Am I Pregnant Very Confused

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Shushmita - December 7

Had unprotected s_x on 11th & 13th Novemaber. Last period was 2nd November. This time period did not start properly. Little spotting started on 30th Nov or 1st Dec through day before yesterday (5th Dec), But on 5th little bit more bleeding started. I walked quite a lot on that day. Do u think, because of that. I'm really confused. My in-laws asking everytime whether I'm pregnant or not. I don't know what to do. This time I really thought I was pregnant, as symptoms was for pregnancy. Real confused? God forbids, if I am not, when to try for this month, so I can become pregnant by God's will. I'm 37 years old. Trying to get pregnant. Pls help me.


to shushmita - December 8 here is a website that may help you if your not pregnant to help you get pregnant. it helped me how ever i was unlucky and lost the baby. Sometimes the more you move around more of a flow you may have but since it was an irregular period it may mean you are pregnant and some women do have a period at the begining of pregnancy. my sister had one with her daughter and my mom said when she was pregnant with my little sister she had a period for the first 3 months. if things don't get back to normal take a test or if you really think you might be go ahead and take a test. i hope this helps you out


r - December 9

What you described sounds like pregnancy symptoms; but you should take a test. If it turns out you are not pregnant there are ovulation kits available to help you know when you are ovulating. It's very simple and all you have to do is take your temp. every morning and once it gos up that's when you are ovulating. Good Luck.


Monique - July 29

I started having pelvic pains three weeks ago. I have also been sick for the last two months due to gallbladder problems. In May I had to quit my job because I became so sick that I could not work. I had a variety of tests done and finally I was told my gallbladder wasn't functioning properly and I would need surgery. Three weeks later, I started having pelvic pain and decided to call my internal medicine doctor and make an appointment. I told her that my cycle had not come on for two to three months. That would usually trigger an alarm to maybe indicate pregnancy, however I have always been irregular. So, I proceded to explain to her that I was having severe pelvic pains, my nipples were larger, I started having acne which I have never had before. I also told her that I've been nausea and sour stomach but I thought maybe that was because of my gallbladder. My doctor did a urine pregnancy test twice and they both came up positive. But she said that I would have to have a blood HCG test done to confirm my pregnancy. Because I had to resign from my job a couple of months ago I did not have any health insurance. So, she have my the number to county services for people that do not have insurance. I went to the womens health clinic and explained my situation to them. The doctor told me that I did not have to have a Blood test done to confirm my pregnancy since my doctor already did two urine pregnancy test. She said that the urine pregnancy tests are very accurate. Although my stomach seems like its getting alittle bigger, I'm still experiencing nausea,I'm moody, I urinate frequently but my b___st are not getting bigger. It would seem to anyone that I am definitely pregnant but I still feel like I'm not and its really bothering me. I mad an appointment to have an ultrasound done but its not until September. I don't know what to do!!!!



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