After First Movements Can You Feel Your Baby Move Everyday

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Kare - May 25

Last Thurs i felt our bub move for the first time, i hadn't felt anything after then, until yesterday afternoon when the bubble/flutter feeling returned. I pushed back gently, the feeling stopped, and resumed in the same spot a few minutes later.. Is it normal to have a few days between the babies movements? Or is the baby moving everyday and I'm just not noticing it somedays?


kare - May 29

i feel flutters after relaxing a bit after a meal usually, is this the baby becoming more active? everyone keeps telling me i should feel kicks and punches soon (im at 18 weeks)... when do these bigger movements begin to take place usually? kare.


Jamie - June 11

I'm 12 weeks pregnant. When will I be able to feel the baby move?


Belinda - July 4

I am 23 weeks and i have only just started to feel my baby move. this is my first baby and i am slightly over weight. i think it will be a couple more weeks before i actually feel kicks.


kare - July 5

hi Belinda, Jamie! im 23.5 weeks now and feel my baby move everyday :) lots of kicks, which get stronger everyday..


Rachael - July 12

I first felt my baby at almost 15 weeks, but it was not steady every day that I felt him until in the twenties(weeks). But he has not stopped moving once he got going. I am now 36 weeks and he is killing me because it's so cramped in there!


gemma - August 1

im 11 weeks i keep thinking i can feel my baby move could this be true or am i imagining it?


kare - August 1

if its your first pregnancy it might not be the baby just yet, though i have heard that when you are pregnant for your 2nd or 3rd time you can sometimes feel the baby much earlier because you know what the feeling is like.. im 27 weeks now and feel my baby move everyday, almost all day. she will sleep for 20-30 minutes and have a bit of a play, before sleeping again. braxton hicks have started to set in and im experiencing a sore pelvic area and upper thighs hurt if i get up too fast.. anyone else experience this?


ldelval - May 2

Hey all, Im 11.5 weeks and I swear I felt my little one yesterday. I at first told myself that Im sure it was gas, but then realized that it felt different. This is my second preg. and I know what it feels like! Definately baby. Im so excited...cant wait for hubby and daughter to feel it to.


josie4 - May 3

Hi ldelval! I felt my baby move for the first time in my eleventh week (this is my first pregnancy). At first I doubted, but now I'm sure it's the baby. Some days I feel it more than others. Just a littly bubbly, fluttery feeling. I'm close to 13 weeks now.


aquarius716 - October 5

Okay, I remember feeling at around 18 weeks for my first one and about 14 weeks for my second, and I swear I just felt the little flutters and it was not gas!! This is my third. I just found out September 6th that I was pregnant, haven't been to the doctor yet (Oct 18) and my EDD is May 21, 2008 which would put me at like 7 or 8 weeks and I don't see that as possible!!! I do know that my last period was only 2 days and barely a peiod so maybe I am further along that they or I think!!! Is it possible to feel baby move that early??


sarah21 - October 8

It is unlikely that the baby would be moving enough to cause you to feel it at 7 or 8 weeks. Their arms and legs aren't even developed all the way. Generally, the baby doesn't start moving until 9 weeks. So unless your EDD is off, then probably gas or muscle spasms.


cayingo - October 20

I am pg w/ my 2nd. My 1st I felt movement at about 20 weeks (when I was sure that's what it was), but with this one I felt for sure movement at 16w. Sometimes there would be a few days in between sensations (like little pokes or thumps), but now at almost 20 weeks I feel him move at least a few times a day. Each day seems to get more active. Now that his bones are calcifying more the movements are getting stronger and more regular. Often he evens gives me some jabs when I get up to pee at night. I guess I wake him up then. LOL My OB told me I won't feel the all day evey day movements until I' m in my early 20 weeks. It's a wonderful affirmation of what's going on in there!



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