do a report. We have one and are ttc #2, and I find it hard to find time to myself with one child!! I work at night, so it's nice to get away for a while, but even at times when he gets home, I tell him it's his turn, and I go shopping or go outside for a while. I love my son (he will be 2 in October), but sometimes you just need to get away. I understand he's tired and wants time to himself, but hello! I'm a full-time mom, plus I work 30 hrs. a week. I'm tired too from chasing my son around all day!!


dedaa - June 15

Yeah it is really hard sometimes but they do not seem to understand as much. I understand with his job b/c I do want to make sure he gets lots of rest and everything but you can only handle so much of beig alon all the time with your children you need sometime to just worry about yourself. I got married last month on the 20th and we took a few days afterwards and went away by ourselves wow it was amazing to just have to get myself dressed and fed in the morning. I started to miss them alot but I think that is partly b/c of the fact that they are routine to me and Im lost when I only have to take care of myself. Been taking care of everyone else for 5 1/2 years now.LOL



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