Can Dysplasia Stop Your Period From Coming

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luckymom - March 2

i am one month as of today and found out today i had abnormal cells (dysplasia) from my pap smear last week...can that cause my period to come late???? or can i be pregnant still


shepner - March 2

Hi luckymom I had dsysplasia and I never missed a period or it did not come although once I had laser surgery to remove the cells it did effect my period (being late and not coming at all!!) I imagine everyone is different ....How late are you???


luckymom - March 2

hi shepner i am a month late hpt test last week and it was a negative took a blood test 4 days late and was negative hopefully it was too early to find out for my body to give out i dont know hopefully ill still be pregnant if i am thanks shepner fo ryour replies


luckymom - March 5

anyone else have any insight to dis i really want more answers to those who has gone through it >>??


Lillianna - March 22

Hi, LM......not an expert though, i do have a comment to add, hopefully it will help. I was diagnoised with dysplasia , and as the other person mentioned, there is a surgery (minor in my opinion) that can remove the cells. I had a cryofreeze done, and its been well over 7 yrs now and no sign of bad cells have returned. Although, i do keep the regular annual appts. of paps etc. Anyway, after my daughter was born over 14 yrs ago, my periods ceased completely. And to make a super long story as short as possible, and 13 dr.s later. (all but 1 saying i was just going through STRESS,,,thats why the periods stopped ~shakes my head in utter disgust @ some drs. ways of rationalizing things thay have no clue about,,,,anyway............the saga finally ended with a good dr. coming to my rescue and actually RUNNING some simple tests. Periods had stopped due to a condition called PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome). Although insurance changed and new dr came into the pic, saying i can never have kids again,,,,,low and behold here i am 14 yrs later of unprotected s_x with my hubby of course and BAM im pregnant! So i suppose what my comment really is,,,,yes you can still get pregnant without having a period, I DID! And even if you do have the dysplasia you could still very well get pregnant if you arent already,,,(Good Dr) told me this ..........(dispite what BAD Dr said.).......... its better and safer to have the surgery if you arent pg. For obvious reasons, they have to use anastesia etc. when performing the surgery. All in all. like i said im no expert but iv been through a lot as have many of the other moms and moms to be in here im sure,,,,,hope my reply doesnt scare you but instead gives you a bright outlook, on your condition,,,your gonna make it through this honey,,,,just hang in there! Good luck ~S~


GLORIA - May 1

Hey luckymom, I battled cervical dysplasia for three years. I first had a molar pregnancy in 2000, then the abnormal cells from the dysplasia showed up 11 months later. But I was also having to go back for follow up after the molar pregnancy to have HCG tests done to make sure there wasn't any tissue left over from the d&c on my molar pregnacy. First the dysplaisia was mild and I had cryo-freeze done and it went away for a while the the cells grew back. I was totally convinced that maybe the cells could be irritated by use of tampons. So I gave them up. When the cells showed up this second time it was moderate dysplasia I had another cryo-freeze done. This time the Dr froze my cervix twice as long. Mean while after that I kept going back to the Dr every 3 months for a pap. I made it 9 more months with clear paps then a test came back with mild dysplasia again and my Dr. had to then do laser surgery on it. I did alot of crying and worrying and praying. I was coming back to the doc. still every three months for paps...and finally made it a whole year with good results and then the dr finally gave me the okay to have a baby. It took us 5 months of trying and Boom! I was pregnant. Now I am 29 weeks pregnant with my third baby. It's another boy. He's # 3. I have two others 11 and 7. Never once during all the time with dysplasia was my period late or weird. I had normal periods. The laser surgery did not affect my period either. I hope this helps you and doesn't scare you. Because I made it through the fight. It was tough and scary and I pray that you get good results next time you see the doc.


Tammy276 - May 2

I had dysplasia a few years ago. It never affected my periods, they always came on time, and I was at an advanced state of dysplasia (stage 3) which is one stage away from being cancer. I had a leep procedure done, and my periods were still normal after that. And I got pregnant 2 years later, so it didn't affect that at all. All of my paps since have come back clear. So you are a month late for your period? If you were preggers, your doc. should be able to tell by doing an exam, or have them do an ultrasound, just to make sure. Hope everythin turns out o.k.


JESS1980 - May 2

Hi luckymom! About a year ago I had a pap smear that showed dysplasia. It never affected my periods.....they still came regularly. My GYN suggested having the abnormal cells removed......but I got a second opinion from another doctor. The second GYN told me not to do anything right away b/c sometimes dysplasia goes away. Sure enough, I had a pap smear about 3 months ago and NO DYSPLASIA. It had completely gone away. I am now 6 months pregnant and doing great!!! Hope this helps!


cdmrose - May 5

Hi luckymom, I don't think there are any symptoms for dysplasia - that's why the pap is sooo important. I had LEEP for severe dysplasia a year and half ago, and I was told I could ttc 3 months after the treatment. My periods weren't affected before the treatment, but afterward they became lighter and less crampy for awhile. I read that if the dysplasia is severe enough that there are treatment options during pregnancy, without damaging baby. Good luck to you!


sa__sifras - May 9

This is so extremely disturbing to me that so many of us have this. Was I misinformed on the fact that dysplasia is caused by the STD HPV? My doctor said I had High risk HPV and we would wait until the baby came to do anything invasive, but a lot of times the birth of the baby cleans out the uterus. I ended up having an m/c shortly after, but when I had the D&C, it sc___ped out all of the abnormal cells so as of Jan I was okay and am now almost 19 wks. I never missed any periods though due to the diagnosis. I have to get my regular PAPs because I will have this for the rest of my life---it never goes away. Sickening that there is no test for men....


Tammy276 - May 9

Yes, it is true that dysplasia and cervical cancer is caused by the std HPV..There is no sure way of telling you have it until it is too late. There is no test for men, this form of HPV doesn't affect them, at all. They just carry it without knowing it, and unfortunately, they pa__s it along to us, and we take the risk of getting cervical cancer. But unfortunately we don't know we have it either until we have an abnormal pap. This is the most common std that is pa__sed from partner to partner because there are so many different forms of HPV though. We have to remember that this form is NOT the strand that causes genital warts, that is a completely different strand. So, it is very important for all of us to make sure we get our yearly paps because this could turn into something deadly if you don't get it taken care of. yes, dysplasia can take care of itself and go away on its own, but that is only if you are in the EARLY stages of it.



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