Anyone Else Dealing With An Asshole For A Boyfriend

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Megan P - February 19

I feel all alone. He stays out all night and doesn't come home till the next day. He drinks too much and hangs out with his alcoholic sister and her friends and lifestyle. He looks at too much p___n and I feel like I should just leave, but have no where else to go. I am so p___sed today I can't even talk to him. He's almost 35 and I'm 31. It's not like we're kids. I'm sick of this and just want a supportive, considerate boyfriend, better yet husband who cares enough to not do this shit. I'm almost 12 weeks.


DownbutnotOUT - February 19

Wow, im sorry your dealing with this it sounds like your bf has a MAJOR drinking problem that should haev been addressed long ago. I would suggest he gets help immediatly if not maybe you consider leaving or kicking him out. You cannot have that around you or your baby and it's time he grows up instead of acting like he is. Take care and good luck


Smilefull - February 21

LEAVE HIM...I know it's ridiculously hard, and you even probably still love him--but really make a decision not just for you but for the child. What's going to happen once the baby comes? You think he's going to just change? No--he'll do that with you while you have a crying baby in your arms-----get out sweetie. strong. Be Brave not just for you, but for that little miracle growing inside you


akmomma - February 26

WOW! I cant believe it, you just described my EX exactly! (I guess I can, there are lots of SLIMMY men out there!) DiD you notice he's my EX! DUMP THE MAN! Men like that never grow up, so you just have to find one that is! I'm now married, and my little girl is almost three. The man I married is loving and supporting, and home every night with me, treating me like a princess.....GIRL< you deserve the same!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 28

I'm sorry you have to deal with this at such a hard time, but you don't want that lifestyle in your babies sit him down and explain how you feel. I know its hard but sometimes he may be to far in to even care. But just put your baby first in all the decisions you make. Good luck and hope all goes well


Megan P - March 1

Thanks guys. I'm trying to talk to him more and not overreact. I hope things change for the better when baby arrives. He at least admits that he has been rebellious because he's scared.



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