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Excited To Know - September 1

How far along do have to be to find out if you are having a boy or girl??


Danielle - September 1

I asked my doctor the same question a few weeks ago. She told me that they like to do it in the 5th month, to be more accurate. I guess it depends on your doctor, but I believe it is the 5th month that determines the s_x.


Kim - September 16

I was 11 weeks pregnant with my baby and they told me I was having a girl. It was a v____al ultrasound. A few months later they confirmed it again. They were right!


Angela - September 16

I just found out in the 20 th week with our first ultrasound what we were having. If there is no problems, usually they wait until your first ultrasound in the 5th month.


bb - September 17

I found out when I was 19 weeks that I was having a baby girl.


April - September 21

I am dying to know what I am having. I am 9 weeks, so I have to wait 11 more weeks to find out???? Is there any ways of finding out before that?


Dez - September 22

Dont get your hopes up for week number 20 to find out what your having, I couldnt wait to find out, and at 20 weeks did my ultrasound babies legs were crossed and they told me they couldnt tell, i had to wait until i was 26 weeks, and it was a little girl. So it just depends on the if the baby wants to show there stuff or not on camera!!!


Lynsey - September 23

I've heard they can tell you at 20 week scan but sometimes your little one is being awkard and hides his/her bits, however at my 20 week scan she refused to tell us as it was hospital policy! I would like a little boy but I'll be grateful just to have a healthy baby


brooke - October 5

I found out at 17 weeks, but not at my doctors office. I went to this place called Gender ultrasound and paid 75 bucks. But it was worth it to me.


kimmy - October 14

you can usally find out at your 20 week ultrasound scan or any time after 20 weeks


Tabitha - November 8

i would say at least 20 weeks prenant to find out how far along you are


zoe - November 11

I was so excited to know what i am going to have i was wiling to do an ultr sound in the third month because of I doc_mentary that Im saw about telling tht s_x in the 12 weeks peroid. the doctor recommended 6 months to be really sure.


Christine - November 15

Girls they can find out before 20 weeks...actually if you read up on it they can see at about 14 weeks but the doc usually will not give you a sonogram until mid way which is around 20 weeks...and that is not even definite because if the baby does not open his/her legs they cant tell anyways...I am 18 weeks and some days and going for my sonogram hopefully find out...


Tabitha - November 15

i would say about 18-20 weeks to tell what you are having . im 18weeks now i hope i find out soon what im having i would like a boy but i will be happy with what ever gods gives me a healthy baby ib wonderful....


dorothy - November 17

whan i was 15 weeks and 4 day had a ultrasound and they told me that it looks like a boy but they can not be sure intil 18 weeks to 20 weeks than they can tell but even than it can be wrong....i have two girls and they told me at 20 weeks that they were girls both are girls so really want a boy this time but i will be ok with a girl


Christine - November 17

Dorothy I am in your boat...3rd pregnancy, 2 girls...went for sonogram on Monday of this week...another beautiful, healthy little girl on the way...


gia - November 18




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