Can A Virgin Get Pregnant

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Vans - June 20

I seep some pre-come into my gf va___a. But I only penetrate her a little. Her hym had not break. Will she get pregnant? And how high is the chances? %


Chell - June 22

It's a very low possibilty of pregnancy if there was no absolute penetration, and anyways it's very hard to get pregnant off of pre- come. Learn from this most importantly. If you plan on having s_x always carry a condum on you so you won't have this to worry about. I don't think you have anything to worry about.


skinnyminny - April 28

I can't give you a number, but it is definately possible. Practice safer s_x habits (says the girl who thought she was pregnant 6 months ago). Even if your just gonna put it ina little, wear a condom. Forget pregnancy, what about AIDS or other s_xually transmitted diseases. You can contract alot of those with very minimal contact between the genitals.


Tammy276 - May 2

First of all Trixxy, this is a site where people are coming to for advice, and trying to help others out. Speak (and type) like a human being. It is very hard to read what you have wrote because it doesn't even come close to proper english. If he stuck it in you, you are not a virgin, it doesn't matter how long he had it in for. Use protection if you don't want to get pregnant, and you can get pregnant from pre-ejaculation.........All it takes to get pregnant is for his "fluid" to come in contact with your "fluid". He doesn't have to penetrate you for you to get pregnant. It is less likely that you would become pregnant this way, but it is still possible. I don't know how old you are but I think you need to clean up your english a little bit, and there is no need to use phrases like "WTF". It is very rude.


sonia989 - May 25

Don't be so hard on Trixxy. She's probably a teenager, and teenagers always talk funny. Regarding pre-c_m, I can guarantee that you can get pregnant with that because that is exactly what happened to my friend and she now has a very cute little 4-month old daughter. He pulled out before he came, but i guess all it takes to get preg is for one to make it up there.


lexa - May 29

I was just wondering what ever happened to s_x ed cla__ses in school? They used to be so thorough!


Tammy276 - May 30

I'm sure they still have s_x ed. cla__ses, but teenagers these days don't pay attention and don't listen!! Why? Because they don't care and think it will never happen to them.


lexa - May 30

Tammy276, I agree with you. And then here we are listening and answering their questions. Well, maybe it'll scare the c___p out of them and they'll use protection next time! This reminds me of those commercials on tv (talk...they'll listen)...well, obviously they don't. I feel for them, I really do. The thought of being so young and pregnant, and the parents. Oh jeez! I really do all works out well for you guys!


Soontobemom - June 2

I was in high school not that long ago and they didnt have s_x ed for us. Another reason why kids are so confused these days in because almost every parent is afraid to talk with their kids about it. Let's break that cycle for the future generations or someday these might be our daughters/sons asking q's over the net.


Anormalgirl23 - June 1

Do any of you ladies actually have anything to do. Look at you all sitting in this blog and dicussing if a virgin can be pregnant. You are always teaming up in abusing teenagers and then chat of s____n in the most mature manner. Now lets break this down - if you are indeed a mother go and take care of your kids. The age for you to be 'blogging' has long gone. If you a teenager worried about getting pregnant talk to your parent of just wear a condom - isnt it obvious. And if you pregnant than you already know all you need about how one may get pregnant. No need to thank me for saving you from a waste of time.


Anormalgirl23 - June 1

Do you ladies have nthg to do ?? I mean seriously go have s_x, take care of children or just chill but dicussing pregnancies of virgins -man you need to get a social life!!!! And please a mother of 3 do not waste your time telling me to behave - I will not revisit this page gpr you wisdom. LOL.WTF.BTW. JOHN]HA HA


Anormalgirl23 - June 1

Do you ladies have nthg 2 do. I mean seriously go have s_x or babies but talking of possible virgin pregnancies??? WTF?? That is jus lol. Yeah nd dont bother telling me how to behave caus i wont be back on this mad- bored mama chat for ur wisdom.



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