Anybody Else Burping

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Nancy Douglas - Haywood - June 15

I am six weeks along and for the past 4 days I can't not stop burping. It isn't from carbonation in soda, I cut it out. It doesn't hurt like heartburn. Is it just me?


~E~ - June 15

Are you nauseous? I burped alot during the first trimester and the beginning of the second. For me, burping and nausea go hand in hand.


Kate - June 17

Totally!!! Since about week 13 I've been burping really, really badly, especially at night time!! Luckily I haven't been going out too much so only me and my husband (and probably the neighbours!) have had to put up with it!


Jessica - June 18

I haven't had any carbonated bev since finding out and all I do is BURP! It is soooo embarra__sing! I can't keep it in! I feel like it is indigestion not heartburn.


YES - June 22

I too suffer this embara__sing side-effect! I burp (little ones) all day long! Sometimes the other way too! I can't even prevent it! It's so strange!


kare - July 5

ive had bad indigestion since the later weeks of 1st trimester.. though in 23 weeks pregnant now and over the last week or so i have started burping and its pretty embara__sing - funny but embara__sing (especially when you're at work!) i never usually burp so it was kind of a suprise when i started doing it hehe


erica - July 7

anyone got gas, l do its so weird all of the sudden im cramping and tired and some times a little dizzy is this normal.


Kaz - July 7

Yep, about half way through first tri and throughout the second. I couldn't stop burping, no idea where it was coming from b/c I didn't feel ga__sy.


lynnstress - July 7

I burp all the time, but especially 2 - 3 hours after I eat anything. Feels like they are coming from the top of my chest or back of my throat. I asked the dr last week, she said it's normal (what else?!?) and to try Maalox tablets, active ingredient simethicone. The Maalox seems to have helped.


Lynn - July 8

Nancy, I am 6 weeks along and have noticed the same thing. Without warning I burp or hiccup! I do not drink any carbonation, or through a straw!


lisa - July 15

are you kidding?? if there's a contest who could burp the loudest, i am the winner. i'm 13 and my burping starts after dinner together with a little nauseous. so i guess, you're not alone. it's a very embara__sing but at the same time it feels good to let it out.


Lori - July 16

I was thinking the same thing today after I ate lunch and burped in a clients face. You are not alone.! It's embarra__sing, huh!


kare - July 17

25 weeks and indigestion and burping gets worse!! i didnt think it was possible but i had a meeting with work colleagues last week and i had indigestion so bad and kept excusing myself that my boss actually looked really annoyed by it... hmm


mae09 - August 25

Yes! Yes! Me too, I am only 7 weeks pregnant and have been burping like crazy for a few days now, I just jumped on the net to see if it was pregnancy related, and to see if I could stop it through changing my diet, doesnt look like it though. It is not painful at all, just really annoying! Hope it goes away soon!


inuk-mama - August 31

LMAO!! I work as a dj on a radio station in my hometown and just about an hour ago I was on the air, in the middle of saying something when I burped so loud!!! And it was not some little thing i I could pretend didn't happen. So I just had to laugh and chalk it up to the joys of pregnancy! :)


Pranee - August 8

All posts on this topic are old but what the heck...I'm 8 weeks and I burp alot, I mean alot it annoys my mom. I only don't feel like I'm going to burp when I am actively eating. Sometimes I dunno that I even have to burp I think I may be about to throw up but I never do. And sometimes I can't get the burp out. it makes me feel like I have bad breath because no matter what I eat I taste the last thing I eat even if it's morning, I taste yesterdays food. I hope it goes away because it's annoying me.



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