Belly Size

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sida - December 19

i am in 13th week of pregnancy and though there is a bulge in my belly, i am still concerned because i think its all fat hanging out can i be sure that its the little one showing itself?(the ultreasound showed everything fine)


sida - December 19

i forgot to mention this is my first baby.i am just too scared and want everything to be fine.


Chelz - January 15

It sounds like you are concerned about your fat and not the baby, but don't worry, you will start to show and need bigger clothes and it is good for the baby to have padding, that is the reason after all that we do gain weight and grow for our child. be calm and patient, everything will be fine.


sarah - January 22

Im in my 11th week (1st baby) and i have the same prob. but now my clothes are starting to feel smaller, or i guess im getting bigger. But like Chelz said everything should be fine


shay - January 25

how can i tell if i'm showing at 3weeks


Angela - March 7

I'm only 6 weeks(1st) and my jeans are already getting tight, but my hubby says it's b/c I buy my pants tight anyways.I don't know but I cannot wait until I start showing.


Billie - March 8

I couldn't wait to start showing either. I was very skinny pre-pregnancy so I started to really show when I was 13 weeks. I was already in maternity clothes by then. People thought I was crazy but I couldn't zip my pants and I didn't want to wear sweat pants all the time. Now that I am 28 weeks, I feel so huge. My maternity clothes are getting too small. This is ridiculous!!!!


Candee - March 9

Your uterus changes position aroun 12 weeks - it was behind your pelvic bone and now it has risen up into your lower abdomen area - this can cause you to start showing.


kathy - July 8

hi! i'm 5 months on the way and people have been telling me my belly looks too big. once i was even told that it looks like I might be having twins. it used to upset me but my doctor said I measured normal.



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