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baby???? - January 31

i am 20 years old . my boyfriend and i have been to gether for 2 years and for the past year and a half have been having unprotected s_x . i feel sick when i eat my favorite foods . i am always tired and my nipples have never been so soar . i dont smoke but my whols family does im used to being around it but lately it makes my puke . i am a 38 hh but my br___ts seem heavier then usual and i wake up in the middle of the night to pee . am i just being paraniod or are there signs???


BIGSIS - February 16

perhaps you should take a d__n test, as if these sign are not enough. If the test comes back negative then do further research but at least rule out the most likely thing before you start asking the world


Ivette - February 16

Well I think your pregnant. That's how I felt when I was 1 to 2 week's pregnant. Good look.


:) - February 28

well last month i got my period towards da end of the month and i had unprotected s_x with my fiance on feb 19th we r trying to have a baby but on the 26th i got my period could i still be pregnant? some people tell me yes because its only a week before i started my period and it doesn't show up that quick it takes longer than a week is it possible to get my period and still be pregnant or impossible i have been having pains in my stomach after we tried to make a baby up until now that i am on my period people tell me it could be gas but i have it everyday ever since we tried also the same day i started my period before i actually started i took a test and it came out negative but what explains my stomach pains plus i get these awful taste in my mouth like i am about to vomit but i haven't actually vomited yet i just have been feeling sick ever since then could i still be pregnant even tho i started my period? someone please help asap!!!


mieke - March 14

Well I dont have a answer but I am going through the same thing. I am 23 and have beeing trying for baby #2 for 6 months (my first pregnacy was by the book every thing was completly normal). I have gone as far as finding when I ovulate my last normal period was feb.14 and I now have my period march.13 , but it is not normal at all I did take a test a week before my period it said it was neg but this period is so light.almost non existing and dark brown. do you think I could still be pregnant!


Faith - April 5

i am 21 an i have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year. we have sometimes have unprotected s_x.anyways is it possible to get pregnant if u still get ur period regular?i have regular periods on the same time every month.however i feel like vomitting but i never do. i have sharp pains out the blue.And this month my nipples were extreamely soar, which i never get.


kelsey - May 13

i have taken a pregnacy test but i dont no weather i want to keep it or not! the dad doesnt no because he'll just say he doesnt want to no what shall i do?



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