Can I Get Pregnant While Being On My Period

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CyndiZan - August 1

ummm i just had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend, and its during my period which started 5 dayz ago~ he didn't ejeculate inside me~ is it possible to become pregnant~?


Lizzylou - August 19

YES YOU CAN GET PREGNANT WHILE ON YOUR PERIOD!!!!! I was having a hard time getting pregnant until my doctor and I discovered that I actually ovulate toward the last couple days of my period. I wasn't having s_x during my period so I wasn't getting pregnant. If you don't want to get pregnant, use protection every time!


Shelly113 - September 24

YES YOU CAN GET PREGNATE WHILE HAVING YOUR PERIOD! Well one of my friends was pregnate and didn't even knoe it until the end of her 8th month!! She said she had her period right threw the pregnancy! and didn't have no dizziness or anything like that! She found out one night when she was haveing really sharpe pains, so when she went to the doctor, they told her she was pregnante!! she couldn't believe it!! LOL Fastest pregnancy i ever seen in my life! found out she was pregnate on good friday, had the baby on easter monday!! whata record! lol.. She almost died having the baby tho, her AND her baby, but thank god there okay now!!


Tammy276 - September 24

O.k. I don't know how many times I have to say this.....YES, you can get pregnant while you are on your period, and YES you can get pregnant even if your boyfriend doesn't ejaculate inside you. There is pre-c_m that can get you pregnant. All it takes is one little sperm to sneak in there for you to get pregnant.


Allison35 - October 2

I had a friend that didnot know that she was pregnant till She went to the ER with what she though was a severe stomach cramps. Well thats' labour for you.


SaraH - October 14

It is unlikely to get pregnant while on your period but it is not impossible. As said above sperm can live in you if the conditions are right for a few days, it is also possible (although rare) for you to actually ovulate during your period. It is also not impossible to get pregnant without a guy ejaculating in you -pregnancies occur on occasion simply by contact of genital to genital area or even hand to genital (he gets some sperm on his hand and touches you, you can get pregnant). Guys also releases a small amount of fluid prior to ejaculation -just b/c it's a small amount doesn't mean anything all it takes is one sperm. So anytime you have s_x if you're not ready for a baby you should be using birth control...otherwise expect that a pregnancy could happen.


gray - November 7

i was wondering can you get pregnant 1-6 days after your period? Im saying this because my boyfriend just left on sunday and he let some sperm inside of me. and i really want to get pregnant.


Shelix - November 7

Can you get pregnant if you have an VERY infrequent period? My last was 4 months a go, one before that was 1 year.


SaraH - November 10

Yes to both of you.


sinclair - December 2

can i get pregnant while being on my period


bebestar7 - December 4

I got pregnant one day after my period ended. I know this because my bf lives far and I have only seen him for three days in the last three months. Be careful!!!


Stephie14 - December 6

It is VERY unlikely for you to ovulate during your period, esp. if you have regular cycles. Because sperm can live in the body for up to five days, it is possible to get pregnant if you have s_x during your period, although you may not be ovulating at the time.


maine14 - December 30

its possible


lindsey1234 - March 18

ok so i have a question...last night i had s_x but we did use a condom. it was the 3rd day of my period and from what i could tell the condom did not break. he said he didn't c_m inside of me but i really don't trust him. i know it is possible to become pregnant after my period is over but what is the probability?


sahm2alaj - April 19

i had this same question... i didn't have to actually post it though since it is asked here more than a dozen times!!! So yes, it is possible to get pregnant at any point of your cycle. If you don't want to start a family then my suggestion is to protect yourself always!!!!


blakelydawn - May 11

ohkay, so i started my period on cinco de mayo and that night i had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend. now, my periods are normally very heavy, but as soon as i had s_x with him and he came in me my period lightened up a lot, and became shorter. my period can last a week and half, but it only lasted 4 days. then 2 days later we had unprotected s_x again. (i know, i'm stupid) i've been having to pee alot and havnt been getting much sleep. do you think i could be pregnant??? please please please reply as soon as you can. thanks. -blakely.



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