Baby Movements

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Melanie - April 15

I was wondering if anyone could tell (explain) to me what it feels like when your unborn baby moves.


nonk - April 15

I think it feels like a flutter, or a twitch and sometimes I feel like I am having gas in my tummy but it doesn't come out lol


Heather - April 17

haha nonk.. i know about the gas thing.. before i found out it was baby moving i'd try to "push" out the gas.. cuz it was uncomfortable and thought i had to fart.. turns out it was baby..


nelly - April 23

it is a little flutter it sorda feels like a muscle spasm


Just wondering - April 23

it feels like something is tickling you. like b___terflies in your stomach


alisa - April 26

its awesome i will sound redundent but it is a flutter but when you're lying in bed and all of a sudden you feel something(fluttering) its so cool. it makes it all real atleast for me! kinda like you swallowed a goldfish but lower


~S~ - April 26

I think I experienced the flutter feeling only once. Other than that, when my baby moves it feels like a little bubble popped. They're starting to get stronger now, to the point when I'm laying in bed, and baby kicks, it kind of suprises me or shocks me a little.


Jbear - April 27

It feels like a bubble at first, then a couple of weeks later it feels like a fish nipping at your belly. After that it gets to be a definite, stronger movement. I'm 22 weeks and just a couple of days ago I started feeling the movement on the outside of my belly (I'm fairly heavy, so some people may feel it earlier). I remember from my first pregnancy that toward the end of the pregnancy, the baby can do this rolling over movement that makes your belly ripple like something out of a horror movie!


Laura - April 28

Just wondering is it possible to feel the baby move in your upper stomach like above the belly b___ton? If so in what month should this happen?


Gina - May 2

Laura, I am 25 weeks, and I feel the little sucker kicking, rolling and moving all over the place! Read up on the many websites as to what week you are and to get an idea of where your uterus is, i.e. below the belly b___ton, abive it, as it grows, and that will help identify for you all the places your baby can move within. Also, know that for a long time your baby is small compared to the womb size, and they literally use the area like a trampoline playground. :)


shay - May 9

how often should your baby move if i dosrnt move everyday is there a problem?


~S~ - May 11

I've already started to feel that rolling feeling, it kind of feels like my stomach is turning. I can literally feel the baby sliding against my belly while it rolls, it's really werid, but sometimes it makes feel sick for a few seconds. I've also started to feel the baby kick above my belly b___ton and just lastnight, as I was laying in bed, I was rubbing my belly and I could feel, what I thought was, it's head pressed against the left side of my lower ab. It was sooo sweet and weird at the same time. Oh yeah, the kicks are getting stronger and stronger now. I'm 6 months.



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